30 November, 2018

Simon Spiess Trio - Towards Sun (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 51:35 | Size: 121.27 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Family Karma (04:32)
2. Towards Sun (04:22)
3. Ella`s Birthday (04:59)
4. Ostkreuz (06:20)
5. Facing The Tiger (04:54)
6. Blues 75 (06:00)
7. Mr. Lovato (10:08)
8. Balloon (06:48)
9. Mrs. Israel (03:32)

The trio formed around saxophonist Simon Spiess is celebrating its ten year anniversary with the release of their seventh album „Towards Sun“. Over the past decade the band has developed a unique musical interaction based on the members distinctive individua sound moulded in to one homogeneous entity. The compositions are tailored to the individual personalities of the band members resulting in an invigorating mixture of conceptual work and spontaneity.
“Towards Sun” unites musical reflections, experiences and the tales of life. To reach the light one has to overcome darkness - without tradition the future vanishes. Bänz Oester, Jonas Ruther and Simon Spiess playfully follow this adventurous path leading from the deepest darkness in to the light.

Simon Spiess, Saxophones
Banz Oester, Double Bass
Jonas Ruther, Drums

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