03 December, 2018

Keith Brown - The Journey (2015)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:07:55 | Size: 155.96 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. 4G (6:23)
02. Close Your Eyes and Believe (5:13)
03. Human Nature (4:18)
04. Capt'n Kirk (6:13)
05. Prelude for the One (5:46)
06. The Journey (7:40)
07. The Narrow Road (4:50)
08. Ten Years of Turmoil (7:32)
09. Deception of the Heart (6:01)
10. F.R.C. (6:02)
11. The Biscuit Man (3:01)
12. (I've Got A) Golden Ticket (4:43)

Keith Brown on piano; Terreon "Tank" Gully on drums; Gregory Tardy on saxophones; Kenneth Whalum III on saxophones; Jamel Mitchell on saxophones; Mike Seal on guitar; Clint Mullican on bass
Son of Donald, one of the countless talents discovered by Art Blakey, and like him pianist, Keith Brown is not a well-known name. He has worked as a session man in various areas of black music, from soul to jazz, and has already recorded a good record in trio a few years ago. With 'The Journey', the young Brown raises the shot and offers us an ambitious job, a real journey through all his experiences as a musician, synthesized in a fresh jazz with a contemporary cut, innervated by soul, neo-soul, funk , hip-hop - colors, melodies, rhythms and arrangements are clear, even if the group is often acoustic. From this point of view, we can think of points of reference such as Lafayette Gilchrist and especially Russell Gunn , two true master predecessors in the synthesis between jazz and the rest of contemporary black music. 'The Journey' is a complex work, but never difficult: on the contrary, the themes are always very catchy, improvisations, certainly imaginative, work within the harmonic outline, unhinging it gradually, almost without attracting attention. Great importance of the prodigious battery of Terreon Gully, which makes an insistent use of rim-shot in short repeated, broken and recombined polyrhythm patterns, reproducing in this way the typical effect of hip-hop rhythms. On the sax we find musicians in the world such as Kenneth Whalum III, Greg Tardy and Jamal Mitchell, while the bass by Clint Mullican and the Mike Seal guitar complete the training by adding jazz-funk pulsations and further colors to the ensemble moments, arranged in a new way. soul. Ah, and Keith Brown? His style, percussive and bluesy, with considerable independence in his hands and a marked taste for melodic ornamentation and chiselling, is the direct son of musicians such as John Hicks and Kenny Kirkland (to whom 'Capt'n Kirk' is dedicated), to the youngest Marc Cary. Almost all the compositions - except for the 'Human Nature', where for the most part the sax repeat the theme while the rhythm section is unleashed, dictating the dynamics and the development of the piece, then releasing the tension at the time of the sax solos, and '(I've Got a) Golden Ticket' (yes, that of the classic 'Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory'!), enunciated by the piano that alludes to the stride, slowed in a wrap-around soul jazz by the band and finally closed by a suspended electric piano tail. To have heard it before, 'The Journey' would have finished straight into the top 10 of the past year. Patience. Beautiful album of pure modern jazz at the highest level, excellent also to bring neophytes closer to this music. (Negrodeath)

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