18 October, 2018

Matthias Lindermayr - New Born (2018)

Genre: Jazz / Contemporary Jazz | Total Time: 42:22 | Size: 96.13 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01 - New Born (00:05:53)
02 - Massave (00:04:21)
03 - Daydreaming (00:05:17)
04 - Pattern (00:04:32)
05 - October (00:04:07)
06 - Matilda (00:06:14)
07 - Khmerish (00:06:37)
08 - On The Wall (00:05:21)

The dawning of something new, something big. Something which will have an impact on an indefinite scale. The first Guitar chord hovers, the cymbal lingers, while the first sound of the trumpet occurs. From nothingness to epic proportions. From easy wind to tempest.

„Newborn“ is the title cut of the new record by Matthias Lindermayr which is a mesmerizing body of work. The album was conceived in an important transitional period of the artist who relocated back to his hometown after a long stint in Berlin honing his compositional skills, due to the birth of his „Newborn“ child. The initial work began before this private Milestone, with the majority of the music being completed afterwards. Lindermayr states being dominated by two themes at the time: Newborn child and record.

The focus was on the important and essential elements residing within the compositions. On „Newborn“ Matthias Lindermayr processes the essential aspects of life musically. Together with producer and guitar player Azhar Kamal who was also his partner on the production of his debut on Enja „Lang Tang“ they followed a more jazz oriented approach with more freedom of interpretation for the involved musicians than on the debut. The music you experience is extremely dynamic, free flowing at times, lots of space for the bass and the letting loose of the reins for the trumpet which has been somewhat relieved of its vocalesque duties, which it had on Matthias first offering. The line up at this concert is more or less identical to the debut with Andreas Haberl, Drums, Andreas Kurz, Bass, Azhar Kamal, Guitar. The only new addition would be Chris Gallon Piano. The production team of Lindermayr/Kamal worked well with their skills in sonic dramaturgy which surpass the limits of what may be broadly perceived as classic „Jazz“. On „Newborn“ you hear the epitome of Jazz in the 3rd millennium with brilliantly, concise melodies and trumpet which has a lot to express without being overwhelming. A voice that will be heard. Rejoice! Expect something GRAND

- Ulrich Habersetzer (Bavarian Radio)

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