29 June, 2018

Michael Pigneguy Quartet - Au Privave (2014)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 44:59 | Size: 101.63 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Touch And Go
2. Four
3. The Search
4. Au Privave
5. Beautiful Love
6. Cold Duck Time
7. Beyond Reason

Michael Pignéguy (Drums), Matthew Jodrell (Trumpet), Chris Pattishall (Piano), Philip Kuehn (Acoustic Bass).

Au Privave ​brings together an all-star line-up on this snappy quartet album. Michael's characteristic combo arrangement chops are as evident as ever but this time there's a higher percentage of non-orginal material compared to his larger MPS (sextet) recordings which kicked off his career. His rhythmic re-invention of Miles Davis' Four as well as his insightful presentation of Charlie Parker's Au Privave and the standard Beautiful Love sit marvellously alongside Michael's new original compositions. The stellar performances by the accomplished international line up that Michael has assembled for this recording deliver the intent of these musical ideas perfectly.

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