21 April, 2018

Oleg Kireyev ‎- Song For Sonny (1995)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 58:31 | Size: 155.19 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. As Time Goes By (8:42)
02. Polka Dots And Moonbeams (6:52)
03. Secret Love (6:14)
04. Wave (7:40)
05. Tenor Madness (5:53)
06. I Thought About You (7:22)
07. You Don't Know What Love Is (10:58)
08. Song For Sonny (4:54)
Oleg Kireev - tenor saxophone
Joachim Mencel - piano
Arkady Ovrutsky - bass guitar
Kazimierz Jonkiesz - drums

Recorded: March 14-15, 1995, Studio Buffo, Warsaw, Poland
This CD was recorded by saxophonist Oleg Kireev in Poland, a joint Russian-Polish team, and published there in 1995 by Gobi Records. * Now this album became available to our collectors, after it was reissued by the Moscow company Landy Star ".

As you can guess from the title, the album is dedicated to Sonny Rollins, besides, the disc includes an interpretation of one of his most famous things "Tenor Madness". Kireev is here, and it's true that the sound of his saxophone reminds Rollins, but that was five years ago - last year, when I heard Oleg several times in Moscow and St. Petersburg, his style changed somewhat and became more and more recognizable. I do not want to say that this album was purely imitative, but still, when you listen to it, the spirit of the great American tenorist is always beside him.

By the way, somewhere in the process of republishing, an unfortunate mistake crept into the list of executable compositions. Keep in mind: reading this list, you need to make the following correction - the last thing from it is actually played first, and all the others are simply moved one number beyond the designated one. For those who are familiar with the majority of standards (namely, they are performed by Oleg in this program), it is not difficult to understand independently without this clue with the discrepancy between the written and the executed ones, but the less experienced listener is confused with such a "focus" very easily.

The album has turned out all such traditionally-hordobopovosiy, Kireev plays easily and without pressure, and the program is successfully built. The only thing that is a little embarrassing is the certain predetermination and standardization of the exposition. The fire is not enough. And so everything is in place - beautifully done, and some improvisations are very impressive, Saxophonist Oleg classy - he was invited to festivals and to England, the USA, Switzerland, France ... well, he traveled along Russia and across.

Real American jazz in good American style, but in Slavic performance. Another 15-20 years ago such a combination was largely doomed to secondary. Today, thank God, no longer exists. Our came out on an equal footing with the overseas jazzmen, which the proof of this record. ~ Eugene DOLGHICH (Jazz-Square)

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