25 April, 2018

David Tixier Trio - Universal Citizen (2018)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 46:39 | Size: 107.01 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1 Far from the World 7:25
2 Tokyo 5:22
3 Lost Among Ghosts 5:52
4 Tribute to an Old Man 3:53
5 Arising Twilight 1:19
6 The Fall 4:55
7 Nothing's Real 4:03
8 The Wayward Heroe 3:53
9 Universal Citizen 9:57

David Tixier – piano
Rafael Jerjen – double bass
Lada Obradovic – drums

Mike Moreno – guitar
Sachal Vasandani – vocals

„I chose the title Universal Citizen for the album and for one of the compositions of this album, to describe the importance of being beyond a nationality, a religion or a community. This aspect of being open-minded and universal is a key for living in our world today. We are of course all different, with many many different habits, knowledge, opinions, but we are all looking to the same goal; life and happiness. Around this common goal, there is no geographic boarders that can separate people, we all want the same. I wrote the music of this album in this sense and I feel extremely thrilled about releasing it, because it expresses my need to unify people through music, my passion.“ - David Tixier

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