30 June, 2018

Franck Tortiller - Early Dawn (2004)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 44:45 | Size: 101.12 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Early Down (Frank Tortiller)
2. What is and what should never be (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant)
3. Un jour, tu verras... (Mouloudji, George Van Parys)
4. Ahmar-el-Nabi (Frank Tortiller)
5. Vibe Workshop (Yves Torchinsky)
7. White Lady Downe's seedling-solo (Frank Tortiller)
8. White Lady Downe's seedling (Frank Tortiller)
This project of the French vibraphonist, which is a collection of some of his more interesting compositions, was recorded in the studio after a series of live performances in the major French, Swiss and European festivals. The CD contains plenty of very tasteful moments, and it could not have been any other way when one considers the way this vibraphonist has blended together his fellow musicians with original expressiveness and high quality of instrumental competency. All three have their own moment to express themselves. ©

Label - Altrisuo

Franck Tortiller - vibraphone, marimba
Yves Torchinsky - bass
David Pouradier Duteil - drums

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