06 December, 2018

Peter McEachern Trio - Bone Code (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 47:34 | Size: 105.32 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Gospel Trane (4:56)
02. D & A (4:34)
03. Embedded (1:08)
04. Lizards (4:18)
05. Hope She'll Be Happier (4:19)
06. Sco-Roo (3:42)
07. Helio (2:30)
08. Slow Tweet (1:48)
09. Double Helix (4:55)
10. Kups (1:20)
11. Neandering (4:17)
12. Glass 10 (3:31)
13. Ritual (3:17)
14. Maps (3:05)

Peter McEachern had a long-standing collaboration with Mario Pavone by the time he met Michael Sarin in the early 90’s. The three musicians recorded “Insomnia” by Thomas Chapin as part of Chapin’s Trio Plus Brass, a formidable octet. McEachern repaid Chapin’s invitation by asking him to play on his CD “Shockwave”, and their paths continued to cross along the years. Pavone invited the trombonist for six of his records, and in addition McEachern and Sarin had an intriguing duo. “Bone-Code” is the culmination of those experiences under the spell of Chapin’s idiosyncratic saxophone lines, and Pavones’s eclectic compositions, but also of unexpected turns like McEachern’s stint with minimalist composer LaMonte Young, and his study of monophonic and microtonal music. This is coupled with the blues feeling he mastered with his twelve-year collaboration with bluesman Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown. All this is evident in an album dedicated to his trombone concepts and to his friend, trombonist Roswell Rudd. Ever present is McEachern’s love of field hollers, which contributed to the birth of jazz and blues and for the trombone trio format lead by the likes of Albert Mangelsdorff, Ray Anderson, and George Lewis, mixing tradition and innovation.

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