20 November, 2018

Cowboys From Hell - Running Man (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 59:05 | Size: 133.07 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Brechstang
2. Running Man
3. First Song
4. Speeed of Sound
5. Wicked Game
6. Urbi Et Orbit
7. The Slope
8. It'll Be Fine
9. Vintage Babe
Running can mean many things. Running away from something or someone, moving forward at the highest level, never settling down, thinking acting and living extremely. Running is also a metaphor for our entire existence. Its quite possible that the Cowboys From Hell also feel this way. Following their previous two releases, theyve called their new album Running Man. At first glance, this sounds like the logical continuation of their once brutal sound avalanches, for which there are so many drastic comparisons in the media as music that is always able to scare your grandmother, but also tells stories that are worth being told. (Jazzthetik) But somehow booming ears and throbbing skull membranes no longer seem to be the goal of the high-sped cowboys. We did not want to be as blatant as we used to be, saxophonist Christoph Irniger described the surprisingly multi-faceted development process of the trio documented in nine songs. If he, bassist Marco Blochlinger and drummer Chrigel Bosshard did it the hard way in the past, then that meant: Wild at any price, complicated and full of biting humor. Of course, these are all things that still have a certain value for us. But in the meantime, we do not have to show that we can play really difficult stuff In the meantime, we want one thing above all: finally to be authentic.

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