28 August, 2018

Henry Wolking & Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra - In Sea (2015)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:13:35 | Size: 169.61 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. In Sea (Henry Wolking)
soloists: Kris Johnson, trumpet; Greg Floor, alto sax;
Jay Lawrence, drums
2. Jimbo’s Lullaby (Claude Debussy)
soloist: Kevin Stout, trombone
3. A Piece Of Cake (Henry Wolking)
soloists: Greg Floor, soprano sax; Kris Johnson, trumpet
4. Cantaloupes, Aisle 1 (Henry Wolking)
soloists: Brian Keegan, trombone; Brian Booth, tenor sax
5. Sumo Mix (Henry Wolking)
soloists: David Halliday, tenor sax; Greg Floor, soprano sax;
Jay Lawrence, drums
6. Claire de Lune (Claude Debussy)
soloist: Jerry Floor, clarinet
7. Home (David Halliday)
soloists: David Halliday, tenor sax; Kurt Reeder, piano
8. That’s A’Plenty (Lew Pollack)
soloists: Kris Johnson, trumpet; Brian Booth, tenor sax
9. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Anonymous)
soloist: Kevin Stout, trombone
10. High Society (Porter Steele)
soloists: Brian Booth, tenor sax; Reed LeCheminant, trumpet
11. Reverie (Claude Debussy)
soloists: Jerry Floor, clarinet; Keven Johansen, guitar
12. Rush Hour Shuffle (Henry Wolking)
soloists: Brian Booth, tenor sax; Kevin Stout, trombone;
Keven Johansen, guitar; Reed LeCheminant, trumpet;
Kurt Reeder, organ; Jay Lawrence, vibes

Recording August 21, 2015 - August 22, 2015
Metcom Studios, Salt Lake City, UT

Big Round Records BR8944

Scott Acton Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Denson Angulo Bass (Acoustic), Bass (Electric)
Evan Bateman Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Brian Booth Flute, Sax (Tenor)
Keith Davis Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Claude Debussy Composer
Greg Floor Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano)
Jerry Floor Clarinet, Leader, Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano)
David Hall Sax (Alto)
David Halliday Composer, Sax (Tenor)
Scott Harris Sax (Tenor)
Neil Hendriksen Trombone
Kevin Johansen Guitar
Kris Johnson Trumpet
Brian Keegan Trombone
Jay Lawrence Drums, Vibraphone
Reed Lecheminant Flugelhorn, Lead, Trumpet
Steve Mansfield Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Keith Parietti Sax (Baritone)
Lew Pollack Composer
Kurt Reeder Keyboards, Organ, Piano
Chris Robinson A&R
Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra Primary Artist
Donn Schaefer Trombone (Bass)
Porter Steele Composer
Kevin Stout Trombone
Bill Tole Lead, Trombone
Henry Wolking Arranger, Composer, Liner Notes, Primary Artist
Its evident from hearing the jazz big band works of composer, arranger, conductor and trombonist Henry Wolking’s debut album on Big Round Records, IN SEA, that he effectively mixes complexity with simplicity in his jazz harmonies and colorful orchestrations that make for an exciting and memorable listening experience. The inspired solo work of band members and guest artists add to the sincere and fresh cosmopolitan character of the recording.
Performed by the Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra (SLCJO) and conducted by Wolking, the works on this album represent Wolking’s clear direction of fusing together a number of different styles, from classical and rock to Latin and swing. Pieces such as the title track In Sea, and Sumo Mix, honor and pay tribute to iconic jazz composers and musicians of the past, including Bob Brookmeyer and Thad Jones, influential to Wolking’s compositional style. Claude Debussy’s impressionistic approach becomes a foundational element in some of these works, which Wolking interprets deftly with jazz harmonies and syncopated rhythms in pieces such as Jimbo’s Lullaby, A Piece of Cake, and Claire De Lune.
Along with his original compositions, Wolking includes arrangements of works by David Halliday, Lew Pollack, and others, illustrating how he orchestrates with the ensemble in mind, using the textures and variety of voices of the big band to create engaging grooves and captivating sections of improvisation. Many of these works go beyond the straight-ahead jazz form, incorporating shifts in mood and tempo, and introducing new ideas and conversations among the instruments seamlessly.

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