28 September, 2018

Lorenzo Naccarato Trio - Nova Rupta (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 36:12 | Size: 91.38 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Sismograf (4:42)
2. Nova Rupta (2:50)
3. Himalayan Railway (2:12)
4. Medicea Sidera (6:37)
5. Intermezzo (0:38)
6. Osmosis (2:32)
7. Shapes and Shadows (7:28)
8. Vestigio (3:30)
9. Fine (1:45)
10. Inner Siberia (4:10)
Lorenzo Naccarato: piano, compositions
Benjamin Naud: batterie
Adrien Rodriguez: Contrebasse
Lorenzo Naccarato returns, with his trio. His second opus, "Nova Rupta", is worthy of the promises that had been raised by the first, in 2016. Better, the whole has matured. In cohesion. Without giving up an iota of what was already his power of seduction. Namely, it immediately devastates the listener. Take him on a dreamlike journey.
An enchanted world - and enchanting. A music in movement. Kinetic, or kinematic.

His domain, the whole universe. Its effects, the intoxication of the great outdoors. The expression, conscious and controlled, of this harmony of spheres declined over the centuries since Pythagoras, masterfully exploited by Dante. Spheres ... How not to mention Thelonious "Sphere" Monk? Fortuitous meeting? Not at all. Lorenzo, composer and performer, knows his Monk on the tip of the ten fingers.

That he is imbued with the characteristics of his art - the role of silence, that of bold harmonies, among others - that is undeniable. However, to consider Naccarato as a follower would be singularly reductive. Because its originality bursts with each note. The improvisation, brilliant, of an astonishing fluidity, the repeated melodic motifs, progressively enriched, the meditative passages, the rhythmic and harmonic breaks combine in his art to create an impression of freedom and fullness.

All this belongs to him. To him and his accomplices, Adrien Rodriguez and Benjamin Naud, who follow him as one man in his fertile wanderings. No doubt, the appearance of such a trio in the world of jazz and contemporary music is to mark a milestone. A meteorite, of course!

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