07 December, 2018

Claudio Filippini - Before The Wind (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 45:50 | Size: 103.73 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Maia
02. Andromeda
03. Don't elevarsi
04. Bassever
05. Forever
06. Goa
07. Mentre dormi
08. Haze
09. Encore

Claudio Filippini (Piano, Fender Rhodes, Keyboards)
Marcello Di Leonardo (Drums)
Luca Bulgarelli (Bass)

Recorded in Cavalicco in December 2017 at Artesuono Recording Studio

Cam Jazz CAMJ 7936-5
Whether listening to Encore, that features an ever-changing loop of electronic and acoustic sounds, or Mentre Dormi, with its sustained, emotional sweetness, or brisk, swinging, sweeping Don’t Elevarsi, you will be intrigued by the sound and flowing, though unpredictable, pace of each track on this album, as well as the stunning empathy of three musicians whose playing together relies on a long-standing, valuable, deeply-rooted familiarity. Claudio Filippini, Luca Bulgarelli and Marcello Di Leonardo stand as a single entity for their emotional inspiration, inventiveness and capacity to convey sensations: Before The Wind is about both having a bird’s-eye view of diverse landscapes and stopping to admire the fineness of details closely seen and listened to. Countless small wonders unfold one after the other to render this project on CAM JAZZ a further destination in an artistic journey, enriched, each time, with greater freshness, innovation and a language that always displays unusual, unprecedented traits. Claudio Filippini’s expertise translates into a musical surprise. All in all, maybe no words are needed to describe this album: just listen to Maia’s simple melody and refined harmony, or Bassever/Forever, where the double bass almost sounds like a guitar, or Goa, with its tenseness and intriguing, suspended finale. These very sounds that go Before The Wind will tell us about Claudio Filippini and his amazing fellow travellers.

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