09 June, 2018

Olivier Boge - The World Begins Today (2013)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 52:55 | Size: 120.40 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Poem (3:13)
2.The world begins today (8:36)
3.Be kind (6:16)
4.Rising lights (4:18)
5.Dance of the flying balloons (8:47)
6.Little Marie T. (4:24)
7.Releived (5:12)
8.Inner chant (6:10)
9.Seven eagle feathers (5:52)

Olivier Boge (sx, vc, p)
Tigran Hamasyan (p)
Sam Minaie (cb)
Jeff Ballard (dms)

Recording January 14, 2013 & January 15, 2013 Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NY
This second album Olivier Bog diffuse soft light of life. This is an album of resurrection entered a dark period for the young composer and multi-instrumentalist. Bog talks about his two main instruments that dominates with equal success: the piano and the saxophone. You hear the song too but not the guitar that dominates beautiful way elsewhere. For The World Begins Today, the composer has surrounded himself with a team that he is faithful companions lives, brothers, participating fully in the musical intimacy for years. Tigran Hamasyan pianist, bassist Sam Minaie and drummer Jeff Ballard.

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