07 December, 2018

Tilo Weber Quartet - Four Fauns (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 40:03 | Size: 93.23 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Zykle - Prelude 1
02. Faun Variation - Fugue 1
03. Four Fauns - Prelude 2
04. Faun Fughetta - Fugue 2
05. Hollis' Heaven
06. Tadd's Delight
07. Prelude for Fauns - Prelude 3
08. Gould Bouldern - Fugue 3
09. Silver & Gold
10. Zykle (Daystreamer Remix)

Hayden Chisholm - alto saxophone
Andreas Lang - double bass
Richard Koch - trumpet

The quartet of the Berlin drummer Tilo Weber is inspired by Arno Schmidt snapshots and creates a colorful sound carpet with an impressive palette of warm pastel colors to iridescent blues. Schmidt explains the continuum of life to be an illusion and gives the four faunas a clipping pattern in the music of space and time.

Fire meets water with Richard Koch on the trumpet and Hayden Chisholm on the alto saxophone. The emphatic pulse of double bassist Andreas Lang primed a level on which drummer Tilo Weber can unfold his full tonal and melodic potential. This traditional quartet formation develops a completely new sound, which feeds on the depths of classical music and creates a great bridge to contemporary music and the avant-garde of jazz.

Weber's contrapuntal compositions explore the boundaries of three-part harmony and convince with their refreshing transparency. Jazz standards are played backwards and preludes for paste-like ballads are improvised. The "Four Fauns" inspire through a stylistic range and present a contemporary jazz that is not avant-garde at the price of emotional cold and gets along without clichés.

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