22 April, 2018

Luis Nascimento - AD / DA (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 34:52 | Size: 68.82 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Time in Time
02. Marvellous Friday
03. Lady
04. Cajá Tree
05. Summer Bossa
06. Children's Day
07. Por Que Não?
08. What Is New in My Life
09. Encore Une Foi
10. Boggieneando

The álbum AD/DA is the accomplishment of producing song of composition and unique design, using an electric guitar, a DAW, VSTis and lots of imagination.

The musician, composer, arranger and music producer Luis Nascimento 45 years of experience in the musical field, is an unconditional fan of Jazz and Bossa Nova and has felt with Smooth Jazz the way to fulfill his dream.

Author album with ten songs, composed, arranged, interpreted, produced and fixed exclusively by him, AD/DA comes to feature a way to work the quotation, “alone, but not only”.

With the idea of founding L&I musical production, the financial aspect became something to be questioned according to Luis “It´s all very expensive”, that pushed him to match his skill to make music and and intelligent strategy of self-disclosure in that first time.

The L&I musical was designed to produce talents not yet known in world music, but it prides itself on having in its label recognized talents as well, that is, everyone is welcome.

I´m thankful to my wife, partner and friend, to my sons and friends.
”God thanks for letting me live life!” Luis Nascimento

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