29 October, 2018

Misha Tsiganov - Playing With The Wind (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:04:25 | Size: 147.43 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Playing With The Wind
02. Mama
03. Witch Hunt
04. Orange Dream
05. Dream Catcher
06. Cry Me A River
07. Virgo
08. To Ne Veter Vetku Klonit
09. The Very Thought Of You

Misha Tsiganov piano
Alex Sipiagin trumpet, flugelhorn
Seamus Blake tenor sax
Matt Brewer bass
Dan Weiss drums

Recorded January 25, 2018 in Brooklyn, NY, USA by Michael Marciano

Kenosha Kid - Inside Voices (2015)

Genre: Jazz / Jazz-Rock | Total Time: 37:36 | Size: 107.58 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Vanishing Point
2. Fabrication
3. Liberty Bell
4. Zombie Party
5. Map of the Universe
6. Mushmouth
7. Everyone I Know

Alto Saxophone – Peter van Huffel
Bass, Mixed By – Robby Handley
Drums – Marlon Patton
Guitar – Dan Nettles
Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone – Greg Sinibaldi
Trumpet – Jacob Wick
Written-By – Dan Nettles

Released March 3, 2015

Karla Harris - Certain Elements (2018)

Genre: Jazz / Jazz Vocals | Total Time: 54:37 | Size: 128.71 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Set Sophia Free (5:08)
02. The Way He Makes Me Feel (4:27)
03. Certain Elements (4:41)
04. Folds (4:31)
05. When Michael (4:00)
06. Interlude (6:51)
07. Do I Still Figure In Your Life (5:24)
08. Give This All To Me (5:13)
09. Cherish (4:42)
10. Lean On Me (3:59)
11. Flow (1:08)
12. Certain Elements (Atl Groove V.) (4:34)

Of Certain Elements, the third album from acclaimed jazz vocalist Karla Harris, it can be said that this is a place where lush contemporary comes alongside deft acoustic mainstream jazz to create the potent signature sound of this collection. Intriguingly mystical and invitingly earthy, with an aural quality all its own, the record’s tunes of varying feels – Latin, contemporary, swing, blues-inspired – showcase the velvety, dynamic range of Harris’ considerable talent to compelling effect.

Certain Elements follows up on Harris’ second release, Karla Harris Sings the Dave and Iola Brubeck Songbook, released in 2015 on Summit Records and featuring jazz all-stars Tom Kennedy on bass, drummer Dave Weckl, saxophonist Bob Sheppard and pianist/arranger Ted Howe. Harris’ vocal versions of Brubeck classics proved to be an expertly executed and well-received homage showcasing the singer’s technical chops and interpretive ability. Of the record, jazz reviewer Thomas Cunniffe wrote, “She makes these seldom-heard lyrics come alive,” and Jazziz said, “The Brubecks would be pleased.”

Harris’ new recording demonstrates evolving artistry. She leans creatively into a fuller spectrum of her gifts on Certain Elements, teaming with acclaimed producer Trammell Starks to create tracks where her authenticity and emotive power come shining through. The record’s 12 tracks feature several originals penned by the vocalist, her first outing as a songwriter, and beautifully curated cover tunes, including the album’s first single, a contemporary jazz remake of the 1960s hit “Cherish.” Harris’ “Cherish” gets lush, romantic treatment, thoughtful rhythmic variation, and nuanced delivery of those longing lyrics. Released to contemporary jazz radio mid-September, it’s generating buzz quickly. The tune’s composer, Terry Kirkman, comments that it is a “beautiful surprise” for him, and that Harris’ “rich, warm, depth throughout her range is incredible … truly inspirational.”

“Cherish” was one of the last tracks produced for the collection, which unrolled organically over a period of years. “This project actually started in 2013 – I just didn’t know it at the time,” Harris says. It was then that she recorded in Portland, Oregon, her former home, a cover of the Peter Dello tune and Joe Cocker hit, “Do I Still Figure in Your Life,” at the suggestion of Latin percussionist and bandleader Bobby Torres, who toured with Cocker for years. Torres arranged the song for Harris’ voice, creating a stripped-down ballad version of the tune that packs an emotional punch. The track stayed tucked away following a move that took Harris to Atlanta.

Not too long after that move, she experienced a period of time she describes as “creatively intense, where the muses were kind.” Riding the wave, Harris wrote several songs, six of which are included on Certain Elements. From the poetic, transcendent title track to the whimsical wordplay of the swinging “When Michael;” from the grown-up sensuality of “Folds” to the story-based blues of “Interlude” and more, Harris’ songwriting shows a love for words and wrapping them into a lyric and a melody.

“From the moment they formed, I became committed to these songs, performed them on occasion at live shows to great response, and wanted to record them, simply to complete a creative process,” Harris says. However, after bringing her material to Starks, the vision grew along with the producer’s enthusiasm over what he was hearing from the singer/songwriter. He encouraged Harris to further build out the project, and set to arranging some of her originals.

Meanwhile, Harris pulled in covers of songs arranged for her over the years by close colleagues, including that 2013 track and another done by Torres, a sultry Latin version of the Legrand/Bergman tune, “The Way He Makes Me Feel.” Harris also includes a jazz-influenced take on the Bill Withers classic “Lean on Me,” arranged by pianist Mark Simon, a close friend of Harris’ who passed away before he could finish tracking the tune. His brother, Chicago pianist Fred Simon, completed it for the recording.

The record honors other friendships made across Harris’ musical journey and features many more bright lights, from Portland, Seattle and Atlanta, including pianists Randy Porter, George Colligan, Kevin Bales, Dan Gaynor, Tyrone Jackson; bassists Sam Sims, Damian Erskine, Jeff Johnson, Neal Starkey; saxophonists Sam Skelton, Mace Hibbard; trumpeter Darren English; drummers Todd Strait, Marlon Patton, Lil’ John Roberts, Reinhardt Melz; percussionists Rafael Pereira, Bobby Torres, Carmelo Torres; guitarists Dan Baraszu, Chris Blackwell; and Trammell Starks on keyboards and programming.

“A dancing tendril on the edge of flame.”… It’s a lyric from the album’s first track, a Latin-infused tune of Harris’ called “Set Sophia Free” that carries a powerful message of awakening with its world-music, spiritual vibe. Like that dancing tendril, Harris is set to light a fire within jazz fans’ hearts.

Justin Kauflin - Coming Home (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 54:51 | Size: 125.73 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Coming Home (4:53)
02. Looking Forward (4:30)
03. Pendulum (6:57)
04. Transition (1:18)
05. Lost (5:21)
06. Country Fried (5:05)
07. John My Beloved (5:52)
08. Present Day (2:17)
09. Strawberry Fields (6:38)
10. Somethin' somethin' (5:09)
11. Somethin' somethin' revisited (1:49)
12. The Carousel (3:41)
13. Strawberry Fields Solo (1:25)

The album is 13 tracks that resonate emotions and transport the listener across space and time. The lead single Coming Home "serves as an invitation to join me as I share how I experience the world around me through colors and vibrant ever-shifting textures and shapes. Alan Parker's acoustic guitar inserts that down home feeling from my home in Virginia." Another standout is "Lost." Kauflin mentions, "As exciting as traveling the world has been, there have certainly been times where I've felt disconnected and out of my element. This is not just a feeling that is connected to where I am physically. This also delves into how I feel emotionally at times. Life itself can leave one feeling quite lost."

The album also includes an ode to his time spent living in Brooklyn with the cover of "John My Beloved." An impromptu on the spot session with Derrick Hodge created " Something Somethin." A tribute to Kauflin's favorite food, fried chicken, most famously found in his home state on the track, "Country Fried." "Pendulum" is about New York, and the feeling that at times it is the greatest place on earth and at others, overwhelming. And "Strawberry Fields" as solo and band-accompanied tracks, Kauflin comments "I've always found the idea of an imaginary place where one can find refuge to be incredibly attractive. It is such a perfect marriage of harmony and melody and it conjures up this barely out of reach sensation, as if the place for which I'm looking is just around the corner." He continues, "When I know what I'm really looking for is actually inside."

John Novello - B3 Soul (2008)

Genre: Jazz+Funk | Total Time: 1:07:50 | Size: 150.48 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Show Me the Honey (3:21)
2. B3 Soul (4:02)
3. Baila (3:23)
4. The Groove Suite Theme (3:29)
5. On the Way to Havana (3:27)
6. Candlelight (3:35)
7. Liquid Soul (6:01)
8. Salt and Pepper (4:39)
9. Say You Like It (3:10)
10. Apologize (Featuring Eric Marienthal) (7:54)
11. Feelin' the Beat (3:53)
12. Funny Money (4:04)
13. Love and Happiness (5:08)
14. Transxpress (4:24)
15. The Message 2008 (Featuring Jevon McGlory) (7:31)
Label - CD Baby
John Novello has played and worked with everybody from Chick Corea, Ritchie Cole, Hubert Laws, Andy Summers of the Police, Henry Mancini, Ramsey Lewis, to legendary rock bassist Billy Sheehan, Edgar Winter, and of course the group Niacin.

Harry James - Supreme Jazz (2006)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:02:02 | Size: 148.19 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Strictly Instrumental
02. Flatbush Flanagan
03. I’m Beginning To See The Light
04. Don’t Be That Way
05. September Song From “Knickebocker Holiday”
06. Tango Blues
07. Jalousie
08. I Cried Out For You
09. It’s Been A Long, Long Time
10. Bye Bye Blues
11. Melancholy Rhapsody
12. James Session
13. These Foolish
14. Autumn Serenade
15. The Molde
16. I’ve Heard That Song Before
17. Two O’Clock Jump
18. You Made Me Love You
19. Trumpet Blues And Cantabile

Harry Haag James was an American musician who is best known as a trumpet playing band leader who led a big band from 1939 to 1946. He broke up his band for a short period in 1947 but shortly after he re-organized and was active again with his band from then until his death in 1983. He was especially known among musicians for his astonishing technical proficiency as well as his superior tone, and was extremely influential on up-and-coming trumpet players from the late 1930s into the 1940s. He was also an actor in a number of films that usually featured his band.

Greg Abate, Alan Barnes - Birds of a Feather (2008)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:10:07 | Size: 158.30 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Hot House (10.05)
2. Wong?s Way (10.08)
3. In the Stratosphere (9.79)
4. The Love of Life (7.04)
5. Mr. T.C. (6.43)
6. The Birdfeeder (10.53)
7. The "Y" Blues (10.84)
8. Be-Bop (5.58)

Greg Abate - alto / tenor
Alan Barnes - alto / baritone
John Donaldson - piano
Andrew Cleyndert - acoustic bass
Spike Wells - drums

Chad McCullough, Bram Weijters Quartet - Imaginary Sketches (2010)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 47:41 | Size: 108.98 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Imaginary Folk Song
2. Burning Question
3. Is That It?
4. Free As Poetry
5. Another Dark Ballad
6. Restless
7. Speeding
8. Late Night, Long Drive
Label - Origin Records

Chad McCullough - trumpet, flugelhorn
Bram Weijters - piano
Chuck Deardorf - bass
John Bishop - drums

28 October, 2018

VA - Organ-ized: All-Star Tribute to the Hammond B3 Organ (1998)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:02:08 | Size: 164.41 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Ashley Blue — Joey Defrancesco 5:31
2. Swamp Road — John Medeski 5:23
3. Micky Fick — Art Neville 3:52
4. Say Something — Michael Omartian 3:27
5. My Little Humidor — Galactic 3:59
6. There Will Never Be Another You — Jimmy Smith 5:25
7. Just a Little Bit — Mike Finnegan 5:03
8. Drop Shot — Ricky Peterson 5:15
9. I've Got to Find My Baby — Tommy Eyre 2:35
10. Moonbird — Larry Goldings 7:22
11. Yes Sir — Reuben Wilson 5:31
12. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy — Mick Weaver 4:22
13. Misty — Jack McDuff 4:23
Label - High Street

Stephen Martin - Vision (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 45:04 | Size: 102.58 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01 - Vision
02 - Pure Imagination
03 - Miami Beaches
04 - Three by Two
05 - Along Came Betty
06 - Segment
07 - Falcon
Stephen Martin - Tenor Saxophone
Matt Villinger - Piano
Karl McComas-Reichl - Bass
John Kizilarmut - Drums
Stephen Martin has established himself as a uniquely gifted, and intensely spirited jazz saxophonist. Born in Champaign, IL and raised in St. Louis, MO, Martin began playing saxophone at age 10 and thrived in a community with a musically rich tradition, particularly in jazz. He has been recognized early in his career for his excellence in music, most recently being named a finalist for the 2018 Carinthian International Jazz Award.

The formal musical training Martin received is highlighted by having completed a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance while studying under Grammy-Nominated jazz legend Bobby Watson, and world-renowned classical saxophonist Tim Timmons at the Conservatory of Music & Dance at the University of Missouri - Kansas City. He then earned a Master's Degree in Music studying with the great saxophonist and educator Paul DeMarinis at the private fine arts school in St. Louis, MO, Webster University.

Martin has developed a personal sound on saxophone characterized by a relentless energy and adventurous ideas. His music achieves distinct emotions ranging from sensitive and inviting to thunderous and enraged. Martin's debut album, Vision, was released under his independent artist label SubtleStreet Records on July 27th, 2018. It debuted in the top 40 of the iTunes Jazz Charts, and as an Amazon best-seller.

Based in Kansas City, Martin maintains a regular performance schedule, contributing to a thriving, exceptional local music scene as well as performing throughout the country and abroad. Check below for upcoming performances.

"I place it in the top ten releases by new artists I've heard thus far in 2018.
His original compositions are self-assured and intriguing. Martin has obviously studied the tone and attack of John Coltrane in his approach to the tenor. Hey, but if you want to model yourself after an artist, why not emulate the best? Finally, Martin has offered a superb reading of Anthony Newley's "Pure Imagination," a lost gem not brought to light. Martin's airy treatment of the main melody conveys wistful optimism and a will to joy. I'm hearing it in my head as I type these words." - Jack Marchbanks, Ohio National Public Radio

Scott Hamilton - Blue 'N' Boogie (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:07:42 | Size: 157.94 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. How Deep Is The Ocean (6:09)
02. Blue 'N' Boogie (7:48)
03. Body And Soul (9:24)
04. This Can’t Be Love (4:31)
05. Come Sunday (4:58)
06. Who Can I Turn To (8:18)
07. Maybe You'll Be There (5:01)
08. Yours Is My Heart Alone (7:48)
09. Estate (7:10)
10. The Sheik Of Araby (6:35)

Scott Hamilton - Tenor Saxophone
Francesca Tandoi - Piano & Vocals (track 4,7 & 9)
Hans Mantel - Double Bass
Frits Landesbergen - Drums

Recorded on April 25, 2018 at O.A.P. Studio, The Hague, The Netherlands

O.A.P. Records OAPR1803
Hearing Scott Hamilton play, is like listening to a declaration of love that already lasts for many years but still is as potent as then. And what a joy to recognize how the tenorman absorbed the musical idiom of the jazzgreats of his youth, from Coleman Hawkins to Ben Webster, and shaped his very own language and pronounciation for it. On his musical journeys in a stylistically mixed-up world, he always found in any country musicians who were glad to speak that language with him.

As in the Netherlands in OAP’s ‘Blue 'N' Boogie’: the contagious swing of drummer Frits Landesbergen, light when it can, forceful when it has to be. Or bassplayer Hans Mantel who lovingly provides his punctuation marks and reminds one (e.g. in Franz Léhars ‘Yours is my heart alone’) of a George Mraz. Italian pianoplayer and singer Francesca Tandoi is a discovery. Who heard her play and sing Bruno Martino’s ‘Estate’ doesn’t want it any other way; the romance of ‘Maybe you’ll be there’ is matching. Within her stylistically pure piano adventures always a nose for the right ‘blue notes’. Hamiltons choice of repertory mirrors the timelessness of his taste. Dizzy Gillespie’s swinging titlesong next to ‘The sheik of Araby’ that dates from 1921 but sparklingly is lifted over years and time. Or the non-sentimental beauty of ‘Body and soul’. Or Duke Ellington’s ‘Come Sunday’, with echoes of Johnny Hodges.
‘Blue 'N' Boogie’ is sheer pleasure.

Rob van Bavel - En Blanc et Noir - 11 (2008)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:00:55 | Size: 137.51 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. My Fair Lady: On the Street Where You Live (6:13)
02. Limehouse Blues (2:59)
03. The Ghost, The King and I (3:57)
04. Vicio (5:34)
05. You Dig (4:11)
06. Valse Blue (4:26)
07. A Gal in Calico (3:49)
08. Everything I Love (3:44)
09. Cashmere Cutie - Reflections in D (3:25)
10. Big Butter and Egg Man (4:17)
11. Bitter Sweet (5:14)
12. Monsieur Dubiez (4:46)
13. Broadway Melody of 1940: I concentrate on you (6:03)
14. Blues for Oscar (2:26)

Rob van Bavel: piano
Vincent Koning: guitar
Frans van Geest: bass
Bert Boeren: trombone

Recorded at Abma Studio, Amsterdan, on January 28 & 29, 2008.

Ray Bryant - Somewhere In France (1993)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:06:45 | Size: 149.38 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Take the "a" Train (3:48)
02. Blues in G/Willow Weep for Me (6:19)
03. Con Alma (7:43)
04. Slow Freight (6:35)
05. Jungletown Jubilee (2:53)
06. Django (6:41)
07. After Hours (3:24)
08. When I Look In Your Eyes (2:47)
09. Good Morning Heartache (4:22)
10. In the Back Room (4:58)
11. If I Can Just Make It into Heaven (3:56)
12. St. Louis Blues (6:57)
13. Until It's Time For You To Go (3:58)

Ray Bryant - piano solo.

Recorded live somewhere in France 1993.

Raphael Wressnig With Alex Schultz & James Gadson - Chicken Burrito (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 31:56 | Size: 75.06 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Chunky Thighs (3:21)
02. Nasty (4:56)
03. Born To Roam (5:28)
04. Tiny Dog Blues (4:16)
05. Chicken Burrito (4:56)
06. Get Down With It (5:36)
07. One Mo' Time (3:24)

Austria's funkiest B3 Hammond organ specialist returns with his new album "CHICKEN BURRITO". In collaboration with his longtime partner in crime ALEX SCHULTZ and the R&B drummer legend JAMES GADSON, Raphael now proudly presents a splendid, well danceable Funk & Groove album. In contrast to the soulful predecessors SOUL CONNECTION, SOUL GUMBO and SOUL GIFT, CHICKEN BURRITO is reduced to the essentials, and with only a few exceptions, it contains almost no vocals. By the way, for the first time in his career Raphael himself contributed these few vocals. JAMES GADSON , the previously mentioned drummer, is one of the most recorded drummers in Rhythm & Blues history, and has been a session musician for Bill Withers, Freddie King, Martha Reeves, Randy Crawford, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, BB King, Albert King, Paul McCartney and many, many more.

Randy Waldman - Superheroes (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 57:29 | Size: 138.12 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. The Adventures of Superman (TV Theme) (06:53)
2. Mighty Mouse Theme (05:16)
3. Spiderman Theme (05:07)
4. Superman (Movie) (04:52)
5. Batman Theme (TV) (05:17)
6. The Incredible Hulk (Main Title) (03:19)
7. Six Million Dollar Man Theme (06:08)
8. Batman Theme (1989 Movie) (04:53)
9. X-Men TV Theme (05:02)
10. Underdog Theme (06:36)
11. Super Chicken Theme (04:06)
Randy Waldman, piano, trumpet, background vocals
Carlitos Del Puerto, bass
Vinnie Colaiuta, drums
Michael O'Neill, guitar
Rafael Padilla, percussion

George Benson, guitar
Wayne Bergeron, trumpet
Randy Brecker, trumpet
Till Brönner, trumpet
Chick Corea, piano
Eddie Daniels, clarinet
Brandon Fields, saxophones
Joe Lovano, saxophone
Wynton Marsalis, trumpet
Steve Gadd, drums
Take 6
Look! Up on the bandstand! It’s a piano! It’s a saxophone! It’s a trumpet! It’s Superheroes, a bold and daring, wall-scaling, day saving, faster than George Benson’s blazing guitar, a Chick Corea synth run or Vinnie Colauita drum solo all-star jam session celebrating humanity’s global obsession with these godlike beings who have become multi-billion dollar comic book, film and TV icons.
Capturing our jazz-clectic fantasies in the sweet spot between the 80th Anniversary of Superman’s first appearance in Action Comics #1 and Batman’s debut in Detective Comics #27, this imaginatively arranged, freewheeling 11 track set is the brainchild of Grammy winning pianist/arranger Randy Waldman, who creates a Quincy Jones’ size session to execute his vision. In addition to producing and re-arranging some of our favorite TV and film themes (“Batman” and “Superman” get both!), he tackles piano, trumpet and even backing vocals when he’s not overseeing the genius of a powerhouse guest list that includes - in addition to Benson, Corea and Colaiuta - trumpet greats Arturo Sandoval, Wayne Bergeron, Wynton Marsalis, Till Bronner and Randy Brecker; legendary clarinetist Eddie Daniels; drummer Steve Gadd; longtime Benson guitarist Michael O’Neill; saxophonists Brandon Fields, Joe Lovano and Chris Potter; and trombonist Steven Szabadi.
And just for Krypton exploding kicks, he includes the voices of other entertainment icons to introduce the opening track, a rambunctious, funk-filled piano, sax and trumpet driven romp through the classic TV theme to “The Amazing Adventures of Superman”: James Brolin, Michael Buble, Jeff Goldblum, Josh Groban, Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. If Waldman wins a Grammy for this extraordinarily ambitious, five years in the making work– and he should! – his thank you speech may go on long enough to raise Andy Kaufman from the grave to extend his “Here I Come To Save the Day” shtick to include swinging along to Waldman’s piano frenetic piano solo and the sizzling brass of “The Mighty Mouse Theme.”
One of the film, TV and music industry’s most prolific behind the scenes forces, Waldman already has a Grammy for no less than co-arranging “Somewhere” for Barbra Streisand, for whom he’s been pianist and conductor of over 30 years. His hundreds of credits include seven years touring with Benson and date with a bunch of late greats (Frank, MJ, Whitney, Ray Charles) and living legends Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Mathis Celine Dion and Madonna. Yet listening to every darting note, fiery solo and percussive twist and turn on Superheroes, you may get the idea that Waldman accomplished all this just so he could amass the professional wherewithal and proverbial “Rolodex” that he could draw from to create this labor of love.
Following the TV “Superman” and “Mighty Mouse,” our next superhero gone jazz is “Spiderman,” with the familiar theme sung like never before, in gorgeous harmony before by the legendary gospel/jazz group Take 6. Their wordless vocals appear throughout as Waldman’s piano spins a musical web any size and scales walls with over dense percussion and one of Field’s trademark burning sax solos. Next, Waldman flies (and swings) high on the “Superman” film theme, creating a jazz masterpiece from John Williams’ majestic theme and allowing space for Benson to jump into and out of a phone booth and do his superhuman electric guitar solo thing.
Waldman pays homage to “Batman” twice, first via the punch and pow piano-brass swing and Wynton Marsalis’ brash trumpet solo of the familiar TV Theme and later through a slightly moodier arrangement (highlighted by vibrant piano and guitar solos) of Danny Elfman’s theme to the 1989 Tim Burton Film. “Batman” is, in essence, the inspiration for the entire project. Waldman got the idea when he had the good fortune to meet Adam West from the campy 60’s TV series. Turns out, West loved jazz and their conversation about it stayed in Waldman’s mind. West passed away in the meantime, and it’s nice to imagine the whole project being dedicated to him, “the” classic “Batman” for several generations.
True to the off the beaten path aesthetic of the project, Waldman includes some nifty surprises along the way, including a soulful, reflective take on “The Incredible Hulk” TV Theme (more mild mannered Bill Bixby/David Banner than angry Lou Ferrigno) that includes a trippy synth solo by Corea; a feisty and whimsical Latin spin through “The Six Million Dollar Man,” with the dual drum energy of Gadd and Colauita and a Steve Austin 60 mph trumpet solo by Sandoval; and the inclusion of “Underdog” (not in the Marvel or DC universe but supercool nonetheless) as a playful showcase for Szabadi’s trombone. Other highlights are the piano intensive, densely percussive “X-Men TV Theme” and a quirky roll through the much more obscure “Super Chicken” featuring Daniels’ clarinet whimsy in full tilt.
Here’s hoping the superb “Superheroes” is only the first of many all-star jazz superhero projects to come. Kudos to Waldman and his immense, talented crew for bringing our pop culture musical memories to life in a way that transcends generations, books, films, television and hits our nostalgic minds faster than a speeding bullet!

One O'Clock Lab Band - Lab 2018 | The Rhythm Of The Road (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:05:47 | Size: 151.20 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01 – Hey, It’s Me You’re Talkin’ To
02 – The Rhythm of the Road
03 – Train
04 – Blues for Kazu
05 – A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing
06 – Birds of a Feather…
07 – Without a Doubt
08 – Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5
09 – After the Rain

Recorded May 20-22, 2018.
Alan Baylock: director; Nick Owsik: trumpet; Adam Horne: trumpet; Huang-Hsiang Chang: trumpet; Kazunori Tanaka: trumpet; Gregory Newman: trumpet; Kyle Bellaire: alto, soprano sax, clarinet, flute; Sam Cousineau: alto sax, clarinet; Brandon Moore: tenor sax, clarinet, flute; Will Nathman: tenor sax, clarinet; Brendon Wilkins: baritone sax, bass clarinet, flute; Brian Woodbury: trombone; D.J. Rice: trombone; Brett Lamel: trombone; Tommy Barttels: bass trombone; Kenny Davis: bass trombone; Daniel Pinilla: guitar; Paul Lees: piano, keyboard; Raul Reyes: bass; John Sturino: drums, percussion; Marion Powers: voice.

Lajos Dudas ‎Quartet - Jazz And The City (2004)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 54:10 | Size: 107.54 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Riffs
02. Miles
03. Here's That Rainy Day
04. Homage To O.P.
05. America
06. Cab Car
07. I've Got The World On A String
08. Soft Waves
09. Take 5
10. Just Friends

Bass – Martin Gjakonowski
Clarinet – Lajos Dudas
Drums – Kurt Billker
Guitar – Philipp van Endert

Label: Konnex Records ‎

Kiyo'Sen - Organizer (2018)

Genre: Jazz, Fusion | Total Time: 51:20 | Size: 117.40 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01 Kiyo*Sen - Fly
02 Kiyo*Sen - Enamel Doll
03 Kiyo*Sen - Altered Destination
04 Kiyo*Sen - Tiki Tiki
05 Kiyo*Sen - Catty Angel
06 Kiyo*Sen - Life Various
07 Kiyo*Sen - Potos
08 Kiyo*Sen - Come On Over
09 Kiyo*Sen - Higurashi

Kiyomi Otaka - Organ
Senri Kawaguchi - Drums
Koichi Yabori - Guitar
Yukio Shibutani - Bass

Kiyo'Sen - Duology (2015)

Genre: Jazz, Fusion | Total Time: 44:26 | Size: 101.62 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01 Kiyo*Sen - Fundamental
02 Kiyo*Sen - Supercell
03 Kiyo*Sen - I wanna be
04 Kiyo*Sen - Willful cat
05 Kiyo*Sen - Poriomania
06 Kiyo*Sen - Hey fever
07 Kiyo*Sen - Beck
08 Kiyo*Sen - Sui-sho-ka
09 Kiyo*Sen - Mood #1

Kiyomi Otaka - organ, keyboards
Senri Kawaguchi - drums, percussion

Janet Planet & John Harmon - Da Capo (2018)

Genre: Jazz / Jazz Vocals | Total Time: 53:26 | Size: 126.74 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. To Be Yet Again (3:26)
02. Lucky Me (3:07)
03. The Gift Of Surrender (4:49)
04. Sundowner (4:35)
05. In A Perfect World (A Father's Dream) (4:02)
06. Child Of Light - A Lullabye (6:06)
07. Today And Everyday (4:21)
08. Half A Bubble Off (3:53)
09. Lately (3:13)
10. Another Lonely Spring (3:45)
11. The Time Is Right (2:57)
12. El Tigre (6:05)
13. I Raise My Glass (To You) (3:07)

This collection of pieces reflects a musical relationship of over 40 years with the remarkable talents of my dear friend, Janet Planet. What a joy it was revisiting some of our earliest collaborations and the flood of memories they rekindled! Da Capo...from the beginning...Thinking back, we've shared a profound musical journey! I feel both privileged and humbled to have been a part of it. - John Harmon

Gwyneth Herbert - Letters I Haven't Written (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 52:47 | Size: 120.34 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Fishing for Squirrels (4:06)
02. More of Everything (4:48)
03. Reading My Breath Away (5:22)
04. From Here to Over There (3:48)
05. Frosting on Your Windows (4:50)
06. You're Welcome (5:26)
07. Until the Dust Settles (5:52)
08. Tick Tock Tick (4:48)
09. Don't Call Me That (3:44)
10. And You Are… (5:18)
11. Not the Kind of Girl (4:47)

Letters I Haven't Written, the seventh album by British singer-songwriter Gwyneth Herbert, was released in October 2018. It was produced at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth and, like Herbert's previous album, The Sea Cabinet, was crowdfunded. The album consists of original songs by Herbert about the lost art of letterwriting.

Clay Jenkins Quartet - Good Signs (2011)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 46:19 | Size: 105.41 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Slide Rules
02. Rivalry
03. Up and Up
04. Reflections in the Glass
05. Jackie-ing
06. The Good Sign
07. Late Bloomer
08. Come Ye Disconsolate

All songs written by Clay Jenkins except #4 written by Kim Richmond, #5 written by Thelonious Monk and #8 (Traditional, arranged by Clay Jenkins).
Label - JazzCompass
Recorded at Tritone Studios, Burbank, CA

Clay Jenkins - trumpet
Larry Koonse - electric and acoustic guitars
Tom Warrington - acoustic bass, bass guitar
Joe La Barbera - drums

Bjarne Nerem - Embraceable You: The Warm Saxophone Moods Of Bjarne Nerem (2005)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:05:42 | Size: 147.24 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. What's New
2. Mood Indigo
3. Stardust
4. Just Squeeze Me
5. I Got It Bad
6. Embraceable You
7. This Is Always
8. If I Had You
9. Cabin In The Sky
10. Blue And Sentimental
11. Autumn Nocturne
12. More Than You Know

Gemini Records
Bjarne Arnulf Nerem (31 July 1923 in Oslo, Norway – 1 April 1991 in Oslo), was a Norwegian jazz musician (tenor saxophone, alto saxophone and clarinet), known from several recordings, and was among the absolute foremost soloists in Norwegian jazz. He was a very talented musician in the tradition of Lester Young, Stan Getz and jazz in the 1950s. Nerem achieved international recognition for his performances. Nerem started his career playing clarinet during World War II, and participated on an album with «Syv Muntre» (1943) and participated, among others within Rowland Greenberg's ensembles. He eventually went over to the tenor and alto saxophone, and started in 1947 a more than 20 years career in Stockholm, Sweden, where he became one of the first bebop performers and quickly became one of Sweden's most renowned, first in the orchestras of Thore Jederby and Santa Skoog (1947–49). After three years within Karl Westby's orchestra at Rainbow (Oslo), Nerem went into several Swedish bands including with Simon Brehm (1952 to 1954) and Harry Arnold's radio band (1956). In recent years he has also played within Carl-Henrik Norin's band (1968–71) and on releases by Ove Lind, Siljabloo Nilsson, Lasse Sjösten, Arne Domnérus, Monica Zetterlund, Thore Ehrling and Nils Lindberg. The period culminated with the album How long has this been goin 'on (1971). Nerem returned to Norway in 1973 and led his own Bjarne Nerem Kvartett releasing the album Everything happens to me (1976), awarded Spellemannprisen 1976. They also released This is always (1984), and contributed in Nerem solo album More than you know (1987). Furthermore, figured Nerem on releases with Karin Krog (1974), «Sandvika Storband» (1980) and Kristian Bergheim (The rainbow sessions, 1990). Internationally, he collaborated with Kenny Davern and Flip Phillips (1987), Al Grey (Al meets Bjarne, 1988).

André Canniere ‎- The Darkening Blue (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 57:57 | Size: 133.97 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1 Autumn Day
2 Going Blind
3 Bluebird
4 Splash
5 Area of Pause
6 Concession
7 Hug The Dark
8 Evening
9 Lament
10 Sunflower (for Emelie)

Whirlwind Recordings ‎– WR4693

Drums – Ted Poor
Electric Bass, Double Bass – Michael Janisch (2)
Piano, Keyboards, Accordion – Ivo Neame
Tenor Saxophone – Tori Freestone
Trumpet – André Canniere
Voice – Brigitte Beraha


Achim Kaufmann - Verivyr (2010)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 50:36 | Size: 112.35 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Permission (Dingbats) 5:17
2. Elephant And Boats 5:20
3. Kobuk 4:51
4. Gеtur/Christiania 8:02
5. Bright Industrial Smile 3:31
6. Fada Verde 5:32
7. Le Quatrimoteur 3:35
8. Lonceng-Lonceng 6:15
9. Berlin No Lights 5:54
10. E Jinx 2:24
Label - Pirouet Records
Recorded on September 20th and 21st, 2010 at Pirouet Studio, Munich

Achim Kaufmann - piano
Valdi Kolli - bass
Jim Black - drums

Abigail Rockwell - Autumn Noir (2018)

Genre: Jazz / Jazz Vocals | Total Time: 47:22 | Size: 111.80 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Summer Me, Winter Me (3:53)
02. Libertango (3:22)
03. Slow Burn (4:04)
04. So In Love (4:04)
05. Miss Brown To You (4:05)
06. Autumn (3:45)
07. Almost Blue The Thrill Is Gone (4:46)
08. Am I Blue (3:51)
09. Summer Erotic (3:49)
10. Voodoo Swing (3:07)
11. Lane Closed (3:41)
12. I Wish You Love (4:57)

Quinn Johnson — keys
Kevin Winard — drums, percussion
Robert Mitchum — bass
Guests: Harry Allen, Jim Hynes, Mauro Refosco and Davi Vieira, Bernd Schoenhart, David Mann, Bob Mann and Bill Brendle.
"This album was born from beauty and friction. It is my love letter to the east and west coasts: the craggy edges of the east, the vast expanse of the west, and all the dark alleyways in between." - AR

Why Noir? That haunting sax solo line running through "Taxi Driver", the distant blow of a conch and those voodoo drums from "I Walked With A Zombie"... shadings of light and shadow... music and images that left a stamp of recognition on me like a raised brand I couldn't get rid of. That post-war, atomic age desperation still ripples that dark lake off Highway 2. Femme fatale, Lady Fate, I never know quite what she has in store for me. All I can do is surrender and go for a ride. She drives like the night, blinded but knowing, to a destination of her own choosing.

A fresh blend of originals and standards.

"Her voice is a bit deeper and fuller, but her phrasing, her use of occasional melisma, and the breathy sexiness of her sound call to mind Morgana King. I mean this as high praise.' - Gerry Geddes

"Although many vocalists have included torch singing in their repertoire, few have made it a specialty as has Abigail Rockwell. With her breathy, smoky voice and sultry demeanor, she is most reminscent of Julie London. What Rockwell brings to this table of torch is poetry." - Marilyn Lester

"Abigail Rockwell's deep, sultry tones will seduce you like an irresistible siren - entreating your heated heart to open and reveal its unspoken longings and dark mysteries." - Gary Catona

27 October, 2018

Tracye Eileen - Why Did I Say Yes? (2018)

Genre: Jazz / Vocal Jazz | Total Time: 46:57 | Size: 107.96 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. I Can't Stand the Rain
02. Edith and the Kingpin
03. The Makings of You
04. Why Did I Say Yes?
05. It's Probably Me
06. Perfect Way
07. Home Is Where the Hatred Is / The World Is a Ghetto
08. Black Cow
09. Street Life

Tracye Eileen, a Chicago native blends her Gospel roots with a rich, sultry, soulful sound. She has the ability to captivate her audience by embodying the raw emotion of a tune, and has the vocal chops to channel this into a powerful performance. Tracye makes a personal connection with her audience, through her warmth and sense of humor and is backed by her own 5-piece band, "The PTR Band" made up of top Chicago-based musicians. In 2012, Tracye founded her label Honey Crystal Records, and released her debut Jazz CD "Love's Journey."

In 2013, she founded Tracye Troy Music Publishing, which features original music such as "Why Did I Say Yes" included on her recent same-titled album. Tracye has a residency at Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago, where she performs both a monthly jazz set and acoustic blues set . She has also opened for such acts as Babyface, The Stylistics, Mary Wilson, Chante Moore, After 7, Storm Large and Buddy Guy.

The Miracles - The Singles & Albums Collection 1958-62 (2018)

Genre: Soul / Jazz / R&B | Total Time: 2:03:37 | Size: 278.58 MB | MP3 320 kbps
CD 1:
01. Got A Job
02. My Mama Done Told me
03. I Need Some Money
04. I Cry
05. Bad Girl
06. I Love Your Baby
07. I Need A Change
08. All I Want is You
09. It
10. Don’t Say Bye Bye
11. The Feeling Is So Fine
12. (You Can) Depend On Me
13. Way Over There
14. Shop Around
15. Who’s Lovin’ You
16. Ain’t It Baby
17. The Only One I Love
18. Mighty Good Lovin’
19. Broken Hearted
20. Everybody’s Gotta Pay Some Dues
21. I Can’t Believe
22. Whats So Good About Good-Bye
23. I’ve Been Good To You

CD 2:
01. I’ll Try Something New
02. You Never Miss A Good Thing
03. If Your Mother Only Knew
04. You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me
05. Happy Landing
06. Heart Like Mine
07. Won’t You Take Me Back
08. Cause I Love You
09. Your Love
10. After All
11. Money
12. Don’t Leave Me
13. That’s The Way I Feel
14. Mama
15. Determination
16. Embraceable You
17. He Don’t Care About Me
18. A Love That Can Never Be
19. I’ve Been Good To You
20. Speak Low
21. On the Street Where You Live
22. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
23. This I Swear, I Promise
Before becoming a major “soul” group for the Detroit-based Motown label, the team of William “Smokey” Robinson, Warren “Pete” Moore, Clarence “Humble” Dawson, Donald Wicker and James “Rat” Grice were known as The Miracles. A few changes with Emerson “Sonny” Rogers and Bobby Rogers taking over Wicker and Grice with Ronnie White replacing Dawson, and the band that became a definitive voice for “The Sound of Young America” was created. This two disc set finds the band in it’s fledgling years, mixing doo wop and R&B into a new genre.

The band starts out like any street corner symphony, delivering material like “Got a Job” and My Mama Done Told Me” before Robinson gets featured on “Shop Around” and the classic bluesy “You Really Got A Hold On Me.” The Motown “sound” starts solidifying on a sweaty “You Really Got A Hold On Me” and “Money.” The team still dabbled in standards, however, and sound comfortable if not middle brow on takes of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” and “Speak Low.” The team was just about to break through with Robinson’s own compositions, but the urgency and energy is definitely palpable on these early sessions.

Phil Allen's Concert Jazz Band - North Greenbush Blues (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 58:57 | Size: 138.74 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. North Greenbush Blues (Feat. Scott Hall, Dave Fisk & Wayne Hawkins) (7:13)
02. Speed Trap (Feat. Kevin Barcomb & Dylan Canterbury) (6:00)
03. Winter Birds (Feat. Nate Giroux & Steve Lambert) (6:25)
04. Sodwanna Bay (Feat. Phil Allen & Dylan Canterbury) (6:13)
05. Why Are You Blue (Feat. Tyler Giroux & Lee Russo) (7:17)
06. Fragile Creature (Feat. Chris Pasin) (5:15)
07. Georgia Grump (Feat. Phil Allen & Tyler Giroux) (7:33)
08. Barbara (Feat. Wayne Hawkins & Phil Allen) (6:38)
09. Northbeach (Feat. Dave Fisk, Steve Lambert & Wayne Hawkins) (6:23)
Personnel: Phil Allen/leader, valve trombone, Dave Fisk/Alto Sax, Lee Russo/Tenor - Soprano Sax, Flute, Nate Giroux/Tenor Sax, Kevin Barcomb/Tenor Sax, Scott Hall/Bari Sax, Dylan Canterbury/Trumpet - Flugel, Chris Pasin/Trumpet - Flugel, Steve Lambert/Trumpet - Flugel, Tyler Giroux/Valve Trombone, Wayne Hawkins/Piano - Fender Rhodes, Lou Smaldone/Bass, Mike Benedict/Drums
North Greenbush Blues marks the recorded debut of Indiana-born, New York State-based trombonist Phil Allen's glove-tight and remarkably robust Concert Jazz Band. The album has many pleasures, but what stands out most are Allen's impressive charts, which give the ensemble ample sustenance and reason to shine. Allen wrote six of the album's nine tunes and arranged every number including Dylan Canterbury's fast-moving "Speed Trap," Chris Pasin's melodious "Fragile Creature" and Gary McFarland's emotive "Why Are You Blue?"

The twelve-member ensemble encompasses three trumpets, four saxophones, two trombones and rhythm. Allen and Tyler Giroux play valve trombone exclusively, while tenors Kevin Barcomb and Nate Giroux alternated on the album's two recording dates, in June and July 2017. The rhythm, meanwhile, is in the capable hands of pianist Wayne Hawkins, bassist Lou Smaldone and drummer Michael Benedict. The CJB saunters from the starting gate with the sharply-grooved title theme, named for the town to which Allen and his wife Barbara relocated after moving from Colorado in 2014. Baritone saxophonist Scott Hall is the first among a number of engaging soloists to arrive, followed on the "Blues" by alto Dave Fisk and pianist Hawkins.

Canterbury's aptly named "Speed Trap" is one of the album's trio of "burners," the others being Allen's "Georgia Grump" (a brisk workout for the trombones based on "Sweet Georgia Brown") and emphatic "Northbeach," which rings down the curtain. Soloists are Hawkins, Barcomb and Canterbury on "Speed Trap," Allen and Tyler Giroux on "Georgia Grump," and Hawkins, trumpeter Steve Lambert and alto Dave Fisk on "Northbeach." Allen's "Winter Birds" is a lovely medium-tempo theme with tasteful solos by Lambert and Nate Giroux, "Sodwanna Bay" a lustrous waltz showcasing Allen and Canterbury. Tyler Giroux and alto Lee Russo are front and center on "Why Are You Blue?," trumpeter Pasin on his own "Fragile Creature." Allen wrote the tender ballad "Barbara," on which he solos with Hawkins (on electric piano), for his wife.

In sum, a generally impressive debut by Allen's Concert Jazz Band, which seems destined to move onward and upward as it advances toward maturity. ~ by Jack Bowers

Lee Jones - Watercolors (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 26:21 | Size: 71.98 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. 9 to 5 03:08
02. Sunset 03:00
03. Chelsea's Loft 03:28
04. Watercolors 04:13
05. Champagne Life 03:13
06. Shade of Blue 01:27
07. Sunday Mourning 02:36
08. Get Down 01:50
09. Jet Set 03:26

Kiyo'Sen - Trick or Treat (2016)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 49:29 | Size: 112.51 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01 Kiyo*Sen - Eternal ability
02 Kiyo*Sen - Mood-68
03 Kiyo*Sen - Haphazardly
04 Kiyo*Sen - Adventure
05 Kiyo*Sen - 5 Meters high
06 Kiyo*Sen - Violet shoes
07 Kiyo*Sen - 2b Out break
08 Kiyo*Sen - 0402
09 Kiyo*Sen - Haphazardly (reprise)

Drums, Percussion – Senri Kawaguchi
Bass – David Hughes (tr:2,3,4), Duke Sarashina (tr:5)
Guitar, Producer – Koichi Yabori (tr:7,9)
Organ, Keyboards, Programmed By – Kiyomi Otaka

Kiyo'Sen - Chocolate Booster (2014)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 44:59 | Size: 103.07 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01 Kiyo*Sen - K.S.Pro
02 Kiyo*Sen - Chocolate booster
03 Kiyo*Sen - Open transport
04 Kiyo*Sen - Orange mist
05 Kiyo*Sen - Overcoming interaction
06 Kiyo*Sen - Ladies talk
07 Kiyo*Sen - Shone shrine
08 Kiyo*Sen - Ambition
09 Kiyo*Sen - Future

Kiyomi Otaka - organ, keyboards
Senri Kawaguchi - drums, percussion
Koichi Yabori - guitar (4,5,9)

Karmen Roivassepp Quartet - Dance of Sounds (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 35:19 | Size: 73.36 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Dance of Sounds (feat. Simon Eskildsen, Adrian Christensen, Daniel Sommer & Christian Vuust)
02. Sa tulid (feat. Simon Eskildsen, Adrian Christensen & Daniel Sommer)
03. Hey Tiger (feat. Simon Eskildsen, Adrian Christensen & Daniel Sommer)
04. Send in the Clowns (feat. Simon Eskildsen, Adrian Christensen & Daniel Sommer)
05. Lauliku talveüksindus (feat. Simon Eskildsen, Adrian Christensen & Daniel Sommer)
06. Neither Nor (feat. Simon Eskildsen, Adrian Christensen, Daniel Sommer & Scott Westh)
07. Torm (feat. Simon Eskildsen, Adrian Christensen & Daniel Sommer)
08. Song for You (feat. Simon Eskildsen, Adrian Christensen & Daniel Sommer)

Valga Roots and Tartu, who have been claiming music education for many years back to Denmark, has come to the debut album with the title quartet, which will be released under the wing of the Norwegian label AMP Music & Records. "Dance Of Sounds," a singer, pianist, songwriter and arranger, is largely his face and act. The bilingual tile only crosses the world of lending for a moment and creates a unique version of Stephen Sondheim's "Send in the Clowns" song. More than half of the material, however, comes from Karmen's clothing store, and one of the most uplifting elements of the album is his always cheerful, freely flowing voice. Melodies and improvisations intertwine effortlessly, and even more sophisticated compositions become jazz bashful. Karmen's Garment Quartet, in addition to the vocalist, is also at the Simon Eskildsen piano, Adrian Christensen bass and Daniel Sommer drums.

Jeff Hackworth - The Heart Of The Matter (2015)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:00:38 | Size: 138.63 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Big Bad Boogaloo
2. Fool That I Am
3. That Old Black Magic
4. 3rd Avenue Blues
5. September Song
6. Sweet Tea
7. The Heart of the Matter
8. Mr. Gentle and Mr. Cool
9. Tres Palabras

Jeff Hackworth: tenor saxophone; Ed Cherry: guitar; Kyle Koehler: organ; Vince Ector: drums.

Dee Bell - Lins, Lennox, & Life (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 45:31 | Size: 106.37 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. By Chance (5:20)
02. After The Storm (5:38)
03. Crying Of The Waters (3:34)
04. Boa Nova (5:14)
05. Evolution (4:45)
06. Believe What I Say (3:27)
07. What Might Have Been (4:38)
08. Stay By Me (4:21)
09. That Old Black Magic (3:06)
10. Primitive (5:29)

Dee Bell has had a musical love affair with Ivan Lins for 41 years. “Many years ago,” recalls Dee, “the singer Maria Marquez turned me on to a lot of Brazilian music by giving me a tape of several of her favorite artists. Ivan Lins was represented many times and I fell in love with his music. I have listened to his recordings ever since and probably know every song that he has written.”

Ivan Lins, who is now 73, is arguably the most important Brazilian composer to emerge since Antonio Carlos Jobim and a very popular performer. He made a strong impact on the scene starting at the beginning of the 1970s and many of his songs have become popular including “Madalena,” “Love Dance,” “The Island,” and “Velas Icadas.”

Dee Bell has had a wide-ranging life that included performing in an a cappella trio from the age of ten, playing clarinet in her high school band, graduating from Indiana University in pre-med and art, co-founding and running the Earth Kitchen vegetarian restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana, teaching music in five schools, and recording several notable recordings. Her Concord Jazz debut, Let There Be Love, had Stan Getz as a sideman, trumpeter Tom Harrell was on One By One; both albums with Eddie Duran.

Sagacious Grace with Houston Person and John Stowell came out on the Laser label in 2010. 2014’s Silva-Bell-Elation matched her with her collaborator since 2012, arranger-composer-pianist Marcos Silva who has toured with Flora Purim, Toninho Horta and Edu Lobo. Silva arranged, produced and played keyboards on all of the selections on Lins, Lennox & Life.

This new project consists of six Ivan Lins’songs (the rst three have English lyrics by Dee), an original by Silva, two numbers by Annie Lennox, and the standard “That Old Black Magic.” “For a long time, I have wanted to make it easier for people to understand Ivan Lins’ music in English. My lyrics are essentially translations of what Ivan was communicating in each song.”

The set begins with the gentle “By Chance” which has Dee’s lyrics to “Acaso.” The performance not only introduces her warm and alluring voice but the fine trumpet playing of Erik Jekabson whose melodic playing on this number and “Evolution” will remind some of the lyricism of Chet Baker.

“After the Storm” is a perfect example of what Dee calls Brazilian Swing, a merging of her mellow swing style over the Brazilian rhythms provided by Marcos Silva, bassist Tyler Harlow, and drummer Zach Mondlick. “Crying of the Waters” (“Choro das Aguas”) is a particularly beautiful Lins’ song, one that benefits from Dee’s new English lyrics. “Boa Nova,” which features Dee singing Lins’ words in Brazilian, is described by her as “a sweet, fun, happy, little song in which a man sees a woman and is inspired to sing about every beautiful thing that comes to mind.”

Lins’ “Evolution,” which has lyrics by Brock Walsh, includes political thoughts that Dee says “drives the point home with what is happening these days.” To complete the Ivan Lins portion of the CD, Dee sings Patti Austin’s lyrics to his upbeat “Believe What I Say.”

Marcos Silva’s wistful “What Might Have Been” was written after sharing a plane ride with a woman when he knew that, despite their mutual attraction, they would never get together. Sandwiching an infectious version of “That Old Black Magic” are a pair of complementary tunes by Annie Lennox (the love song “Stay By Me” and the laidback “Primitive”) that are given a Brazilian treatment by the musicians and recorded for the simple reason that “I love her tunes.”

In conclusion, the singer says, “The new release is intended as a healing and calming CD, my balm for our current weary world.” It also serves as a perfect introduction to the musical magic of Ivan Lins and the beautiful singing of Dee Bell. ~Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian

David S. Ware Quartet - Wisdom Of Uncertainty (1996)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:02:32 | Size: 150.45 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1 Acclimation 12:45
2 Antidromic 7:47
3 Utopic 15:34
4 Alignment 7:16
5 Sunbows Rainsets Blue 7:41
6 Continuum 11:34

Recorded and mixed at Sound On Sound, NYC on December 2 and 3, 1996.

AUM Fidelity ‎– AUM001

Tenor Sax, Composer – David S. Ware
Piano – Matthew Shipp
Bass – William Parker
Drums – Susie Ibarra


Carlo Costa Minerva - Saturnismo (2010)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 53:25 | Size: 120.90 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Saturnismo
2. Blossoming
3. The Valenti
4. Dream Machine
5. Letґs Go, I Donґt Know
6. Plateau
7. Nocturnal Patterns
8. Moth
9. Clessidra
10. Battle Cry
Label - Between The Lines
Recorded August 2010 at Park West Studios, Brooklyn (USA)

Carlo Costa - drums
Pascal Niggenkemper - piano and glockenspiel
JP Schlegelmilch - bass

Aaron Shragge - The Key Is In The Window (2011)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 48:23 | Size: 109.29 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Mesopelagic Drift 3:27
2. Upper Roslyn Lookout 3:57
3. Irate in Sight 5:14
4. Trust 3:27
5. Choshi 4:18
6. Nastassiya 4:22
7. Kyorei 9:03
8. A Trodden Way 4:22
9. Atman Breather 6:46
10. The Key is in the Window 3:27
Label - Aaron Shragge (Selfproduced)

Aaron Shragge - Dragonmouth Trumpet and Shakuhachi
Ben Monder - Guitar

25 October, 2018

Paul Hardcastle - Hardcastle VII (2013)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:01:12 | Size: 400.67 MB | FLAC
01. The Truth (Shall Set You Free)
02. No Stress At All
03. Summer Love
04. Crystal Whisper
05. Easy Street
06. Dance Of The Wind
07. Apache Warrior
08. Stepping On Shadows
09. Love Is A Power
10. The Truth (Shall Set You Free Reprise)

Label: Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records ?– TNR62
Format: CD, Album
Country: US

Companies, etc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records
Copyright (c) – Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records
Produced For – PH Productions
Published By – Fast Forward Songs America

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Maxine Hardcastle
Producer – Paul Hardcastle
Saxophone – Rock Hendricks
Trumpet – Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (tracks: 2, 7)
Written-By – Maxine Hardcastle (tracks: 3), Paul Hardcastle

Produced for Paul Hardcastle Productions Ltd.
?© 2013 Trippin 'n' Rhythm Records
Manufactured and distributed in the United States.
Printed in the U.S.A.

Paul Hardcastle - The Chill Lounge Volume 1 (2012)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:09:54 | Size: 468.95 MB | FLAC
01. Return Of The Rainman
02. Solar Sky (Ibiza Remix)
03. Through The Looking Glass
04. East To West
05. Ibiza Dub
06. Moments In Time
07. Zen Warrior
08. Emerald Stardust
09. Inner Changes
10. Chime
11. First Light Pt. 1
12. 1000 Miles From Nowhere
13. First Light Pt. 2
14. Look To The Future

Label: Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records ?– TNR 57, Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records ?– 02028621024
Format: CD, Compilation, Mixed
Country: US

Producer – Paul Hardcastle
Written-By – Becki Biggins (tracks: 12), Helen Rogers (tracks: 8), Paul Hardcastle

"Tracks 2 and 4 have never been released on CD before and the others are taken from various albums ranging over the last 20 years." - Paul Hardcastle

Tracks are segued into each other.

There are no track durations given on the release.

Paul Hardcastle - The Chill Lounge volume 2 (2013)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:00:47 | Size: 385.90 MB | FLAC
1. Soft Rain [05:39]
2. Come And Discover [03:02]
3. Pulse Of The Universe [06:25]
4. Reflections [03:44]
5. Cristal Whisper [05:41]
6. Slippin' Away [05:13]
7. Transcontinental [04:08]
8. Stepping On Shadows [04:10]
9. Looking For You [04:05]
10. Chillstep Echoes [04:50]
11. Dreamin' [03:23]
12. Dance Of The Wind [06:10]
13. Summer Love (Instrumental Version) [04:17]

Label: Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records ?– TNR67, Trippin 'N' Rhythm Records ?– 02028621468
Format: CD, Album
Country: US

Release title printed as "The Chill Lounge Vol. 2" on spine and as "The Chill Lounge Volume 2" on front cover.

Tracks 2, 4, 7, 9 and 11: originally released in 2011 on the 6-track EP: "Paul Hardcastle & Ryan Farish - Transcontinental".

Paul Hardcastle - The Chill Lounge Volume 3 (2015)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:04:37 | Size: 447.37 MB | FLAC
01. Desire
02. Unlimited Love
03. Don't You Know
04. Exploring the Deep
05. Better Now
06. Where I Wanna Be
07. Peace on Earth
08. Neon Adventure
09. On the Run
10. Fireflies
11. Guess I'll Never Know
12. Fade Away

Label: DreaMusic (2) ?– ??3 CD009620
Format: CD, Album
Country: Russia

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24 October, 2018

Dusko Goykovich - Balkan Blue (1996)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:55:31 | Size: 601.46 MB | FLAC
CD 1: A Night in Skopje
01.Simona [07:39]
02.Yardbird Suite [06:44]
03.Medium Rare [08:42]
04.Adriatica [04:14]
05.You've Changed [08:37]
06.Miss Bo [04:38]
07.Nights of Skopje [05:04]
08.Snap Shot [11:06]
09.You'd Be So Nice [07:05]

CD 2: Balkan Blues

01.Balkan Dance [05:14]
02.Bosna Calling [10:01]
03.Pannonia [04:30]
04.East Of Montenegro [04:43]
05.Macedonia [08:30]
06.Shumadya [05:42]
07.Haze on the Danube [05:16]
08.Ohrid [05:28]
09.Finale [02:28]

CD 1:
Dusko Goykovich - trumpet, flugelhorn
Gianni Basso - tenor saxophone
Peter Michelich - piano
Martin Gjakonovski - bass
Kruno Levacic - drums

CD 2:
Dusko Goykovich - trumpet, flugelhorn
Bora Rokovic - piano
Frantisek Uhlir - bass
Bruno Castellucci - drums
Wolfgang Schlüter - percussion
& NDR Philharmonic (Hannover) Palle Mikkelborg - conductor