31 July, 2018

Oles Brothers & Christopher Dell - Górecki Ahead (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 54:48 | Size: 123.66 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1 Three Pieces In Old Style 8:03
2 Little Requiem For A Certian Polka 7:29
3 Old Polish Music 6:09
4 The Bells Are Ringing For The Angelus Domini 5:57
5 Good Night 2:42
6 Ad Matrem 8:38
7 Musiquette I 1:34
8 Diagram (from Three Diagrams) 1:56
9 Genesis III: Monodramma 3:01
10 For You, Anne-Lill 4:20
11 Lullaby (from Lullabies and Dances) 4:13

The duo created by the Oleś brothers (Marcin - double bass and Bartłomiej - percussion) is an unusual phenomenon on the Polish jazz scene. For more than 10 years, this tandem has been an ideal rhythm section for countless projects, while functioning as an independent duo.
Album branded as Oleś Brothers & Christopher Dell is dedicated to the music of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki. Brothers along with the eminent German vibraphonist Christopher Dell, on the album "Górecki Ahead" present the music of the great composer in a completely new, jazz context. It is worth mentioning that with Dell Olesiów they have been cooperating for years, and among the jointly implemented projects, the CDs "Komeda Ahead" (2011) and "Fragments & Moments" (2012) should be mentioned.
The new joint venture is to face unique music, as the starting point was the themes selected from the works of one of the most important contemporary composers. The trio we listen to on the album once again proves the timelessness and universality of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki's music. It is also another show of unprecedented creativity and instrumental skills of artists for whom Górecki's music is another opportunity for personal artistic expression.
Arranged and developed for three instruments by Marcin Oles, the compositions are a completely new look at compositions known for years, and at the same time music full of respect and respect for the composer's original idea. The cross-sectional program of the album includes both created in 1973 for the soprano, choir and mystical orchestra "Ad Matrem" ("For Mother"), and composed in 1990, full of regret and sadness, "Good Night", originally created for soprano, alto flute, piano and 3 dams there.
Distinct from each other both temporally and in terms of context topics, combines a common language developed by three musicians, full of colors and various ornaments.
The impression is impressive that each of the 11 themes on the album was created for the jazz trio, which of course is not true. The new language for which Górecki's works have been transposed reveals vast deposits, previously unknown values ​​in the music of the composer.

Marcin Oles - double bass
Bart Oles - drums
Christopher Dell - vibraphone

Recorded: 29, 30 August 2017 at Studio S4 Polish Radio, Warsaw

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