Piotr Wylezol - Human Things (Polish Jazz, vol.79) (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 50:13 | Size: 115.12 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Human Things (feat. Aga Zaryan, Dayna Stephens)
2. Whisper Of The Night
3. Fatalismus Optimismus
4. Beyond The Reality
5. Home
6. Once Forever

Label: Warner Music Poland

Piotr Wyleżoł, piano; Dayna Stephens, tenor saxophone and sopranowy; Robert Majewski, flugelhorn; Grzegorz Nagórski, eufonium; Michael Barański, bass; Mikhail Miskevich, percussion; Ivan Zaryan, Gregory Dovgyallo, singing (1)
Peter Wyleżoł, a piano lyricist, incomparable improvizator, a subtle colourist, whom the London monthly magazine "Blues & Soul" considered one of the most unusual talents of the pianistyki Union, presents an album with original compositions imprisoned in the traditions of jazz and Polish music.

"Human Things" is the next, 79 the Council, in a series of Polish Jazz. This is a project, thoroughly thought out, impressive scope and wealth of funds. Śpiewne themes, supported by advanced harmony, original, far from the schemes, form, the special role of the piano, the complex improvisations of the leader and the guest artists do, that music is "Human Things" beyond the walking of the formula of the genre.

For the implementation of your project, Piotr Wyleżoł has invited great musicians – trumpeter Robert Majewskiego, puzonistę Gregory Nagórskiego, kontrabasistę Michael Barańskiego and drummer Michael Miśkiewicza are true artists with a great asset and undeniable position. The vocals in the song, so kind of the anthem of the album, takes the charismatic Duo: the icon of Polish vocal jazz Aga Zaryan and a young, talented Gregory Dovgyallo. And finally, a special guest – American saxophonist Dayna Stephens, an artist unique, working with the best.

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