24 April, 2018

Piotr Lemanczyk & Cezary Paciorek - Duology (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 46:29 | Size: 105.45 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. When Your Country Wakes 06:56
2. You Will Be 08:25
3. Escalus 05:11
4. Uber-rag 05:15
5. Lifeline 04:33
6. Like a Man and a Woman 06:35
7. Szpak 05:05
8. Take It Personally 04:29

Cezary Paciorek - akordeon
Piotr Lemańczyk - kontrabas

DUX 1434
From time to time, the DUX label offers CDs with a jazz repertoire. "Duology" is the work of two great instrumentalists: the accordion of Cesari Paciorki and the leading Polish bassist Petr Lehanchik. The program of the album consists of intertwined compositions of both musicians, inspired not only by modern jazz, Polish folk music, Latin American folklore and classical music. This very intimate, but full of ecstasy and often uncontrolled energy music is an example of the enormous potential of combining sounds of seemingly remote instruments such as the accordion and contrabass.
Both instrumentalists are masters of their instruments, who for many years developed the technique and way of expression. Although they often had the opportunity to combine music in various projects, only this album is their first truly common work. The compositions prepared for this project seem to define their common musical denominator. Artists respond well to each other and complement each other, developing musical experience in the formula of the duo, based on 100% understanding and trust.
In the music of great improvisational virtuosos, we can find different moods: melancholy ("When You Country Wakes") and melancholy ("Lifeline"), a clear rhythm of negligence and oblivion ("Uber-rag").
The joint project of Petr Lemenchik and Cesari Paciorki is music directed both to amateurs of both instruments, whose gentlemen are unquestionable masters and listeners, thirsting for new solutions as a result of a combination of instruments remote from each other. More recently, the release of the ACT label has released a whole series of albums, released under the general title "Duo Art", often representing quite amazing instrumental duets. The album "Duology" fits perfectly into this convention.

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