30 November, 2018

Vijay Iyer - Reimagining (2004)

Genre: Jazz / Contemporary Jazz | Total Time: 55:35 | Size: 127.49 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1 Revolutions 6:32
2 Inertia 3:19
3 Song For Midwood 7:27
4 Infogee's Cakewalk 5:36
5 The Big Almost 6:42
6 Cardio 5:36
7 Experience 3:44
8 Composites 5:30
9 Phalanx 7:29
10 Imagine 3:44

#10 composed by John Lennon, arranged by Vijay Iyer

Recorded on 22th and 23rd November 2004 at Systems 2, Brooklyn, New York. Mixed at Sesh Direct. Mastered at Turtletone Studios.

Savoy Jazz SVY 17475 CD, Album
Pi Recordings Pi902 Europe CD

Piano, Composed By (tracks: 1 to 9) - Vijay Iyer
Alto Sax - Rudresh Mahanthappa
Bass - Stephan Crump
Drums - Marcus Gilmore

VA - Club Beat: Stirring up Some Jazz (The Original Sound of UK Club Land) (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:14:37 | Size: 180.44 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. The Dave Bailey Quintet - Comin' Home Baby
02. Frank Heppinstall - Sweetheart
03. Honey Sanders - Some Like It Cool
04. Harold Harris Trio - Bluesville
05. Pinnochio James - Mama Don't Love Me No More
06. Duke Groner - Oppin' for Later
07. Jeri Southern - Senor Blues
08. Billie Holiday - All or Nothing at All
09. Johnny Lytle Trio - Lela
10. Lyn Avalon - I Walk the Streets
11. Elmer Crumbley - Man Want Water
12. Skip Manning - Devil Blues
13. Ann Henry - Like Young
14. Nat Williams & The Mellow-Tones - You Excite Me
15. Plas Johnson - Downstairs
16. Sarah Vaughan - One Mint Julep
17. Savina and the Love Orchestra - Lookout
18. Billy Higgins & Teddy Edwards Quartet - Me and My Lover
19. Frances Faye - Summertime
20. The Miller Sisters - Pop Your Finger (Hully Gully Dance)
21. Anna Marie & The Bill Rubenstein Trio - Interlude
22. Cootie Williams & Wini Brown - Johnny with the Gentle Hands
23. Earl Bostic - Flamingo
24. The Cosmic Rays, Le Sun Ra & Arkestra - Bye Bye
25. King Pleasure & Teacho - Moody's Mood for Love

And our latest adventures in U.K. Club Land where we continue our exploration of the 'Club Beat' - the roots of Mod, R&B and Soul - that coalesced in the bohemian melting pot of Soho, London, post WW2. Our musical journey embraces the early influences of Ska, Gospel, Beat, Blues and, in this chapter, JAZZ. A unique chapter in the progression of underground dance music, drawing heavily on the pioneering clubs of the day: 'The Flamingo'; Cy Laurie's Jazz Club (the future Scene Club) and Humphrey Lyttleton's Club. Features a slew of new-to-CD tracks including: Dave Bailey's seldom heard original version of 'Comin' Home Baby'; Honey Sanders' rarity 'Some Like It Cool' and Lyn Avalon's moody 'I Walk The Streets'.

Label: Jasmine Records

Аура (Aura) - Ночное шоссе (Night Highway) (2001)

Genre: Jazz, Blues | Total Time: 1:01:38 | Size: 112.19 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Жаркая ночь
2. Возвращение
3. Мексиканская баллада
4. Блюз в 23:05
5. Окно
6. Крылья
7. Вирус блюз
8. Ночное шоссе

Алексей Колосов - гитара (1, 3-5, 7, 8);
Вера Колтыгина - клавиши;
Виктор Бояринцев - альт-саксофон, сопрано-саксофон (1-7);
Игорь Илюшин - бас-гитара;
Иван Авалиани - ударные


Simon Spiess Trio - Towards Sun (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 51:35 | Size: 121.27 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Family Karma (04:32)
2. Towards Sun (04:22)
3. Ella`s Birthday (04:59)
4. Ostkreuz (06:20)
5. Facing The Tiger (04:54)
6. Blues 75 (06:00)
7. Mr. Lovato (10:08)
8. Balloon (06:48)
9. Mrs. Israel (03:32)

The trio formed around saxophonist Simon Spiess is celebrating its ten year anniversary with the release of their seventh album „Towards Sun“. Over the past decade the band has developed a unique musical interaction based on the members distinctive individua sound moulded in to one homogeneous entity. The compositions are tailored to the individual personalities of the band members resulting in an invigorating mixture of conceptual work and spontaneity.
“Towards Sun” unites musical reflections, experiences and the tales of life. To reach the light one has to overcome darkness - without tradition the future vanishes. Bänz Oester, Jonas Ruther and Simon Spiess playfully follow this adventurous path leading from the deepest darkness in to the light.

Simon Spiess, Saxophones
Banz Oester, Double Bass
Jonas Ruther, Drums

Sarah Gillespie - Wishbones (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 45:09 | Size: 103.69 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Wishbones (4:32)
2. Coup D'Etat (4:25)
3. Seasick (3:21)
4. You Win (4:12)
5. The Ballad Of Standing Rock (7:56)
6. Wishbone (4:25)
7. Moonshiner (4:08)
8. Susannah Threw A Helicopter (4:20)
9. The Last Of The Good Time Charlies (4:19)
10. The Theft Of Marco Munoz (3:32)

Produced by Mercury nominated jazz composer Kit Downes, the same unique mix of savvy, sensitivity and wry humour runs through Wishbones as it did on Stalking Juliet (2009), In The Current Climate (2011) and Glory Days (2013). She is backed by a supergroup of the UK's finest jazz players firing on all cylinders across 10 new songs that feel as much like a short story collection as an album.

Surreal, magic-realist lyrics tell succinct tales of exile, nationalism, motherhood and belonging. The jaunty Costello-esque 'The Last of the Goodtime Charlies' centres on a blinkered Brexiter living on rose-tinted memories of his homeland. It's easy to dismiss such narrow-minded patriots as Goodtime Charlie, but in the final song on the album, Gillespie juxtaposes his anachronistic absurdity with the kind of tragedy that occurs when such views become government policy: 'The Theft of Marco Munoz' was inspired by the story of a Honduran man who committed suicide after being separated from his family at the US boarder. The Ballad of Standing Rock slips into a the dreamscape of a construction enjoiner on the infamous North Dakota pipeline while the raucous New Orleans style party of Coup D'etat showcases Gillespie's trademark wit and infectious.

Paul Rossy & The Sunset Hill Jazz Band - Oasis: The Music of Paul Rossy (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:17:58 | Size: 178.68 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Reggae Girl
02. Lara
03. Why Do You Cry?
04. Little Superheroes
05. Save Me a Kiss
06. Cinderella Spacegirl
07. Oasis
08. Kinda Missing You
09. What Is Love?
10. Cleopatra
11. Mona Moore
12. Why Won't You Dance with Me?
13. Catch a Falling Moonbeam
14. Aphrodite

Laurent Fickelson - In the Street (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 52:33 | Size: 122.34 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Lush Life 1 (05:08)
2. In the Street! (05:47)
3. The Promise (08:39)
4. 'Round Midnight (02:57)
5. Edda (05:55)
6. Distortion (05:57)
7. For Joe (05:11)
8. 07 (07:54)
9. Lush Life 2 (05:05)

This pianist who crossed the road of jazz at 22 years old through two artists, John Coltrane and Miles Davis, will be released "In The Street" at Jazz Family, and you will be pleased to see that John Coltrane and Miles Davis are not the only ones artists who inspired him.
On this CD, two titles are written by Laurent Fickelson, while the others are signed Coltrane, Monk or Strayhorn. Once this is specified, let us get to the heart of the matter. Certainly, at first, "In The Street" may seem relatively classic, but it is not. Indeed, the contemporary vision of these music Laurent Fickelson, surrounded by excellent musicians Thomas Bramerie on bass, Eric Prost on saxophone and Philippe Soirat on drums, makes this CD a jewel, more than one title.
After years in which a very contemporary form of European jazz has reigned supreme in the jazz world, some artists have succeeded in renewing the genre and looking further at more classical works, as is the case here with CD "In The Street" by Laurent Fickelson. That's why this album that we have the pleasure to present to you is also another favorite of the writing of PARIS-MOVE.

Laurent Fickelson, piano
Thomas Bramerie, contrebasse
Eric Prost, saxophone
Philippe Soirat, drums

Josefine Cronholm - Ember (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 50:08 | Size: 115.16 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1 Sing
2 From My Window
3 Rain
4 Horses
5 Blackbird (by Lennon/McCartney)
6 The Surrender
7 On Your Wing
8 The Wind Blows
9 Love Song

“The album’s title EMBER tells us about its content: the glow of life. It’s a tribute to life with all that it contains. Man, in his search for meaning and way through pain and chaos, zest for life and happiness. It has been 7 years since my last release. On the new album, the songs and texts are at the center of an acoustic universe, where the melody and the text work together with simplicity and warmth. In our attempt to capture the glow, we continue to burn ourselves, but it should not make us abandon the belief in what makes us living people.“ - Josefine Cronholm

Thommy Andersson - Double Bass
Lisbeth Diers - Drums, Percussion
Makiko Hirabayashi - Piano
Torben Snekkestad - Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet
Josefine Cronholm - Vocals, Composed By


Hazy Osterwald Sextett - Wirtschaftswunder Stars: Konjunktur! Konjunktur! (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:01:47 | Size: 143.60 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Musik ist Trumpf
02. Schwarzer Kater Stanislaus
03. Konjunktur-Cha-Cha
04. Bossa Nova Rendezvous
05. Panoptikum
06. Marakesch
07. Playboy Melodie
08. Tiger Rag
09. Das Kind im Mann
10. Eso es el amor
11. Hokey Cokey Twist
12. Kriminaltango
13. Via Veneto
14. Hazy’s Tanzmusik
15. O’Maroc
16. Ciribiribin
17. Chop Stick Twist
18. Das alte Riverboat
19. Madison in St. Moritz
20. Good Fellow Madison
21. Die bess’ren älteren Herrn
22. Caravan
23. La Kumba
24. When the Saints Go Marching In
25. Und wieder rut die Zeit

Founded by Hazy Osterwald in 1949, the band had their first performance at the International Jazzfestival in Paris. The founding members were Sunny Lang (bass), John Ward (drums), Pierre Cavalli (guitar), Ernst Höllerhagen (clarinet) and Francis Burger (piano). Later, other members like Curt Prina (piano), Dennis Armitage (saxophone) and Peter Beil (trumpet) joined the band.

Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis with Shirley Scott - Smokin' (1992)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 35:25 | Size: 79.83 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Pots and Pans (Davis) - 6:13
2. It's a Blue World (Forrest, Wright) - 6:04
3. Blue Lou (Mills, Sampson) - 5:13
4. Pennies from Heaven (Burke, Johnston) - 3:27
5. High Fly (Weston) - 5:28
6. Smoke (This) - 5:01
7. Jaws (Davis) - 3:38
Label - OJC
Recorded on 9-12, September, 5 December 1958 in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Tenor Sax
Jerome Richardson - Flute, Tenor & Baritone Saxes (1,2 & 5)
Shirley Scott - Organ
George Duvivier - Bass
Arthur Edgehill - Drums

Tenor-saxophonist Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis cut enough material during these two sessions to fill up four records. The seven selections included on this brief 36-minute CD which was recorded during the same period as Davis's better-known Cookbook albums) also include Jerome Richardson (switching between flute, tenor and baritone) on three of the numbers, bassist George Duvivier and drummer Arthur Edgehill. Together the group swings hard on basic originals, blues and an occasional ballad, showing why this type of accessible band was so popular during the era.~ by Scott Yanow , AMG

David Hazeltine - Perambulation (2005)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 58:59 | Size: 133.51 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Perambulation
2. This Is For Seamus
3. Wonder Why
4. Old Folks
5. Love For Sale
6. Blues For David
7. Lush Life
8. P.S. We Love You
9. Angel Eyes

David Hazeltine (piano)
Peter Washington (acoustic bass)
Joe Farnsworth (drums)

Recorded May 28, 2005 in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Chico Freeman y Guataca - Oh, By the Way… (2002)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 57:08 | Size: 136.63 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Rhythm of the Cane (Chico Freeman) (5:12)
02. New African Village (Chico Freeman) (6:00)
03. Mambo Rap (Akil Dasan, Chico Freeman) (3:30)
04. Guitar (Chico Freeman, Ed Maguire) (2:56)
05. La Luna (Chico Freeman) (4:49)
06. El Mensaje (Chico Freeman) (3:41)
07. Business as Usual (Akil Dasan, Chico Freeman) (3:57)
08. Once Again (Chico Freeman) (4:42)
09. 541 (Chico Freeman) (6:32)
10. La Marqueta (Chico Freeman) (5:42)
11. Viejo San Juan (Chico Freeman) (5:53)
12. Business As Usual (Bonus Mix) (Akil Dasan, Chico Freeman) (4:13)

Chico Freeman - Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Piano, Keyboards;
Hilton Ruiz - Piano;
Romero - Flamenco Guitar;
Avery Sharpe - Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass;
Pibo Marquez - Percussion, Congas;
Chembo Corniel - Percussion, Congas;
Terreon Gully - Drums.
Akil Dasan - Vocals [Rhythm Vocal];

Recorded at Loho Studios, NY, 2002.

Label: Double Moon Records – DMCHR 71027 (Germany)

Ben van Gelder, Reinier Baas & Metropole Orkest - Smash Hits (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:10:46 | Size: 162.57 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Stuiter 11:07
2. Silver / Grey 13:26
3. Introduction to 2nd coming 3:00
4. 2nd Coming of Homunculus 4:31
5. Do You Know Ben van Gelder? 3:37
6. Guiding Principle 7:16
7. Palace 11:55
8. In Retrospect 2:28
9. Smooth Jazz Apocalypse 6:49
10. The Dramatic Demise of Princess Discombobulatrix 6:42
This record is a live registration of our 2016 show in Amsterdam and our 2017 show in Utrecht, with the orchestra conducted by Christian Elsässer. Our collaboration with the multiple Grammy Award-winning orchestra is, without a doubt, probably the highlight of my career. Hearing the orchestra play with no holds barred feels like someone is screaming “I love you” in your face. Ben van Gelder sounds extra extra, and arrangers Gerd Hermann Ortler, Rob Horsting, Daniel Jamieson and Christian Elsässer have magnified our compositions in ways that go beyond our wildest imaginings.

Albert Bover & Horacio Fumero - Duo (1995)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:01:40 | Size: 140.59 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Au Privave (Parker)
02. Infant Eyes (Shorter)
03. Alone Together (Dietz-Schwartz)
04. Inception (Tyner)
05. You Go To My Head (Coots-Gilespie)
06. Bluebird (Parker)
07. Darn That Dream (Van Heusen-De Lange)
08. You Don't Know What Love Is (DePaul-Raye)
09. Anthropology (Parker)

Recording September, 1995
Andorra La Vella

Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT-025

Albert Bover (piano), Horacio Fumero (bass)

29 November, 2018

Willie Clayton - Sings The Number Ones (2018)

Genre: Jazz, Blues | Total Time: 36:35 | Size: 275.28 MB | FLAC
01. Walk Away From Love
02. That’s The Way I Feel
03. So Glad You’re Mine
04. Turn Off The Lights
05. In The Mood
06. So Very Hard To Go
07. Leaving Me
08. Rockin’ Chair

Verena McBee - U-Phoria (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 58:51 | Size: 361.48 MB | FLAC
01. Sweet Things
02. Compassion(s)
03. Close to You Alone
04. Cat’s out of the Bag
05. Ladybugg
06. Song of Her
07. Slippin’ & Slidin’
08. All About You
09. U-Phoria

VA - Christmas Hits (2018)

Genre: Jazz, Soul, Pop | Total Time: 3:33:35 | Size: 1.31 GB | FLAC
01. Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas Is You
02. Wham! – Last Christmas
03. Andy Williams – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
04. José Feliciano – Feliz Navidad
05. Frank Sinatra – Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
06. Céline Dion – Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
07. Bruce Springsteen – Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town (Live at C.W. Post College, Greenvale, NY – December 1975)
08. Shakin’ Stevens – Merry Christmas Everyone
09. Boney M. – Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord
10. Destiny’s Child – 8 Days of Christmas (Live)
11. Britney Spears – My Only Wish (This Year)
12. Kelly Clarkson – Underneath the Tree
13. Leona Lewis – One More Sleep
14. The Ronettes – Sleigh Ride
15. Elvis Presley – Blue Christmas
16. Perry Como & The Fontane Sisters – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
17. John Williams – Carol of the Bells
18. Johnny Mathis – When a Child Is Born
19. Bob Dylan – Must Be Santa
20. Tony Bennett – Winter Wonderland
21. Glee Cast & Darren Criss – Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Glee Cast Version)
22. Meghan Trainor – I’ll Be Home
23. NSync – Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
24. Pentatonix – Mary, Did You Know?
25. Train – Shake up Christmas (Xmas Anthem)
26. Michael Bolton – White Christmas
27. Dido – Christmas Day
28. Sarah McLachlan – Wintersong
29. Toni Braxton – Holiday Celebrate
30. RUN-DMC – Christmas In Hollis
31. R. Kelly – World Christmas
32. Luther Vandross – Please Come Home for Christmas
33. Whitney Houston – One Wish (For Christmas)
34. Christina Aguilera – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
35. Maria Mena – Home for Christmas
36. Aretha Franklin – Joy to the World
37. Darlene Love – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
38. Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby
39. Dean Martin – Silver Bells
40. Doris Day – I’ll Be Home for Christmas
41. Johnny Cash – The Little Drummer Boy
42. Mel Tormé – The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire)
43. Art Garfunkel – O Come All Ye Faithful
44. Dana – It’s Gonna Be a Cold, Cold Christmas
45. Gayla Peevey – I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas (Hippo the Hero)
46. Gene Autry – Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)
47. John Denver – Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
48. Daryl Hall & John Oates – Jingle Bell Rock
49. Cyndi Lauper – Early Christmas Morning
50. Steps – Merry X-Mas Everybody
51. Brad Paisley – Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy
52. Jessica Simpson – It’s Christmas Time Again
53. Hurts – All I Want for Christmas Is New Year’s Day
54. Tom Odell – Real Love
55. Chris Brown – This Christmas
56. Matt Terry – When Christmas Comes Around
57. Backstreet Boys – Christmas Time
58. New Kids on the Block – Merry, Merry Christmas
59. Kenny G – God Rest Ye, Merry Gentleman
60. Il Divo – O Holy Night
61. Peter Auty – Walking in the Air
62. Only Boys Aloud – Silent Night
63. The Kingdom Choir – Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
64. Susan Boyle – Auld Lang Syne

Peggy Lee - Tender Ballads (Remastered) (2018) Hi-Res

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 39:39 | Size: 740.19 MB | FLAC
01. Fools Rush In
02. I Never Knew
03. Bye Bye Blackbird
04. Somebody Loves Me: George White’s Scandals of 1924: Somebody Loves Me
05. Let’s Call It a Day
06. Try a Little Tenderness
07. Come Rain or Come Shine: St. Louis Woman: Come Rain or Come Shine
08. One Touch of Venus: One Touch of Venus: Speak Low
09. What’s New
10. Jumbo: Jumbo: My Romance
11. Autumn in New York
12. I Got It Bad
13. My Ideal
14. Don’t Worry About Me: Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me
15. You’re Mine, You

Maite Hontelé - Cuba Linda (2018)

Genre: Jazz / World, Latin | Total Time: 40:36 | Size: 265.41 MB | FLAC
01. Para Bailar
02. Soy de Lo Peor
03. Ayúdame Inspiración
04. Lo Que Tienes Tú
05. El Canangazo
06. Gracias
07. A Mi Me Gusta
08. Casi Muero
09. Cuba Linda

Louis Prima - The Complete Louis Prima And Wingy Manone Brunswick & Vocation Recordings, Vol 2 (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 2:28:19 | Size: 734.18 MB | FLAC
01. Mr. Ghost Goes to Town
02. Pennies From Heaven
03. The Goose Hangs High
04. What Will Santa Claus Say_ (When He Finds Everybody Swingin’) (78 rpm Version)
05. Fifty-Second Street
06. Fifty-Second Street (Alternate Take)
07. The Love Bug Will Bite You (If You Don’t Watch Out)
08. The Love Bug Will Bite You (If You Don’t Watch Out) (Alternate Take)
09. I Just Can’t Believe You’re Gone
10. I Just Can’t Believe You’re Gone (Alternate Take)
11. Rhythm On The Radio
12. Rhythm On The Radio (Alternate Take)
13. Danger, Love At Work
14. Afraid To Dream
15. You Can’t Have Everything
16. Tin Roof Blues
17. San Sue Strut
18. Who Can Your Regular Be Blues_
19. Bobbed Haired Bobbie
20. Fidgety Feet
21. Sadness Will Be Gladness
22. Cat’s Head
23. Up The Country Blues
24. Ringside Stomp
25. Baltimore
26. Baltimore (Alternate Take)
27. No Calling Card
28. No Calling Card (Alternate Take)
29. Strange Blues
30. Send Me
31. Walkin’ The Streets (Until My Baby Comes Home)
32. Shine
33. Panama
34. Tin Roof Blues
35. Easy Like
36. Easy Like (Alternate Take)
37. In The Slot
38. In The Slot (Alternate Take)
39. Never Had No Lovin’ (Alternate Take)
40. Never Had No Lovin’
41. I’m Alone Without You
42. Royal Garden Blues
43. Royal Garden Blues (Alternate Take)
44. Just One Girl
45. She’s Crying For Me
46. Zero
47. Zero (Alternate Take)
48. The Blues Have Got Me
49. Nickel In The Slot
50. Breeze (Blow My Baby Back To Me)
51. Swing, Brother, Swing

Lidia Valenta - Weihnachten (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:10:53 | Size: 408.60 MB | FLAC
01. Erfreue dich, Himmel
02. Morgen, Kinder, wird’s was geben
03. O Jesulein zart
04. Stille Nacht! Heilige Nacht!
05. Süßer die Glocken nie klingen
06. Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen
07. O Heiland, reiß die Himmel auf
08. Alle Jahre wieder
09. Fröhliche Weihnacht überall
10. Leise rieselt der Schnee
11. Lasst uns froh und munter sein
12. Kling, Glöckchen, klingelingeling
13. Der Christbaum ist der schönste Baum
14. Ich steh’ an deiner Krippen hier
15. Zu Bethlehem geboren
16. Kommet, Ihr Hirten

Kim Myhr - Pressing Clouds Passing Crowds (feat. Quatuor Bozzini, Caroline Bergvall & Ingar Zach) (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 45:11 | Size: 228.12 MB | FLAC
01 Passing Through
02 Days
03 Thngs Dispr
04 Past The
05 Future Present
06 Burning

Jessica Born - Jessica Born und Band Live (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:56:18 | Size: 701.34 MB | FLAC
01. Woodstock
02. Ball and Chain
03. Until you come back to me
04. Brightest Star
05. Save Me
06. Imagine
07. This Masquerade
08. Rock Me Baby
09. Little Wing
10. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
11. Cry Me a River
12. What’s Going On
13. I’m Through with Love
14. Out of the Rain
15. Georgy Porgy
16. I’d Rather Go Blind
17. A Change Is Gonna Come
18. Superstition
19. Ain’t No Way
20. Ain’t Nobody

Gary Smith - Old Folks (2018)

Genre: Jazz, Blues | Total Time: 52:13 | Size: 296.26 MB | FLAC
01. What’ll I do?
02. Rose Room
03. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out
04. Whispering
05. Old Folks
06. Days Gone By
07. Cora and Billy
08. Waltz for Lisa
09. Where the Blues Live
10. One Lifetime isn’t enough
11. I Never Got to Know You
12. Minor Muse

28 November, 2018

Frank Sinatra - Sings the Songbooks (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 8:12:35 | Size: 2.15 GB | FLAC
Disc: 1
01. Love Walked In
02. Love Is Here To Stay
03. Nice Work If You Can Get It
04. They Can’t Take That Away From Me
05. A Foggy Day
06. I Got Plenty O’nuttin
07. Someone To Watch Over Me
08. I’ve Got A Crush On You
09. Embraceable You
10. Bess Oh, Where Is My Bess
11. Mood Indigo
12. I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good

Disc: 2
01. Blue Skies
02. A Fella With An Umbrella
03. Cheek To Cheek
04. There’s No Business Like Show Business
05. They Say It’s Wonderful
06. What’ll I Do?
07. How Deep Is The Ocean?
08. It Only Happens When I Dance With You
09. (Just One Way To Say) I Love You
10. Let’s Take An Old-Faishoned Walk
11. Be Careful, It’s My Heart
12. It’s A Lovely Day Tomorrow
13. Always
14. All Alone
15. When I Lost You
16. Remember
17. The Song Is Ended

Disc: 3
01. Jeepers Creepers
02. Too Marvellous For Words
03. Something’s Gotta Give
04. Blues In The Night
05. Fools Rush In
06. Day In – Day Out
07. I’d Know You Anywhere
08. David Reskin – Laura
09. Dream
10. Autumn Leaves
11. When The World Was Young
12. I Thought About You
13. P.S. I Love You

Disc: 4
01. My Funny Valentine
02. Glad To Be Unhappy
03. It’s Easy To Remember
04. Dancing On The Ceiling
05. It Never Enterd My Mind
06. You Are Too Beautiful
07. Where Or When
08. Falling In Love With Love
09. Lover
10. Have You Met Miss Jones?
11. Little Girl Blue
12. I Wish I Were In Love Again
13. Spring Is Here
14. My Romance
15. You’ll Never Walk Alone

Disc: 5
01. Cole Porter – Begin The Beguine
02. Cherry Pies Ought To Be You
03. You Do Something To Me
04. I Concentrate On You
05. Why Shoudn’t I ?
06. I Get A Kick Out Of You
07. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
08. Anything Goes
09. What Is This Thing Called Love
10. Night And Day
11. Just One Of Those Things
12. You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To
13. At Long Last Love
14. Why Can’t You Behave ?
15. I Love You
16. I Am Loved
17. You Don’t Remind Me
18. From This Moment On
19. You’re Sensational
20. Mind If I Make Love To You?
21. Well Did You Eva?
22. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Disc: 6
01. I’ve Got The World On A String
02. It’s Only A Paper Moon
03. For Every Man There’s A Woman
04. That Old Black Magic
05. My Shining Hour
06. Stormy Weather
07. Blues In The Night
08. The Gal That Got Away
09. Ill Wind
10. Don’t Like Goodbyes
11. Over The Rainbow
12. You’ll Never Know
13. Come Rain Or Shine
14. I Only Have Eyes For You
15. Get Happy
16. One For My Baby

Disc: 7
01. You Lucky People, You
02. Polka Dots And Moon Beams
03. Imagination
04. Do You Know Why
05. Warrington – Aren’t You Glad That You Are You
06. It’s Always You
07. Sunday, Monday Or Always
08. If You Stub Your Toe On The Moon
09. But Beautiful
10. If You Please
11. Life Is So Peculiar
12. (We’ve Got) A Sure Thing
13. A Friend Of Yours
14. The Same Old Song And Dance
15. When Is Sometime?
16. Here’s That Rainy Day
17. Sunshine Cake
18. Accidents Will Happen

Disc: 8
01. Come Fly With Me
02. It’s Nice To Go Trav’ling
03. (Love Is) The Tender Trap
04. Look To Your Heart
05. Indiscreet
06. All The Way
07. Come Dance With Me
08. All My Tomorrows
09. How Are ‘ya Fixed For Love?
10. Nothing In Common
11. When No One Cares
12. Only The Lonely
13. To Love And Be Loved
14. The Last Dance
15. Love & Marriage
16. The Impatient Years
17. High Hopes
18. They Came To Cordura

Disc: 9
01. Hello, Young Lovers
02. Soliloquy
03. Bali Ha’i
04. Oh, What A Beautiful Morning
05. People Will Say We Are In Love
06. Boys And Girls Like You And Me
07. I Whistle A Happy Tune
08. The Song Is You
09. All The Things You Are
10. All Through The Day
11. Two Hearts Are Better Than One
12. Ol’ Man River
13. Why Was I Born?
14. If I Loved You

Disc: 10
01. Come Out, Wherever You Are
02. And Then You Kissed Me
03. What Makes The Sunset?
04. The Charm Of You
05. Five Minutes More
06. Things We Did Last Summer
07. The Brooklyn Bridge
08. Kisses And Tears
09. Three Coins In The Fountain
10. I Begged Her
11. Time After Time
12. Guess I’ll Hang Out My Tears To Dry
13. Saturday Night
14. It’s The Same Old Dream
15. I Fall In Love Too Easily
16. As Long As There Is Music
17. Whose Baby Are You?

VA - Jazz Virtuosi: Famous Dutch Pianists (1995)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 57:54 | Size: 124.33 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. As Well - Jasper Van't Hof 6:07
2. Mood Indo - Michiel Scheen 4:51
3. Brick - Michiel Scheen 5:03
4. Improvisatie - Michiel Braam 6:44
5. If You Could See Me Now - Rob Van Bavel 5:16
6. There Will Never Be Another You - Rob Van Bavel 4:28
7. Mist - Guus Janssen 8:39
8. Wondering Why - Bert Van Den Brink 5:25
9. Lennie's Pennies - Bert Van Den Brink 4:23
10. Kusini - Jasper Van't Hof 6:58

Release Date: November 21, 2000
Styles: Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz

Lester Young and The Oscar Peterson Trio - The President Plays With The Oscar Peterson Trio (2008)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:02:32 | Size: 235.11 MB | FLAC
01. Ad Lib Blues [05:55]
02. Just You, Just Me [07:42]
03. Tea For Two [07:45]
04. Indiana [07:04]
05. These Foolish Things [03:28]
06. I Can't Get Started [03:41]
07. Stardust [03:36]
08. On The Sunny SIde Of The Street [03:28]
09. Almost Like Being In Love [03:34]
10. I Can't Give You Anything But Love [03:23]
11. There Will Never Be Another You [03:29]
12. I'm Confessin' [03:44]
13. (It Takes) Two To Tango [05:54]

Lester Young - tenor sax
Oscar Peterson - piano
Barney Kessell - guitar
Ray Brown - bass
J.C. Heard - drums

Lester Young - Jazz & Blues Collection (1995)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:09:03 | Size: 164.93 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Sweet Georgia Brown (5:13)
02. Lester Leaps In (2:55)
03. (I Don't Stand) A Ghost Of Chance (4:19)
04. Just You, Just Me (5:02)
05. How High The Moon (7:22)
06. I'm Confessin' That I Love You (3:17)
07. L Cover The Waterfront (5:40)
08. Be Bop Boogie (3:16)
09. D.B. Blues (2:16)
10. These Foolish Things (3:19)
11. Lavender Blue (3:56)
12. Lester Leaps Again (2:17)
13. Mean To Me (3:13)
14. Up'N At 'Em (3:46)
15. (Back Home In) Indiana (4:12)
16. Too Marvelous For Words (5:37)
17. Neenah (3:23)

Bass – Gene Ramey (tracks: 14 to 17), Ray Brown (tracks: 5), Tex Briscoe* (tracks: 1 to 4, 6 to 13)
Drums – Jo Jones (tracks: 14 to 17), Roy Haynes (tracks: 1 to 13)
Piano – Freddy Jefferson (tracks: 1 to 4, 6, 7), Hank Jones (tracks: 5), John Lewis (2) (tracks: 14 to 17), Junior Mance (tracks: 8 to 13)
Tenor Saxophone – Allen Eager (tracks: 5), Lester Young
Trombone – Jerry Elliot* (tracks: 8 to 13), Kai Winding (tracks: 5), Ted Kelly (tracks: 1 to 4, 6, 7)
Trumpet – Jesse Drakes (tracks: 1 to 4, 6 to 13)
Vocals – Ella Fitzgerald (tracks: 5)

Lester Young - 1943-1947 (1990)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:11:13 | Size: 304.10 MB | FLAC
01. New Lester Leaps In [02:55]
02. Lester Blows Again [02:30]
03. Jammin' With Lester [03:01]
04. She's Funny That Way [03:19]
05. You're Driving Me Crazy [03:04]
06. D.B. Blues [02:59]
07. These Foolish Things [03:10]
08. After You've Gone [02:41]
09. Jumpin' At Mesner's [02:44]
10. Somebody Loves Me [03:54]
11. I Want To Be Happy [03:54]
12. Lester's Be-bop Boogie [03:16]
13. Lover Come Back To Me [02:36]
14. I Got Rythm [03:17]
15. Lester Smooths It Out [02:52]
16. I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) [02:29]
17. Jumpin' With Symphony Sid [03:10]
18. Just You Just Me [03:09]
19. I Never Knew [03:08]
20. Blue Lester [03:24]
21. Indiana [02:58]
22. Ghost Of A Chance [03:22]
23. Jump Lester Jump [03:21]

AllMusic Review by Stewart Mason
A well-chosen compilation covering a much-discussed period of Lester Young's career, over which opinion is largely divided, the 1998 compilation 1943-1947 makes an excellent case for the saxophonist. One school of thought is that Young's chops were irreparably damaged by his years in military service, but these 23 tracks suggest otherwise. While the leadoff "Lester Leaps In" from 1943 is not the definitive take, it shows that Young's distinctively fleet-fingered playing style and his well-constructed solos are as impressive as ever. It could be argued that the sheer number of devoted Lester Young imitators (including Paul Desmond and, at times, even Charlie Parker) made the master's own stuff seem less special and distinctive, but there is little arguing with this remarkably chaff-free collection, an excellent overview of a sometimes underappreciated period in Young's career.

Julian Haugland - Julian Haugland (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 47:11 | Size: 278.32 MB | FLAC
01. Vorspiel 2:13
02. Party Tune (feat. Seamus Blake, Bjorn Vidar Solli & Jon Wikan) 6:59
03. Hipster Vibes (feat. Seamus Blake, Bjorn Vidar Solli & Jon Wikan) 7:16
04. United (feat. Seamus Blake, Bjorn Vidar Solli & Jon Wikan) 8:51
05. Day One (feat. Seamus Blake, Bjorn Vidar Solli & Jon Wikan) 7:20
06. The Festival (feat. Seamus Blake, Bjorn Vidar Solli & Jon Wikan) 7:52
07. Stay Here (feat. Seamus Blake, Bjorn Vidar Solli & Jon Wikan) 6:40

Main artist: Julian Haugland
Composer: Various Composers
Label: Dugnad rec
Genre: Jazz > Contemporary Jazz
© 2018 Dugnad rec
2018 Dugnad rec

25 November, 2018

Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith - Yo Miles! (2004)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 2:39:49 | Size: 366.47 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Big Fun/Hollywuud 4:01
2.Agharta Prelude 13:02
3.Miles Dewey Davis III - Great Ancestor 11:02
4.Black Satin 7:56
5.Ife 35:34
6.Maiysha 8:17

1.Calypso Frelimo 25:41
2.Moja - Nne 10:13
3.Themes from Jack Johnson 34:19
4.Wili (For Dave) 9:43

Recorded Jan. 5th - 8th, 1998 at Bay Records, Berkeley, California

Shanachie ‎– 5046

trumpet Wadada Leo Smith
guitars Henry Kaiser - Nels Cline - Chris Muir
percussion & drums Wally Ingram - Lukas Ligeti
reeds The Rova Sax Quartet - George Brooks -
Oluyemi Thomas
lap steele guitars Freddie Roulette - Elliott Sharp
piano Paul Plimley - Greg Goodman
organ Bob Bralove - John Medeski
bass Michael Manring

Yo Miles! is a project in which the experimental guitarist Henry Kaiser and the notable trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith cover Miles Davis with emphasis on his jazz-rock-funk period (1973-1975). Yo Miles! It is also the name of the debut album. The sound is cleaner, neater, than the Miles object of revision, without its fierceness, but the interpretation is eximia, at the same time as they add their avant-garde imprint to the grooves of Davis.

Hugo Siegmeth & Axel Wolf - Now: Jazz & Renaissance Improvisations (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:34:10 | Size: 215.23 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. A Quiver of Superb Arrows
2. 4 x 3, Prestissimo
3. Quarten, die nicht warten
4. Like Soft Dark Birds
5. Improvviso Elisabeth
6. Totally Watching TV
7. Schreddermaschine
8. For One Another
9. Stehender Klang an einer Klippe
10. Ammersee nach Traxler
11. Ich bin dîn
12. Ein Lächeln irrt verflogen
13. Von Fall zu Fall
14. Ariadnes Blues-Faden

After the big success of the album FLOW we have here new recordings that are completely different from the previous ones in one respect. Here, the duo of Axel Wolf and Hugo Siegmeth plays exclusively their own pieces. They do not resort to classical material from jazz or ‘standards’ of Early Music, but only to ones that are unfamiliar. For they are pieces that emerged spontaneously: nothing but duo improvisations, most of which were recorded on one and the same day in a Bavarian Radio studio in Munich. The lutenist Axel Wolf and the saxophonist Hugo Siegmeth who join forces here are two musicians with roots in completely different musical disciplines. A virtuoso on the lute and theorbo, Axel Wolf specializes in the Renaissance and Baroque periods, whereas Hugo Siegmeth, saxophonist and composer, is an expert on modern jazz and contemporary music. Although several centuries lie between the heydays of both musical styles, these two musicians both place special focus on improvisation: involvement in the surprising moment and spontaneous interaction.

Nora Germain - Nora Germain Compilation (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:40:50 | Size: 230.84 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. It's You or No One
02. If I Had You
03. Crazy Rhythm
04. What a Wonderful World
05. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
06. Jive at Five
07. S'wonderful
08. Rhythm Changes
09. Angel's Camp
10. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
11. Salty Dogs
12. The Nearness of You
13. If I Ruled the World
14. Nora's Blues
15. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
16. How About You
17. A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing
18. Little Girl Blue
19. Thou Swell
20. Someone to Watch over Me
21. Violin Is Now
22. Swing Is Fun

Nora Germain is a professional jazz violinist, recording artist, session soloist, and string section violinist. She is skilled in on - camera performance/ sidelining for TV and film, recording for soundtracks and scores, and im provising on recordings or in live performance.

Harold Mabern - The Iron Man: Live at Smoke (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:43:05 | Size: 239.97 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. A Few Miles From Memphis 07:32
2. I Get a Kick Out of You 08:07
3. I Know That You Know 04:48
4. I Remember Clifford 04:44
5. T-Bone Steak 09:28
6. Almost Like Being In Love 08:48
7. Dear Lord 05:48
8. Nightlife in Tokyo 09:44
9. She's Out of My Life 09:00
10. How Insensitive 10:31
11. Mr. P.C. 05:06
12. On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever) 06:34
13. You Are Too Beautiful 07:14
14. Rakin' and Scrapin' 05:41

Harold Mabern, piano
Eric Alexander, soprano saxophone
John Webber, double bass
Joe Farnsworth, drums

Recorded live at Smoke Jazz Club, NYC on January 7, 2018
Mastered to ½” analog tape using a Studer mastering deck
Produced by Paul Stache and Damon Smith

While it was captured over the course a single night, there’s a rich lifetime’s worth of music packed into The Iron Man: Live at Smoke. If it’s a slight overstatement to say that the album represents an autobiography in song, that’s only because 82-year-old jazz master Harold Mabern tells his story in every note that he plays. That’s as true of the melodies he’s been interpreting for more then half a century – as many of the tunes on The Iron Man are – as it is of the always inspired music that flows spontaneously from the great pianist’s fingers.

The Iron Man, due out November 23 via Smoke Sessions Records, was recorded on the final night of a remarkable three-week residency, an annual holiday tradition at the renowned New York City club. Most of that 2017/18 run was dedicated to the music of John Coltrane and featured a host of invited guests to the bandstand. For this magical final performance, however, Mabern and his gifted, longstanding quartet – tenor saxophonist Eric Alexander, bassist John Webber, and drummer Joe Farnsworth – went it alone, vigorously swinging through well-loved tunes from throughout Mabern’s storied career.

The night kicks off with the rollicking funk of “A Few Miles from Memphis,” the title track from Mabern’s 1968 leader debut. The piece harkens back to Mabern’s vital role as a pioneer of soul jazz alongside collaborators like the great trumpeter Lee Morgan. More importantly, though, it transports the pianist back to his roots in Memphis, Tennessee, where he became entranced by the great jazz and blues innovator Phineas Newborn Jr. The city’s legendary blues traditions took hold of a generation of young musicians; Mabern graduated from Manassas High School, whose alumni also include Charles Lloyd and future Mabern collaborators Booker Little, Frank Strozier, and George Coleman.

Many of those Memphians would reconvene in Chicago in the mid-’50s, which is where Mabern honed his hard bop grooves accompanying such powerhouse tenor titans as Johnny Griffin, Gene Ammons and Clifford Jordan. By the end of the decade he had found his way to New York City, where he would soon be an in-demand sideman for many of the most notable leaders of that generation – including Lionel Hampton, Donald Byrd, Sonny Rollins, Freddie Hubbard, Joe Williams, and Hank Mobley.

Mabern’s tender reading of Benny Golson’s immortal “I Remember Clifford” here, in a trio setting, recalls one of his first important gigs upon arriving in the Big Apple. He spent 18 months with The Jazztet, replacing McCoy Tyner in the influential band co-led by Golson and Art Farmer. The blistering “I Know That You Know” flashes forward to 1965, when Mabern recorded the tune with another hard bop trailblazer, saxophonist Sonny Stitt.

Mabern’s surprising rearrangement of “I Get a Kick Out of You,” meanwhile, is revived from last year’s To Love and Be Loved, an album which reunited him with legendary drummer Jimmy Cobb – who Mabern had first played with half a century earlier in Miles Davis’ band. Mabern’s stint with the iconic trumpeter was brief, but came at a crucial time as Davis was experimenting with the line-up that would finally congeal into his Second Great Quintet. Two earlier veterans of Davis’s storied band – John Coltrane and Paul Chambers — receive a nod with Trane’s classic “Mr. P.C.”

Mabern forged a more lasting bond with Lee Morgan, recording the classic album The Gigolo for Blue Note in 1965 and continuing to play with the trumpet innovator until the night of his tragic death at Slug’s Saloon in 1972. In the meantime, Mabern started recording under his own name, releasing four well-regarded albums for Prestige between 1968-70 whose line-ups included such brilliant improvisers as Morgan, Blue Mitchell, George Coleman, Bill Lee, Hubert Laws, and Idris Muhammad.

On those outings Mabern helped define the fusion of soul and jazz, including contemporary hits like Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” and The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” – a penchant echoed on the Smoke bandstand with the quartet’s lovely take on the Michael Jackson ballad “She’s Out of My Life.” He followed a similar route with Stanley Turrentine when he worked with the soulful saxophonist on the early-’70s albums The Sugar Man and Don’t Mess With Mister T.

“Nightlife in Tokyo” is the Mabern-penned title tune from Eric Alexander’s 2002 album, which featured Mabern and Farnsworth along with bassist Ron Carter. It’s one of countless collaborations between the two since Mabern became the saxophonist’s mentor at William Paterson University, where the pianist has been a member of the faculty since 1981.

While he and Alexander have shifted from teacher and student to a partnership that is one of the most meaningful between any saxophonist and pianist in jazz, that’s just one testament to Mabern’s profound influence as an educator, a contribution to jazz on par with that made through his music. The list of Mabern students who have gone on to make their mark include Farnsworth, trumpeter Freddie Hendrix, drummer/composer Tyshawn Sorey, drummers Bill Stewart, Mark Guiliana and Johnathan Blake, and saxophonist Roxy Coss.

The Iron Man draws to a rousing conclusion with another title tune, this one from Mabern’s 1968 sophomore release “Rakin’ and Scrapin’,” which featured George Coleman and trumpet great Blue Mitchell on the frontline. He rerecorded the piece with Lee Morgan on 1970’s Live at the Lighthouse, though the fact that he’s kept his ears wide open in the intervening decades is revealed by the clever quote of Steely Dan’s “Do It Again” that crops up unexpectedly in his solo.

Whether you listen to these two sets as representing a single special evening or 82 memorable years, there’s ample evidence that Harold Mabern deserves to be known as The Iron Man – a powerhouse player, a formative mentor, a revered survivor.

24 November, 2018

VA - Jazz Legends: 50 Classic Songs And Smooth Sounds For Late Night Listening (2009)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 3:08:56 | Size: 940.10 MB | FLAC
CD 1
Jazz Legends - A Touch of Romance
(01) [Joe Williams & Count Basie] I'm Beginning to See the Light
(02) [Louis Armstrong] Top Hat, White Tie and Tails
(03) [Al Hibbler with Count Basie and his Orchestra] Goin' to Chicago
(04) [Billy Eckstine] Tenderly
(05) [Dave Lambert & Buddy Stewart] Charge Account
(06) [Jon Hendricks] Stockholm Sweetin'
(07) [Jay McShann & His Sextet] I Want a Little Girl
(08) [Bing Crosby] The Song Is You
(09) [Buddy Rich] Between the Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
(10) [Chet Baker] The Touch of Your Lips
(11) [Jack Teagarden] T'ain't So Honey. T'ain't So
(12) [Louis Jordan] Is You Or Is You Ain't (Ma' Baby)
(13) [Artur Prysock and Count Basie] I Could Have Told You
(14) [Mel Torme] Too Close For Comfort
(15) [The Oscar Peterson Trio] Gravy Waltz
(16) [Count Basie] Evenin'
(17) [Fred Astaire] I'm Building Up To An Awful Letdown

CD 2
Jazz Legends - Our Favourite Things

(01) [Billie Holyday] Please Don´t Talk About Me When I´m Gone
(02) [Betty Carter & Carmen Mcrae] Stolen Moments
(03) [Ella Fitzgerald] Squatty Roo
(04) [Dinah Washington] Crazy He Calls Me
(05) [Blossom Dearie] If I Were A Bell
(06) [Abbey Lincoln & Stan Getz] Up Jumped Spring
(07) [Ernestine Anderson] They Don´t Believe Me
(08) [Sarah Vaughn] Sometimes I´m Happy
(09) [Helen Merrill] You´re Lucky To Me
(10) [Anita O'day] I´ve Got The World On A String
(11) [Stan Getz & Astrid Gilberto] Only Trust Your Heart
(12) [Helen Humes] Blue And Sentimental
(13) [Betty Carter] My Favourite Things
(14) [Nina Simone] Don´t Explain
(15) [Shirley Horn] Just In Time
(16) [Morgana King] If You Could See Me Now

CD 3
Jazz Legends - In The Wee Small Hours

(01) [Johnny Hodges] Passion Flower (Aka A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing)
(02) [Illinois Jacquet] It s The Talk Of The Town
(03) [Erroll Garner] I ll Never Smile Again
(04) [Toots Thielemans] Laura
(05) [Dizzy Gillespie] Chelsea Bridge
(06) [Coleman Hawkins & Ben Webster] Tangerine
(07) [Benny Carter] Street Scene
(08) [Wes Montgomery] It Was A Very Good Year
(09) [Lester Young With The Oscar Peterson Trio] I Can t Get Started
(10) [Bill Evans & Jim Hall] All Across The City
(11) [Roy Elridge] Willow Weep For Me
(12) [Lionel Hampton] The High And The Mighty
(13) [Gerry Mulligan Sextet] In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
(14) [Oscar Peterson] A Child Is Born
(15) [Stuff Smith] I Wrote My Song
(16) [Stan Getz] I Remember Clifford
(17) [Kenny Burrel] Were You There

VA - Jazz & Hijaz: Ethnic Sessions 1960-1970 (1998)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 2:04:52 | Size: 367.10 MB | MP3 320 kbps

CD 1
1. Gus Vali & The John Charise Orchestra - The Saints (When the Saints go marching in)
2. Flames Og Araby - Misirlou
3. Gus Vali, Oudi Hrouant, Emin Gunduz, Luis Bareiro, Chet Amsterdam & John Yalenezian - Sisela
4. Nick Rassias, John Beal, John Yalenezian, Don Varella & Ermie Raio - Aya Zain
5. Artie Barsamin & his Orchestra - Nene Aman
6. Dave Tarras & the Murray Lehrer Orchestra - Bublitchki
7. Chris Vardakis, Luis Bareiro, Chet Amsterdam & John Yalenezia - Pantheon Party
8. George Mcrdichian, Menachem Dworman, Moulay Ali Hafid & Lou M
9. Mecca Four - Halay
10. Hakki Obadia - Cha Cha Baba
11. Menachem Dworma, Hevron Levi, Avram Grobadr & Tassos Mavris - Azziza
12. Anonymous musicians - Erev Shel Shoshanim
13. Mecca Four - Asia Minor Dupke
14. Michael Hart & The Nick Rassias Orchestra - Tsakitzis
15. Michael Hart & The Nick Rassias Orchestra - Tamzara
16. Chris Vardakis & his Bouzoukia Orchestra - Farfara
17. Dave Tarras & he Murray Lehrer Orchestra - Neue Sher
18. Michael Hart & his Orchestra - Weno Habib
19. Abu Hassan - Whirling Sand
20. Gus Vali & The John Charise Orchestra - A Greek in Dixieland (Muskrat Ramble)
21. Gus Vali – Bachelerde

CD 2
1. Nick Rassias (Clarinet) - You Don't Love Me
2. Gus Vali And His Dixieland Band - 12Th Street Rag
3. Mecca Four Violin Fred Elias - Mecca
4. Nick Demetrius And The Athenian Forum - Hello Dolly
5. George Mgrdichian (Oud) - Yesterday
6. Gus Vali And The Caravan - Whyek
7. Phil Woods, Iordanis Tsomidis, George Mgrdichian - Nica
8. Roger H. Mozian Orchestra With Markos Melkon (Oud) - Asia Minor
9. Udi Hrant, Tassos Halkias, Emin Gunduz - Oriental Improvisations
10. Nick Demetrius And The Athenian Forum - The Shadow Of Your Smile
11. Chris Vardakis And His Orchestra - Greek Fire
12. Michael Hart Ochestra - Sailor Dance
13. Artie Barsamian And His Ensemble - Shev Acher
14. Enseble Sharqi - Elliniko
15. Hakki Obadia, Eddie Sheik Hochak - Ripples Of The Nile
16. Hakki Obadia, Eddie Sheik Hochak - Village Feast
17. Hakki Obadia, Eddie Sheik Hochak - Red Sea Blues
18. Nick Gounaris - Allah

Ethno-jazz tracks, recorded in USA in 60’s and 70’s. The artists are Greeks, Armenians, Hebrews, Americans and others.

Ibrahim Maalouf - 14.12.16 - Live In Paris (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 2:35:29 | Size: 355.41 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Diaspora (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 04:33
2. Ya Ha La (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 03:32
3. Lily Will Soon Be a Woman (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 06:56
4. Douce (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 07:32
5. Waiting (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 04:15
6. La bonne étoile (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 09:47
7. Nomade Slang (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 16:58
8. True Sorry (14.12.16 - Live In Paris) 15:36
9. InPressi (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 09:04
10. Run The World (Girls) - Pt. 1 (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 04:02
11. Run The World (Girls) - Pt. 2 (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 07:03
12. Essentielles (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 06:59
13. Improbable (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 08:37
14. Beaux dimanches (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 05:55
15. Free Spirit - Pt. 1 (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 07:45
16. Printemps arabe (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 04:52
17. Free Spirit - Pt. 2 (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 07:22
18. Beirut (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 11:17
19. Red & Black Light (14.12.16 - Live in Paris) 13:24

December 14, 2016 Ibrahim Maalouf performs for nearly 4 hours in Paris at an AccorHotels Arena sold out to celebrate his 10 years of touring. This is a unique show in the history of jazz that has marked the spirits for a long time and for which Ibrahim Maalouf receives the Victory of the Music of the Spectacle / Concert of the year 2017.
Surrounded by his historical group, a classical orchestra, a choir of nearly 100 children as well as a dozen surprise guests (-M-, Amadou & Mariam, Soprano, Tryo, LEJ, Hiba Tawaji .. .) he plays songs from his eight studio albums in front of more than 17,000 people.

William Parker - Flower In a Stained-Glass Window & The Blinking of The Ear (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:55:22 | Size: 262.47 MB | MP3 320 kbps
CD 1
01. Fallen Flower
02. Gone (feat. Leena Conquest)
03. Emmett Till (feat. Leena Conquest)
04. Broken Earth (feat. Leena Conquest)
05. I Had a Dream Last Night (feat. Leena Conquest)
06. Flag (feat. Leena Conquest)
07. Give Me Back My Drum
08. Living Hope
09. Children
10. What Is That About?
11. Music Song
12. Samba (feat. Leena Conquest)

CD 2
01. Meditation on Freedom (feat. AnnMarie Sandy, Daniel Carter, Steve Swell, Eri Yamamoto & Leonid Galaganov)
02. Without Love Everything Will Fail
03. Dark Remembrance (feat. AnnMarie Sandy, Daniel Carter, Steve Swell, Eri Yamamoto & Leonid Galaganov)
04. Heavenly Home Meditation on Peace (Part One) (feat. AnnMarie Sandy, Daniel Carter, Steve Swell, Eri Yamamoto & Leonid Galaganov)
05. Heavenly Home Meditation on Peace (Part Two)

This special edition release is comprised of two newly recorded full-length albums from bassist and composer William Parker, distinct in personnel and approach, yet complementary in ethos. Packaged in a limited edition deluxe 8-panel digipak, with liner notes by William Parker.

'Flower in a Stained-Glass Window' fully features vocalist Leena Conquest, a tremendous interpreter of Parker's work in song. This is her first work together with Parker since 2012, and it is a most potent return to this creative orbit. She sings and speaks atop of and within a fresh ensemble featuring Parker's bass together with long-time compatriots trombonist Steve Swell and saxophonist Dave Sewelson, South African drummer Kesivan Naidoo (in his first work with Parker), Parker's son Isaiah on piano, as well as younger saxophonic talents Abraham Mennen and Nick Lyons.

This work is dedicated to the inspiration of Martin Luther King, and the lyrical content pulls no punches delivering the truth as Parker sees it. The message is: social and political justice and equality for all human beings.

'Flower...' was slated for release on its own, and then William Parker had a summer residency at The Stone / New School in New York, in which 'The Blinking of The Ear' was presented in wholly extended form by an ensemble featuring Daniel Carter, Steve Swell, Eri Yamamoto on piano, William Parker and young Leonid Galaganov on drums, with mezzo soprano AnnMarie Sandy. After hearing the recording, it was forthwith decided to include this and make it a true double-album event!

"To place William Parker squarely in the box labelled "composer" or "improviser" is to deny the fertility of the ground he has spent the past 45 years preparing. More and more, the projects he is helming inhabit a diverse world where sound and form work in symbiosis, blurring the boundaries of categorization in the process." - The New York City Jazz Record

Nat Gonella - The Nat Gonella Collection 1930-62 (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 4:55:00 | Size: 643.96 MB | MP3 320 kbps
CD 1
01. Billy Cotton & His Band - New Tiger Rag
02. Roy Fox & His Band - Oh Monah
03. Nat Gonella and His Trumpet - I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me
04. Nat Gonella and His Trumpet - I Heard
05. Nat Gonella and His Trumpet - Rockin’ Chair
06. Nat Gonella and His Trumpet - When You’re Smiling
07. Nat Gonella and His Trumpet - Sing (It’s Good For Ya)
08. Nat Gonella and His Trumpet - That’s My Home
09. Nat Gonella and His Trumpet - Stormy Weather
10. Nat Gonella and His Trumpet - Nobody's Sweetheart
11. Nat Gonella and His Trumpet - Georgia On My Mind
12. Nat Gonella and His Trumpet - Sweet Sue, Just You
13. Nat Gonella and His Trumpet - Moon Country
14. Nat Gonella and His Trumpet - Troublesome Trumpet
15. Nat Gonella and His Trumpet - Carolina
16. Nat Gonella and His Trumpet - I Can't Dance
17. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - E-Flat Blues
18. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Georgia's Georgeous Gal
19. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Basin Street Blues
20. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - I'm Gonna Wash My Hands Of You
21. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Mr Rhythm Man
22. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Stardust
23. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Down At Uncle Bill's
24. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Rhythm Is Our Business
25. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Breakin' The Ice

CD 2
01. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Nagasaki
02. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Tiger Rag
03. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Wabash Blues
04. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Jig Time
05. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Black Coffee
06. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Strange Blues
07. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Ghost Of Dinah Lee
08. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Chicago
09. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - I Want To Be Happy
10. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - The Music Goes Round And Round
11. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Singin' The Blues
12. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Just A Crazy Song!
13. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Woe Is Me
14. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Mama Don't Allow
15. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Bugle Call Rag
16. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Trumpetuous
17. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Crazy Valves
18. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - I've Got A Wonderful Feeling
19. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Cocktail Swing
20. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Swing Swing Dotter Min
21. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Lady Be Good/Little Old Lady
22. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Georgia On My Mind
23. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - He Ain't Got Rhythm
24. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - All God's Chillun Got Rhythm

CD 3
01. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - I Can't Dance
02. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - I'd Like To See Samoa Of Samoa!
03. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Jubilee
04. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Blue Drag
05. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Somebody's Thinking Of You Tonight
06. Nat Gonella and His Georgians - Music Maestro Please
07. Nat Gonella With John Kirby's Orchestra - You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
08. Nat Gonella With John Kirby's Orchestra - Jeepers Creepers
09. Nat Gonella With John Kirby's Orchestra - Just A Kid Named Joe
10. Nat Gonella With John Kirby's Orchestra - I Must See Annie Tonight
11. Nat Gonella And His New Georgians - Nobody’s Baby
12. Nat Gonella And His New Georgians - The Man Who Comes Around
13. Nat Gonella And His New Georgians - Georgia On My Mind
14. Nat Gonella And His New Georgians - If You Were The Only Girl In The World
15. Nat Gonella And His New Georgians - Vox Poppin'
16. Nat Gonella And His New Georgians - Oh Susannah
17. Nat Gonella And His New Georgians - The Sheik Of Araby
18. Nat Gonella And His New Georgians - Sunrise Serenade
19. Nat Gonella Presents Johnny Claes And His Clay Pigeons - Stompin' At The Savoy
20. Nat Gonella Presents Johnny Claes And His Clay Pigeons - How Am I To Know
21. Nat Gonella And His New Georgians - Playhouse Party
22. Nat Gonella And His New Georgians - Gnat Jump
23. Nat Gonella And His New Georgians - Let Him Go, Let Him Tarry
24. Nat Gonella And His New Georgians - Shoo-Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy

CD 4
01. Nat Gonella & The Georgia Jazz Band - All Of Me
02. Nat Gonella & His Strong Arm Men - You Rascal You
03. Nat Gonella & His Strong Arm Men - Satchmo Blues
04. Nat Gonella & His Strong Arm Men - Jeepers Creepers
05. Nat Gonella & His Strong Arm Men - When It’s Sleepy Time Down South
06. Nat Gonella & The Georgia Jazz Band - Runnin' Wild
07. Nat Gonella & The Georgia Jazz Band - Slow Boat To China
08. Nat Gonella & The Georgia Jazz Band - Struttin’ With Some Barbecue
09. Nat Gonella and His Band - Georgia On My Mind
10. Nat Gonella and His Band - Wild Man Blues
11. Nat Gonella and His Band - Bessie Couldn't Help It
12. Nat Gonella and His Band - Miss Otis Regrets (She's Unable To Lunch Today)
13. Nat Gonella and His Band - Them There Eyes
14. Nat Gonella and His Band - Oh Mo'nah
15. Nat Gonella and His Band - Nagasaki
16. Nat Gonella and His Band - Honeysuckle Rose
17. Nat Gonella and His Band - Just A Kid Named Joe
18. Nat Gonella and His Band - Ain't Misbehavin'
19. Nat Gonella and His Band - Stompin' At The Savoy
20. Nat Gonella and His Band - It's A Pair Of Wings For Me
21. Nat Gonella and His Band - Don't Get Around Much Anymore
22. Nat Gonella and His Band - Five Minutes More
23. Doug Richford's London Jazzmen - Yip-Addy-Ay!

Inspired by Louis Armstrong, Nat Gonella in the 1930s could be considered the Wingy Manone or Louis Prima of England. He started off playing in the jazz-oriented dance bands of Billy Cotton, Roy Fox, Ray Noble, and Lew Stone from 1929 to 1934 before leading his own band, the Georgians, named thus because his version of "Georgia on My Mind" was popular. Although he visited and played in the U.S. in 1939, Gonella chose to stay in England where he made many records during 1932-1942, a few in the mid-'40s, and then became less prominent. In 1958, he formed the New Georgia Jazz Band (which recorded frequently during the next three years) and he remained an active and popular figure into the late '70s, dying in 1998. Nat Gonella's recordings are worth investigating by swing and Dixieland fans.

Trumpeter and bandleader Nat Gonella was the first real star of British jazz, beginning his career with the bands of Billy Cotton, Roy Fox, Lew Stone and Ray Noble in the early 30s before forming his own touring band ‘The Georgians’ in April 1935. Playing in the style of Louis Armstrong, he became a headlining concert attraction in the UK, recording two singles a month after he signed to EMI’s Parlophone label in 1935. In 1939 he was one of the first British jazzmen to visit the USA, where he recorded and performed with major names of the era. He subsequently led his big band, the ‘New Georgians’, through much of the 1940s and when traditional jazz experienced a boom in popularity during the later 1950s formed his ‘Georgia Jazz Band’, participating in the music’s new-found popularity as one of its elder statesmen until 1963. In later years he continued performing in Britain and Europe until his death in 1998. This great-value 96-track 4-CD set, marking the 20th anniversary of his untimely death (as well as the 110th anniversary of his birth), has been compiled to provide the first comprehensive overview of the first three decades of his career. It has been researched by celebrated British jazz cornetist and writer Digby Fairweather, who has written the 12,000-word booklet to annotate the anthology. The collection includes recordings with Billy Cotton, Roy Fox, all of Gonella’s principal recordings (both solo and with his Georgians and New Georgians), rare broadcast materials and long-unheard reissues of later 1950s sessions by his Strong Arm Men, Georgia Jazz Band, Doug Richford’s London Jazzmen and his full (and long-deleted) ‘Autobiography’ album ‘The Nat Gonella Story’ from 1961. It provides a thoroughly entertaining showcase for one of the great personalities of British jazz who was one of the true pioneers of the genre on this side of the pond.