05 December, 2018

Antonio Raia - Asylum (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 30:05 | Size: 70.14 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1 Torna a Surriento (2:07)
2 Refugees (4:07)
3 The lights insiede scream (3:31)
4 There is the wind among the rocks (1:18)
5 Dicentencello Vuje (3:09)
6 The sound of voices migled with scraps (1:20)
7 Fire on heart (1:41)
8 Follow the trail (1:52)
9 Misty (1:53)
10 The children in the yard (3:26)
11 To Giulia (1:40)
12 Lullaby (4:01)

A chuckle or a grimace of memento, a shiver of rage or the same, but due to a steamy game and, most of all, a urge. Let the whole world in, and turn it out into an exploration, a clash of fire with this crooked, wooden, coppery, galvanized sort of dragon. You cannot help but tailoring a path, especially if necessary to ultimately represent yourself, so you can either choose a so called neutral recording studio, in order to dry up and focus every shift, or seize live connections with people, a not-so-aware public capable of supporting the crystallization of that once-in-a-lifetime show.
To build Asylum up I’ve gone for the 3rd option: me (and my instrument) and Renato Fiorito along with his 10 mics, aiming to portray 1000 m of mere space. In the very core of Naples, the whole Filangeri Asylum former dining hall played with us, in a harmony of wood and tuff, an everlasting patient background for the shifting valzer of thousands, a living, breathing, sizzling organism, bouncing notes and fragments of past and future lives, but also ticking together with leaving, stopping or passing by folks’ steps. Looking forward to welcome and share freedom with a world in need of it, now more than ever.

All Compositions by Antonio Raia, except #1 by Ernesto De Curtis / #5 by Rodolfo Favo / #9 by Erroll Garner

Recorded and mixed by Renato Fiorito, September 11th-16th 2017 at l’Asilo, Napoli (Italy) | Mastered by Giovanni Roma at Arte dei Rumori, Marano di Napoli ( Italy )

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