30 September, 2017

Organissimo - Live At The Speakez (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 55:16 | Size: 126.97 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Mister Walker (Live) ( 9:39)
02. Never Knew Love Like This Before (Live) ( 8:27)
03. Jan Jan (Live) (10:01)
04. Could It Be I'm Falling In Love (Live) ( 7:15)
05. Quem Diz Que Sabe (Live) ( 8:42)
06. Daddy James (Live) (11:12)

Big O Records (888295639149)

Since 2012, the SpeakEZ Lounge in Grand Rapids has hosted a Jazz Jam every Sunday night. The emcee and house drummer for the jam is none other than organissimo's Randy Marsh, so naturally organissimo performs there often.

Over the last few years, the band has documented these performances using a professional multi-track recording system. Originally these recordings were meant for organissimo's crowdfunding patrons as a bonus 'thank you' for their support. But in listening to the performances, the band decided they should be heard by more people.

Live At The SpeakEZ is in many ways a throwback to the days of the jazz clubs that dotted mid-century cities across America. It's where soul jazz and Hammond organ based jazz was nurtured and thrived, bringing jazz to the people at the local bar. In many ways, Live At The SpeakEZ is a continuation of recordings like Groove Holmes' Living Soul (recorded live at Count Basie's club in NYC), Johnny 'Hammond' Smith's Black Coffee (recorded live at the Monterey Club in New Haven, CT), and Jimmy Smith's Groovin' At Small's Paradise (recorded at the club of the same name in NYC). It captures organissimo in the moment, playing for the people, feeding off the energy of the audience, and just having a good time. And that's what music should be about!

Nicole Zuraitis - Hive Mind (2017)

Genre: Jazz / Jazz Vocals | Total Time: 44:59 | Size: 104.02 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Move On (4:45)
02. Out Of My Heart (4:25)
03. The Inscription (4:45)
04. Idle (6:45)
05. Jolene (4:28)
06. Sunny Side (4:46)
07. Failing (4:06)
08. Episodes (3:54)
09. Pure Imagination (4:25)
10. Shirley's Waltz (2:42)

Vocalist and pianist Nicole Zuraitis has made a name for herself internationally as a jazz singer and songwriter. Nicole will release her album “Hive Mind” in September 2017 with Dot Time Records. She is the 2016 winner of the New York City Songwiting Competition Coffee Music Project, 2015 finalist in the Sarah Vaughan International Vocal Competition at NJPAC, a 2014 winner of the ASCAP Herb Alpert National Young Jazz Composers award and a semi finalist in the National American Traditions Vocal Competition in winter 2015, taking home both the People’s Choice Award and the Johnny Mercer Award. Her world music folk band EVA tours internationally alongside folk legends Livingston Taylor, Melanie Safka and Tom Chapin. As a sidewoman she fronts the Dan Pugach Nonet, joined The Omar Hakim Experience as a vocalist at the Iridium Jazz Club, sung background vocals for Maz of Snarky Puppy, and had the great pleasure of singing with Bernard Purdie, Kung Fu and Elise Testone recently at the New Orleans Jazz Festival. She is a proud member of the Litchfield Jazz Camp faculty and has lead her band on the MainStage of the Litchfield Jazz Festival twice, as well as appeared as a sideman with the Carmen Staaf Quintet. In August 2017 she will sing with the Litchfield Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Jen Allen on the MainStage of the Litchfield jazz Festival. She holds a residency at the iconic jazz club 55 bar once a month and headlined the Blue Note Jazz Club in March 2016.

Adam Larson - Second City (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 49:02 | Size: 105.62 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1.Who Even is That? 05:20
2.Out the Window 06:12
3.First Step 07:55
4.Smells Like Teen Spirit 07:09
5.Sleep Now 05:56
6.Perpetuity 06:38
7.Uphill Climb 06:10
8.Breakout 03:42

Recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL on Saturday, March 25th, 2017.

Record Label: Inner Circle Music

Adam Larson - tenor saxophone/compositions
Rob Clearfield - piano, rhodes and wurlitzer
Clark Sommers - bass
Jimmy Macbride - drums

Dieter Ilg - B-A-C-H (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 52:04 | Size: 106.54 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01 931 ( Johann Sebastian Bach) 04:25
02 Goldberg B ( Johann Sebastian Bach) 02:18
03 Siciliano ( Johann Sebastian Bach) 05:10
04 Air ( Johann Sebastian Bach) 04:53
05 Präludium XII ( Johann Sebastian Bach) 05:13
06 Sarabande ( Johann Sebastian Bach) 03:50
07 Präludium VII ( Johann Sebastian Bach) 04:25
08 Goldberg A ( Johann Sebastian Bach) 04:41
09 1052 ( Johann Sebastian Bach) 04:10
10 Goldberg H ( Johann Sebastian Bach) 03:46
11 924 ( Johann Sebastian Bach) 05:20

Dieter Ilg / bass
Rainer Böhm / piano
Patrice Héral / drums
Dieter Ilg is among the leading jazz bassists in the world. An exceptionally gifted player, he has, for example, worked with Randy Brecker, Charlie Mariano, and the Mangelsdorff/Dauner Quintet, and also currently has a duo with Till Brönner. However, it is above all his own projects that have defined him. In these he has explored his classical roots and transferred them into jazz with intent, thoroughness and consistency. In 2009 he formed a trio with pianist Rainer Böhm and drummer Patrice Héral, and together they fulfilled Ilg's long-cherished wish to re-conceive Guiseppe Verdi’s “Otello” according to his own musical conception of the work.

He took a very different route from the over-mechanistic “third stream” of the 60s and 70s. He also avoided the kind of arrangement by which classical music was shrink-wrapped for the swing or pop markets. His ventures, loved by audiences and critics alike, are a freewheeling and completely convincing combination of the melodies and structures of classical music with the rhythmic and harmonic free spirit of jazz. The success of this first project stemmed from a winning combination of factors: meticulous preparation, a compelling creative vision and a trio that played together until everything they played became second nature. Armed with the right formula, Ilg then addressed Wagner’s “Parsifal”, followed by “Mein Beethoven”. He received an ECHO Jazz award for all of these three albums, and earned praise from critics, including the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Their critic wrote that Ilg had managed to get “difficult old Beethoven singing and swinging in a way that nobody had done before.”

And now he continues with “B-A-C-H”. Ilg’s focus is J.S. Bach, the mighty creative force of the baroque era, whose compositions would determine the subsequent course of western classical music. Bach also set in motion the rediscovery of classical music through jazz, notably with Jacques Loussier. For many jazz musicians, Bach serves as a base camp for explorations of classical music, but Dieter Ilg has preferred to make him wait his turn. “Perhaps it’s because I enjoy putting the cart before the horse,” he quips. “Some people don’t believe it, but Bach is no actually easier to adapt than, say, Beethoven. It is simply another process, but it's firmly based on what we developed in our earlier adaptations.”

Ilg grew up in a family of amateur classical musicians, and became familiar with Bach’s music from a very early age. Violin practice loomed large for him as a young boy, as did playing in a lot of masses in churches: “It’s the typical background for someone who has grown up in Germany and had his practical musical strengths forged in the furnace of both normal school and music school lessons,” Ilg grins. He pursued his studies at the Musikhochschule in Freiburg, from which he graduated on the classical double bass. He developed a particular fondness for the Casals versions of the solo cello suites of Bach, and also “for a while” for Glenn Gould’s recording of the Goldberg Variations. “Sometimes the mathematical genius side of Bach can be a turn-off; it was sometimes the case for me,” he admits. So what is both surprising and also totally convincing is the way the music hovers and luxuriates in the beauty of Bach’s melodies, and how a musical story can suddenly emerge out of these ‘pure’ structures. The points where Ilg as a jazz musician has felt himself the most at one with Bach was right at the cusp where the compositions themselves are suggesting variation and improvisation. Here, Ilg’s well-honed method took over: after a period of dedicated listening, he selected the repertoire they were going to play from Bach’s great oeuvre, wrote out the leadsheets, and then they played together, permitting each of the musicians to bring his ideas to the table. “All three of us is prepared to take risks, but each also knows he can completely trust the others. Musically as well as on a human level that is something very significant.” That group dynamic, and just as Ilg describes it, can be heard clearly on this new recording.

In his selection from Bach’s works, Ilg has not confined himself to the familiar. “Air” and “Siciliano” are the only two tracks on the album with the status of “hits”. There are four Goldberg Variations and two Preludes from the Clavierbüchlein for Wilhelm Friedemann Bach “which every piano student knows. They were also the very first pieces I played on the piano, and they never leave you,” says Ilg. During his period of listening, pieces which seemed to leap up at him were the Harpsichord Concerto BWV1052 and the “Sarabande”, “which” says Ilg, “was ideal to make a song from.” The delicate tracery of Héral’s drumming seems to find its way of its own accord, whereas Ilg and Böhm – either solo or in unison, but always as equals – address the harmonic and rhythmic forms and spontaneously make something new from them. Ilg, once again, has taken the work of an old master and made it sound new and fresh. “B-A-C-H” has a depth about it, and yet is completely approachable.

29 September, 2017

Bugge Wesseltoft - Everybody Loves Angels (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 55:42 | Size: 112.27 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1 Es sungen drei Engel ( traditional / arr. Bugge Wesseltoft) 05:09
2 Bridge Over Troubled Water ( Paul Simon) 08:32
3 Koral ( Johann Sebastian Bach / arr. Bugge Wesseltoft) 06:26
4 Angel ( Jimi Hendrix) 05:27
5 Reflecting ( Bugge Wesseltoft) 01:55
6 Morning Has Broken ( Cat Stevens) 05:20
7 Salme ( Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse / Bugge Wesseltoft) 04:50
8 Blowing In The Wind ( Bob Dylan) 05:59
9 Angie ( Mick Jagger & Keith Richards) 03:38
10 Locked Out Of Heaven ( Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence & Ari Levine) 04:13
11 Let It Be ( John Lennon & Paul McCartney) 4:46
Bugge Wesseltoft / piano
Recorded at LofotKatedralen, Lofoten, Norway,
Recording date: February 24 – 26, 2017

ACT 9847-2

There can be very few musicians who are capable of making silence as audibly vivid as the Norwegian Bugge Wesseltoft, in particular in his solo piano recordings. For twenty years, the most successful of these, “It’s Snowing On My Piano”, has been treasured as a haven of wintry stillness and contemplation. So now Bugge Wesseltoft and producer Siggi Loch have returned to the original concept of “Snowing” in “Everybody Loves Angels”. The title is a metaphor for the kind of weightless ease which the music conveys; and this time it's not just for winter...

28 September, 2017

Chris Daniels & The Kings - Blues With Horns, Vol. 1 (2017)

Genre: Blues / Funk | Total Time: 41:38 | Size: 96.19 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Sweet Memphis
02. Fried Food - Hard Liquor
03. Get Up Off The Funk
04. Soothe Me Baby
05. Wouldn't Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me)
06. Baby's In Love With The Radio
07. Can't Even Do Wrong Right
08. You Can Stay But That Noise Must Go
09. Them Changes
10. Rain Check

Chris Daniels – vocals, guitar, slide guitar and synth guitar
Freddi Gowdy – vocals

The Kings:
Randy Amen – drums and vocals
Kevin Lege – bass and vocals
Colin “Bones” Jones – lead guitar
Jim Waddell – alto and tenor sax and vocals
Darryl Abrahamson – trumpet and vocals

Sonny Landreth – slide guitar
John Magnie - keyboards (Subdudes)
Doug Krause – keyboards
Clay Kirkland - harmonica
Hazel Miller and Coco Brown – backing vocals
Bob Rebhoz – tenor sax and horn arrangements
Darren Kramer – trombone and horn arrangements

This is Chris Daniels & The Kings 15 album, and our second with Freddi Gowdy. As we’ve toured blues festivals over the US and Europe I’ve noticed that the old tradition of horns is disappearing. At a blues & brews in Greeley I met one young blues-fan who’d been standing and staring at us. He came up after our set and asked me why I called our music ‘funky blues’ – a name festivals and European fans use to describe our music. He was a traditionalist and thought blues was 12-bars, guitar and maybe harp, but not sax, trumpet and horns. I gave him my email and suggested he listen to Bobby Blue Bland, Johnny Taylor, Albert King, Walter Wolf Man Washington, Gatemouth Brown and a host of incredible artists who’s use of horns is as essential to their music as a guitar is to Sonny Landreth. I also suggested he check the life and history of W.C. Handy. He wrote me back about a month later and said, “I had no idea. I got into blues because of Gary Clark Jr. and the then discovered Stevie Ray Vaughn and then Eric Clapton and Robert Cray and I never knew about this horn thing. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. My favorite right now is Johnny Guitar Watson. Have you heard his old stuff from the 50s and 60s?” I had to laugh. And I thought, I wonder how many other blues fans don’t know about the New Orleans, Memphis horn tradition in blues that goes back 100 + years. That’s the seed that started this album. The reason that this is called “Volume I” is simple. We only scratched the surface of all the incredible blues with horns. More to come!
Blues comes from countless inspirations, lust, lost love, oppression, health, booze, self-destruction – you name it. And by playing it, singing it and dancing to it –blues liberates – even if only for a moment. There are a lot of very simple lyrics in blues that say a great deal more than the basic text. But there are also really great (and funny) lyrics in blues. T Rex, Bobby Blue Bland, Walter Wolfman Washington all bring that sense of empowerment to their lyrics. What’s important is not that you lay your head on some lonesome railroad track. What’s important is that you ‘snatch their damn head back.’ I grew up listening to Koerner, Ray and Glover and like their songs these lyrics were really fun to sing. With love and thanks to Freddi, The Kings, Jacob, John, Mark, Hazel, Coco, Doug, Sonny, Magnie, Clay Kirkland and Greg for making this the best Kings album so far. Big hugs, Chris Daniels.

Reg Schwager - Songbook (2017)

Genre: Jazz / Jazz Vocals | Total Time: 51:48 | Size: 119.35 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Bygones (Feat. Jeannette Lambert, Allison Au, Steve Wallace & Michel Lambert) (4:08)
02. Kisses Of Summer (Feat. John Alcorn & Don Thompson) (4:11)
03. O Que Tinha Que Dar (Feat. Luanda Jones, Mike Murley, Allison Au, Amanda Tosoff, Maninho Costa & Fabio Ragnelli) (4:52)
04. Whoop-De-Doo (Feat. John Alcorn & Steve Wallace) (4:21)
05. Splintered Dream (Feat. Jeannette Lambert, Don Thompson & Amanda Tosoff) (4:33)
06. Dreamcatcher (Feat. Jeannette Lambert, William Sperandei & Maninho Costa) (3:55)
07. Valsa Eterea (Feat. Luanda Jones, Kiki Misumi, Allison Au & Amanda Tosoff) (4:47)
08. Another Winter (Feat. Jeannette Lambert & Amanda Tosoff) (3:47)
09. Checkin' Out (Feat. John Alcorn, Steve Wallace & Fabio Ragnelli) (4:15)
10. Provence (Feat. Jeannette Lambert, Michel Lambert & Perry White) (3:56)
11. September's Waltz (Feat. John Alcorn & Don Thompson) (3:52)
12. Crow's Call (Feat. Jeannette Lambert, Brodie West & Michel Lambert) (5:13)

The album introduces some wonderful new songs written by Reg with lyrics by the vocalists on the album, Jeannette Lambert, John Alcorn and Luanda Jones.

As a child prodigy, Reg’s great musical passion was learning as many jazz songs as humanly possible, which eventually inspired his own songwriting. He has always had an affinity for vocal jazz helped by his long standing duo with his sister, vocalist Jeannette Lambert. One of their earliest songs, Bygones, opens the album. Other songs, such as Provence and Crow’s Cry, were written in the past year.

He continues to support and encourage vocal jazz expression in much of his work. This collection of some of his best songs is a testament to that. Jeannette Lambert is a respected singer, poet and multi-media artist. There is an appealing directness and deceptive simplicity to her work that belies an unusual depth of meaning and understanding – like a Miles Davis trumpet solo.

John Alcorn’s lyrics, like his singing, are a perfect blend of emotion and craft, as in the poignant ballad Kisses of Summer. His keen wit is also on display in the devilishly clever Whoop-De-Doo.

Valsa etérea and O que tinha que dar feature lyrics in Portuguese by Luanda Jones. Luanda grew up in a richly musical household in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From diverse influences she has developed a style that radiates vitality, sophistication and charm.

The album also features inspired musical contributions from Allison Au, Amanda Tosoff, Brodie West, Don Thompson, Fabio Ragnelli, Kiki Misumi, Maninho Costa, Michel Lambert, Mike Murley, Perry White, Steve Wallace and William Sperandei.

Syrius Legacy - Szettort Almok Szvit-Shattered Dreams Suite (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 48:25 | Size: 110.56 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Elfáradtam
2. Álmot várok
3. Föld alól jövő ének
4. A vámpír
5. Örvény
6. Virágtánc
7. Ne sírjatok lányok!

Benkó Ákos - dob, ének
Fonay Tibor - basszusgitár
Ludányi Tamás - alt-és szopránszaxofon
Vidákovich Izsák - tenorszaxofon, fuvola
Tempfli Erik - zongora, billentyűs hangszerek

Tátrai Tibor - gitár

2017-ben a Tom-Tom Stúdióban a Syrius Legacy elkészítette második lemezét - tisztelegve az egykori mű előtt.
A három éve alakult zenekarban: BÁ éneke a nagy elődöt, Jackie-t idézi; dobolása energikus, pontos. FT virtuóz, időnként hangulatos. A két fúvós, LT és VI színes, változatos; szólóikkal és kíséreteikkel egyúttal hagyományőrzők és újszerűek. TE remekül illeszkedik az egészhez - sőt egyre inkább gazdagítja az "összképet".
Közhely, de hiánypótló alkotás ez a CD. Bánatos, kissé pesszimista hangvételével, az ős Syrius akkori, úttörő dallamaival. És a mostani Syrius Legacy friss, a múltat tisztelő, de a jelen és a jövő jazz zenéjét ötvöző játékával.
A hányattatott sorsú hat tételes művet 1970-ben komponálta Pataki László billentyűs és Orszáczky Jackie basszusgitáros, melyhez kortárs fiatal magyar költők megzenésített versei társulnak szövegként.
Az albumon a Széttört álmok szvit teljes anyagán túl, bónuszként helyet kapott még a Ne sírjatok lányok!, vagyis Mészáros Márta Szép lányok, ne sírjatok! című filmjének betétdala is.

1970-ben Magyarországra is betört a jazz és a progresszív rock ötvözésére épülő fúziós irányzat, amelynek legjelentősebb képviselője vitathatatlanul a Syrius együttes volt. Az Orszáczky Miklós (Jackie), Baronits Zsolt, Pataki László, Ráduly Mihály, Veszelinov András összeállítású kvintett Ausztráliában megjelent lemezével (The Devil's Masquerade, 1971) a világhírnév kapujáig jutott, de az akkori magyarországi politikai viszonyok útját állták. A Syrius változó felállásban 1978-ig működött, utolsó koncertjét 2001-ben, a Margitszigeten adta.
A Syrius Legacy sokkal több emlékzenekarnál: 2014-ben alakult, azzal a céllal, hogy a legendás Syrius kompozícióit játssza modern jazz-hangszerelésben. Hivatásuknak tartják, hogy azokhoz a generációkhoz is eljuttassák a Syrius által képviselt értékeket, amelyek eredetiben sohasem hallhatták ezeket a kompozíciókat. A zenekar tagjai rangos hazai és külföldi versenyeken győztes fiatal muzsikusok, köztük a 2017. évi Müpa Jazz Showcase nyertese, Ludányi Tamás, a Junior Prima-díjas Fonay Tibor és az alig harmincévesen már a Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészeti Egyetemen tanító Benkó Ákos. Első lemezük, Az ördög álarcosbálja - Újratöltve 2015 őszén jelent meg, és Fonogram-díj jelölésben részesült. A Széttört álmok című, magyar költők verseiből építkező szvit negyvenhét évvel az eredeti Syrius-produkció után jelent meg először lemezen. Kizárólag erre a koncertre csatlakozik hozzájuk a hazai rockgitározás ikonja, Tátrai Tibor, aki 1972-től rövid ideig az eredeti Syriusnak is tagja volt.

Girls In Airports - Live (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 56:49 | Size: 119.79 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01 Kantine (Live)
02 Kaikoura (Live)
03 Broken Stones (Live)
04 Fables (Live)
05 Episodes (Live)
06 Aeiki (Live)
07 Albert Kahn (Live)
08 Adac (Live)
09 Need a Light (Live)
10 Migration (Live)
11 King’s Birthday (Live)
12 Vejviser (Live)

Record Label: Edition Records

Martin Stender: saxophones; Lars Greve: saxophones, clarinets; Mathias Holm: keyboards; Victor Dybbroe: percussion; Mads Forsby: drums.

26 September, 2017

Uri Gurvich - Kinship (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:04:14 | Size: 122.58 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Song for Kate
02. Dance of the Nanigos
03. El Chubut
04. Twelve Tribes
05. Im Tirzi
06. Go Down Moses (trad.)
07. Kinship
08. Blue Nomad
09. Hermetos
10. Ha’im Ha’im Intro
11. Ha’im Ha’im (S. Argov)

Uri Gurvich – alto and soprano saxophones
Leo Genovese – piano
Peter Slavov – bass
Francisco Mela – drums
Special guest on ‘El Chubut’ Bernardo Palombo – voice and lyrics
'KINSHIP' - The third album by the Uri Gurvich Quartet - to be released Sep. 8th on Jazz Family
featuring Leo Genovese, Peter Slavov & Francisco Mela

John Daversa - Wobbly Dance Flower (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 40:50 | Size: 83.97 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Ms. Turkey [03:02]
02. Donna Lee [04:43]
03. Be Free [05:08]
04. Brooklyn Still [05:29]
05. Wobbly Dance Flower [04:30]
06. Jazz Heads [07:16]
07. Meet Me at the Airport [07:08]
08. You Got a Puppy [02:44]
09. Extra Credit [00:50]
John Daversa — Trumpet, EVI Bob Mintzer — Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet, EWI Zane Carney — Guitar Joe Bagg — Piano, Hammond B3 Organ Jerry Watts, Jr. — Bass, U-Bass Gene Coye — Drums.
Label: Bfm Jazz

As trumpeter John Daversa explains simply in the liners, Wobbly Dance Flower boils down to having fun. And glory be does he hit it squarely out of the park. Here's an upper deck moon shot so uplifting, so tightly nuanced and choreographed with shifts of meter, attitude, altitude, and an irresistible swing guaranteed to shake you from the apocalyptic feel that seems to have engulfed most of us.

An explosive burst of sound and color, the eight snappy and sparkling originals (along with a playful, soulful arrangement of Bird's memorable "Donna Lee") flow so free and natural, so wonderfully alive, it's impossible, and almost an injustice to, seek out any one or two or three tracks for distinctive mention. "Ms. Turkey" the opening salvo that sets free the horses, finds the whole ensemble in high gear from the get-go. Besides his big dancing chords, pianist Joe Baggcomes from the Hammond B3 school of Dr. Lonnie Smith and Keith Emerson. Bassist Jerry Watts Jr. is a fierce, fearless player, walking the blues and stoking the fire simultaneously. Drummer Gene Coye is another marvel, relentlessly driving Daversa's charts with a fire and verve not readily found. Special kudos most also be awarded to guitarist Zane Carney who effortlessly finds his place amid all the rhythmic movement.

But it's Daversa's controlled, yearning trumpet in tangent with Bob Mintzer's warm and triumphant tenor sax and bass clarinet, that add the true grace and elegant calligraphy to the grand whole of Wobbly Dance Flower . "Brooklyn Still" is an immediately moving, exquisite, lasting work. "Jazz Heads" bops far and wide, as does "Be Free." Despite its fifty second length, the final track "Extra Credit" a spirited, improvised duet for their respective electric wind instruments will swim for days in your brain above the daily noise.

Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo - No Mundo Dos Sons (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:28:31 | Size: 202.96 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Viva São Paulo!
2. Vinícius Dorin em Búzios
3. Para Thad Jones
4. Para Miles Davis
5. Mazinho Tocando no Coreto
6. Viva Piazolla!
7. Forró da Gota para Sivuca
8. Carlos Malta Tupizando
9. Som da Aura

1. Entrando pelos Canos
2. Para Tom Jobim
3. Ilza Nova
4. Salve, Pernambuco Percussão!
5. Viva Edu Lobo!
6. Para Ron Carter
7. De Fabio para Jovino Santos
8. Um Abraço Chick Corea
9. Rafael Amor Eterno

O compositor, arranjador e multi-instrumentista Hermeto Pascoal, tido como um dos grandes gênios da música brasileira, lança o álbum duplo No Mundo dos Sons (Selo Sesc) depois de um hiato de 15 anos sem gravar com o grupo. Aos 81 anos de idade e vivendo um momento auge de criação, ele selecionou 18 composições próprias nunca antes gravadas, com arranjos que também levam sua assinatura e foram elaborados especialmente para o disco. Nelas, o músico alagoano lembra os amigos Carlos Malta, Edu Lobo, Tom Jobim, Astor Piazzolla e Thad Jones, para citar alguns exemplos.

Hermeto dedica o CD aos irmãos de som Vinicius Dorin e Antonio Luiz de Santana “Pernambuco”, e ao “Anjo” Rafael Accioli, seu bisneto e neto de Fábio, integrante do grupo. Todos já falecidos e lembrados com faixas especiais: Vinicius Dorin em Búzios; Salve, Pernambuco Percussão!; e Rafael amor eterno.

Kamasi Washington - Harmony of Difference (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 31:54 | Size: 72.62 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Side A
A1 Desire 4:36
Bass – Miles MosleyDrums – Ronald Bruner Jr.Keyboards – Brandon ColemanPercussion, Drums – Tony AustinPiano – Cameron GravesTenor Saxophone – Kamasi WashingtonTrombone – Ryan PorterTrumpet – Dontae Winslow
A2 Humility 2:46
Bass – Miles MosleyDrums – Ronald Bruner Jr.Drums, Percussion – Tony AustinKeyboards – Brandon ColemanPiano – Cameron GravesTenor Saxophone – Kamasi WashingtonTrombone – Ryan PorterTrumpet – Dontae Winslow
A3 Knowledge 3:51
Bass – Miles MosleyDrums – Ronald Bruner Jr.Keyboards – Brandon ColemanPercussion, Drums – Tony AustinPiano – Cameron GravesTenor Saxophone – Kamasi WashingtonTrombone – Ryan PorterTrumpet – Dontae Winslow
A4 Perspective 3:24
Bass – Miles MosleyDrums – Ronald Bruner Jr.Keyboards – Brandon ColemanPercussion, Drums – Tony AustinPiano – Cameron GravesTenor Saxophone – Kamasi WashingtonTrombone – Ryan PorterTrumpet – Dontae Winslow
A5 Integrity 3:47
Bass – Miles MosleyDrums – Ronald Bruner Jr.Keyboards – Brandon ColemanPercussion, Drums – Tony AustinPiano – Cameron GravesTenor Saxophone – Kamasi WashingtonTrombone – Ryan PorterTrumpet – Dontae Winslow
Side B
B1 Truth 13:30
Alto Saxophone – Terrace MartinBass – Miles MosleyBass Guitar – ThundercatCello – Artyom Manukyan, Peter JacobsonChoir – Dawn Norfleet, Dexter Story, Dustin Warren, Jimetta Rose, Mashica Winslow, Patrice Quinn, Steven Wayne (3), Taylor Graves, Thalma De FreitasDrums – Ronald Bruner Jr.Flute – Rickey WashingtonGuitar – Matt HazeKeyboards – Brandon ColemanPercussion, Drums – Tony AustinPiano – Cameron GravesTenor Saxophone – Kamasi WashingtonTrombone – Ryan PorterTrumpet – Dontae WinslowVibraphone – Nick ManciniViola – Andrea Whitt, Molly Rogers,Violin – Chris Woods, Jen Simone, Paul Cartwright, Tylana Renga

Kamasi Washington release a new EP Harmony of Difference, and it follows 2015’s monumental full-length The Epic. The new EP premiered as part of the Whitney Museum of American Art’s biennial alongside a film by A.G. Rojas and the work of Washington’s sister Amani. A press release describes Harmony of Difference as a “six part suite that explores the philosophical possibilities of the musical technique known as ‘counterpoint,’ which Washington defines as ‘the art of balancing similarity and difference to create harmony between separate melodies.’” Washington also shared his motivations behind the project: “My hope is that witnessing the beautiful harmony created by merging different musical melodies will help people realize the beauty in our own differences.”

Aldo Romano - Melodies En Noir Et Blanc (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 39:46 | Size: 91.42 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1 Lontano
2 Rosario
3 L.A. 58
4 Song for Ellis
5 Webb
6 On John's Guitar
7 Favela
8 Dreams and Waters
9 Inner Smile
10 Il voyage en solitaire

Aldo Romano - batterie, compositions, chant
Michel Benita - contrebasse
Dino Rubino - piano

Label: Le Triton

John Zorn - The Interpretation Of Dreams (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 39:32 | Size: 90.72 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Naked Lunch (for Vibraphone, Bass, and Drums)
2. Obscure Objects Of Desire (for Piano Quintet)
3. The Exterminating Angel (for Vibraphone, Bass, and Drums)

Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz: Bass
Sae Hashimoto: Vibes
Tyshawn Sorey: Drums

Jack Quartet
Jay Campbell: Cello
Stephen Gosling: Piano
Chris Otto: Violin
John Pickford Richards: Viola
Austin Wulliman: Violin

This powerful collection of new work inspired by the surrealism of Luis Buñuel and the psychotropic dream world of William Burroughs comprises three remarkable compositions—two stream-of-consciousness tours de force for vibraphone and rhythm section and the sensual piano quintet Obscure Objects of Desire, one of Zorn’s most evocative new works. Performing is the powerful young vibraphonist Sae Hashimoto, along with JACK quartet, Steve Gosling, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz and Tyshawn Sorey from Zorn’s devoted inner circle. A colorful and varied program of breathtakingly transcendent compositions conjuring dreams and obsessions both real and imaginary!

Joe Elliott - Truth Serum (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:19:25 | Size: 180.36 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. A Timely Prayer
2. Smile
3. Rain Dance
4. Double Trouble
5. Kaloogeedah
6. Tears
7. Truth Serum
8. Ferias
9. Nite Owl
10. Distant Early Warning
11. Ain't It Great To Be Crazy
12. Owed To Elaf
13. Twisted Cowboy
14. Laughing Guitars

Truth Serum is a collection of compositions I wrote with no preconceived goal of satisfying or conforming to any particular genre label or template. I just wrote what came to me at the moment. I arranged and performed them with my L.A. band, primarily at the legendary Baked Potato in Los Angeles. I wrote expandable solo sections into each tune so the music could flex depending on the mood and atmosphere on a given night.

I’m tremendously grateful for the great musicians who performed these songs with me. Some invested countless hours of rehearsal into the original shaping of the arrangements. Tim McIntyre, Andre Berry and Steve Weingart were the ‘original’ LA band who performed most of these songs with me many times at the Baked Potato. These guys were invested in the project and helped shape the direction of the songs. ~Joe

Hiromi & Edmar Castaneda - Live In Montreal (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:12:11 | Size: 166.63 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. A Harp In New York
2. For Jaco
3. Moonlight Sunshine
4. Cantina Band
5. The Elements: Air
6. The Elements: Earth
7. The Elements: Water
8. The Elements: Fire
9. Libertango

Label: Telarc

Edmar Castaneda - Harp
Hiromi Uehara - Piano

Hazelrigg Brothers - Songs We Like (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 40:25 | Size: 82.76 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1 Living in the Past 4:47
2 Catch a Star 4:20
3 If 6 Was 9 4:08
4 Evening in the Country 3:36
5 Ten Years Gone 6:45
6 King of the World 4:46
7 Passacaglia (From the Daughters of Zeus) [Urania]3:42
8 Spirits in the Material World 3:33
9 What Is and What Should Never Be 4:48

George Hazelrigg - piano
Geoff Hazelrigg - bass
John O'Reilly, J. - drums

Daniel Givone & Swing Of France - Manouche Partie (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 40:40 | Size: 91.62 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01 Valse des niglos (feat. Swing of France) 3:23
02 Les yeux noirs (feat. Swing of France) 3:08
03 Nuages (feat. Swing of France) 2:20
04 Songe d'Automne (feat. Swing of France) 2:32
05 Les deux guitares (feat. Swing of France) 2:29
06 Minor Swing (feat. Swing of France) 2:22
07 Chez Jacquet (feat. Swing of France) 2:50
08 Tamboo (feat. Swing of France) 2:55
09 Crépuscule (feat. Swing of France) 2:38
10 Rêve bohémien (feat. Swing of France) 3:30
11 Rythmes gitans (feat. Swing of France) 3:02
12 Java manouche (feat. Swing of France) 2:51
13 Kalinka (feat. Swing of France) 3:04
14 La zingara (feat. Swing of France) 3:36

Daniel Givone : Guitar
Thomas Le Briz - Guitar
Erwan Mellec - Accordion
Vincent Morinière - Tuba
Frederic Robert - Drums

In the 60s, the classic disc of the genre, "Manouche Partie", was recorded. The accordion party was performed by Jo Privat, widely known in narrow circles. The guitar parts are played by no less famous Matelo Ferret. Later, the disc was repeatedly reprinted.

A group of musicians led by Daniel Zhivonon decided to refresh the rarity and released his homage - the album almost completely repeats the aforementioned disc. New musicians added new colors and a modern sound, but the old spirit remained. Plus tuba still is.

Christian McBride Big Band - Bringin’ It (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:08:55 | Size: 153.37 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1 Gettin' to It 6:37
2 Thermo 5:59
3 Youthful Bliss 6:59
4 I Thought About You 6:09
5 Sahara 10:09
6 Upside Down 4:43
7 Full House 6:25
8 Mr. Bojangles 6:16
9 Used 'Ta Could 4:37
10 In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning 3:55
11 Optimism 7:06

Christian McBride: bass; Steve Wilson: alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute; Todd Bashore: alto saxophone, flute, piccolo; Ron Blake: tenor saxophone, flute; Dan Pratt: tenor saxophone, flute; Carl Maraghi: baritone saxophone, bass clarinet; Frank Greene: trumpet; Freddie Hendrix: trumpet; Brandon Lee: trumpet; Nabate Isles: trumpet; Steve Davis: trombone (11); Michael Dease: trombone; Joe McDonough: trombone (1-10); James Burton: trombone; Douglas Purviance: bass trombone; Xavier Davis: piano; Quincy Phillips: drums; Rodney Jones: guitar; Melissa Walker: vocals (6, 8); Brandee Younger: harp (10).

Mack Avenue Records II, LLC

Christian McBride’s second big-band album, 2017’s Bringin’ It, is a robust, swaggeringly performed set of originals and standards showcasing his deft arranging skills and his ensemble’s exuberant virtuosity. The album comes six years after his previous big-band outing, The Good Feeling, and once again finds the bassist conscripting a slew of his talented cohorts (some new, others returning), including saxophonists Steve Wilson and Ron Blake, trombonist Steve Davis, trumpeters Freddie Hendrix and Brandon Lee, pianist Xavier Davis, drummer Quincy Phillips, and others. Together, they make a swinging, dynamic sound that brings to mind the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra of the 1960s and Charles Mingus’ various big-band recordings. It should be noted that both of those ensembles continue to live on as the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra and Mingus Big Band, and McBride’s group matches their high artistic legacies.

This is partly due to his own virtuosic skill and anchoring presence throughout all of Bringin’ It, and is true whether he is laying down a thick, groove-based funk pattern, as on the opening “Gettin’ to It,” or providing the steady footing for saxophonist Wilson’s guttural, bluesy introduction on “Used ‘Ta Could.” That said, while he certainly takes his share of solos on Bringin’ It, McBride’s focus as an arranger is clearly trained on providing his bandmates with a solid framework for their own improvisational talents. Fat-toned trumpeter Freddie Hendrix is particularly showcased, launching skyward out of blast of brassy fire on “Gettin’ to It” and skillfully surfing the band’s angular harmonic waves on Freddie Hubbard’s “Thermo.” Similarly, pianist Davis emerges from the band’s theatrical skronks and ersatz animal noises on McCoy Tyner’s “Sahara” with a titanic roil of thickly chorded notes like a ship on a boiling sea. Elsewhere, McBride reveals his more urbane inclinations, showcasing vocalist Melissa Walker on the sparkling bossa nova number “Upside Down” and his sprightly take on Jerry Jeff Walker’s “Mr. Bojangles,” while “I Thought About You” and “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning” are both sweeping, gorgeously arranged ballads.

With Bringin’ It, McBride has ultimately crafted a big-band album that retains all of his own formidable, exuberant characteristics.

Cecile McLorin Salvant - Dreams And Daggers (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:52:00 | Size: 249.54 MB | MP3 320 kbps
Disk 1 
1 And Yet
2 Devil May Care
3 Mad About The Boy
4 Sam Jones' Blues
5 More
6 Never Will I Marry
7 Somehow I Never Could Believe
8 If A Girl Isn't Pretty
9 Red Instead
10 Runnin' Wild
11 The Best Thing For You

Disk 2
1 You're My Thrill
2 Didn't Know What Time It Was
3 Tell Me What They're Saying Can't Be True
4 Nothing Like You
5 You've Got To Give Me Some
6 The Worm
7 My Man's Gone Now
8 Let's Face The Music And Dance
9 Si j'??tais blanche
10 Fascination
11 Wild Women Don't Have The Blues
12 You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me

Label: Mack Avenue

Cécile McLorin Salvant’s ascension cannot be slowed. WomanChild, the New York-based singer’s first album on Mack Avenue Records and second release overall, was nominated for a 2014 Grammy Award for best jazz vocal album; her next release, For One to Love, took home the 2016 Grammy in the same category.
Following up her Grammy win, McLorin Salvant release her third album on Mack Avenue Records, called Dreams and Daggers, a double set of discs mainly recorded live with her band over three nights at the Village Vanguard — the venerable Greenwich Village jazz club. A handful of tracks in the collection of 23 were later recorded in studio with a string quartet.
“I wanted there to be contrasts thematically,contrasts in terms of texture and sound, and beyond that, I really didn’t want it to be contrived,” she told Centre Daily Times. “It’s a various perspective album dealing with questions of identity, questions of all these steps of conscious things that happen in a woman’s mind, dealing with love, standards of beauty, fears, pain, fun, laughter — all of that went into the album.”

To listen to Dreams and Daggers’ songs is a little like sitting down to a one-woman play: McLorin Salvant includes interpretations and twists on songs like “Mad About the Boy,” plaintively blurting out the word “mad” during a hushed moment at the four-minute mark (pulling laughter from the audience), and including tongue-in-cheek takes on “Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues” and Josephine Baker’s “Si j’étais blanche” (“If I was White). The album’s songs include original compositions, French and vaudeville songs, jazz standards and even some work by Langston Hughes.

“I think it’s important in life but also in art to be able to laugh,” McLorin Salvant told Open Mind host Alexander Heffner. “And you can get a lot of interesting messages across when you say them with a laugh, and when people laugh at them.”

Philippe Saisse Trio - On The Level! (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 52:02 | Size: 109.78 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01.On The Level (4:42)
02.And So But Then (feat. Marc Antoine) (3:55)
03.She Takes My Breath Away (feat. Rhett George) (4:28)
04.Lucky Luke (feat. Tim Akers & the Smoking Section) (3:48)
05.Custe O Que Custar (feat. Vanessa Falabella) (6:05)
06.Star of My Life (feat. Kelli Sae) (4:53)
07.Blue Rondo (5:06)
08.Sunny (feat. Larry Braggs) (3:54)
09.Waiting For Valentine (5:31)
10.Marienbad (feat. Marc Antoine) (5:52)
11.Sunny (instrumental) (feat. Tim Akers & the Smoking Section) (3:54)

Bandar Log Music

Contemporary jazz keyboardist, composer and producer Philippe Saisse was born in Marseilles and raised in Paris; the son of a staff producer at CBS/Sony France, he studied piano, music theory and composition at the Paris National Conservatory, winning Boston's Berklee College of Music's prestigious Paul Winter Scholarship upon graduating in 1975. At Berklee, Saisse became the protege of vibraphonist Gary Burton, leading to a tenure playing behind Narada Michael Walden; he made his recorded debut on Al DiMeola's 1979 effort Splendido Hotel, and in addition to jazz also expanded into pop session work with appearances on David Bowie's Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps), Chaka Khan's I Feel for You and the Rolling Stones' Dirty Work. Saisse also earned notice writing material for DiMeola, Al Jarreau (for whom he also co-produced the 1988 LP Heart's Horizon) and David Sanborn; he additionally served as the musical director on the Sanborn-hosted TV series Night Music. In 1988 Saisse signed to Windham Hill to release his solo debut, Valerian; it was seven years before the follow-up, Masques, appeared on Verve Forecast. Next Voyage followed in 1997, and two years later he resurfaced with Halfway Till Dawn

Brian Charette - Kürrent (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 58:08 | Size: 129.08 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Doll Fin (8:02)
2. Time Changes (4:35)
3. Mano Y Mano (5:41)
4. Intermezzo # 1 (0:22)
5. Honeymoon Phase (4:02)
6. Schooby's Riff (7:23)
7. Intermezzo # 2 (1:27)
8. Conquistador (5:26)
9. 5th Base (6:34)
10. The Shape Of Green (6:22)
11. Intermezzo # 3 (2:04)
12. Catfish Sandwich (6:11)

Brian Charette - Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards, samples
Ben Monder - guitar
Jordan Young - drums
Organist Brian Charette is a witty performer who blurs the boundaries between soul, funk, jam-rock and the weirdness of the avant-garde. His latest album combines the anticipated sounds of the organ trio with the complex sounds of jazz-fusion tunes, wavy synthesizer noise from the seventies and fine samples. In addition, there are also standing guitar riffs.

23 September, 2017

Lizz Wright - Grace (2017)

Genre: Jazz / Jazz Vocals | Total Time: 43:44 | Size: 101.55 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Barley
02. Seems I’m Never Tired Lovin’ You
03. Singing In My Soul
04. Southern Nights
05. What Would I Do Without You
06. Grace
07. Stars Fell On Alabama
08. Every Grain Of Sand
09. Wash Me Clean
10. All The Way Here

Lizz Wright - vocals
Jay Bellerose - drums, percussion
David Piltch - upright bass
Chris Bruce - acoustic and electric guitar
Marvin Sewell - acoustic and electric guitar
Kenny Banks - piano, Hammond organ
Patrick Warren - keyboards (3, 9, 10)
Marc Ribot - electric guitar (7)
Valorie Mack - backing vocals (2,5,6)
Cathy Rollins - backing vocals (2,5,6)
Artia Lockett - backing vocals (2,5,6)
Angela Jenifer - backing vocals (2,5,6)
Sheree-Monique - backing vocals (2,5,6)
K. Heshima White - backing vocals (2,5,6)
Ted Jenifer - backing vocals (2,5,6)
Kevin O’Hara - backing vocals (2,5,6)
Kenny Banks, Sr. - vocal choir director (2,5,6)

Label: Concord Records.

Gary Williams - At The Movies (2017)

Genre: Jazz / Jazz Vocals | Total Time: 49:13 | Size: 115.45 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Spooky (2:44)
02. Almost In Love (3:38)
03. Both Sides Now (3:21)
04. Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat (3:16)
05. Puppet On A String (3:31)
06. He's A Tramp (3:07)
07. How Deep Is Your Love (3:13)
08. The Bare Necessities (3:09)
09. I Need Somebody To Lean On (3:21)
10. Baby Mine (4:22)
11. When She Loved Me (2:48)
12. (They Long To Be) Close To You (3:35)
13. Isn't This A Lovely Day (3:19)
14. Home Is Where The Heart Is (3:12)
15. Pocket Full Of Rainbows (2:39)

Bos Entertainment Ltd (191061804574)

“The UK’s leading standard-bearer for the super-cool era" (London Evening Standard). Smooth, cool new interpretations of classic Hollywood moments from Love Actually, Toy Story, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Viva Las Vegas and more.

Chris Standring - Live in London (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:19:50 | Size: 184.18 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Pandora's Box (Live)
2. Almost September (Live)
3. Magic Carpet Ride (Live)
4. Scatterfunk (Live)
5. Carousel (Live)
6. My One Temptation (Live)
7. Love & Paragraphs (Live)
8. Please Mind the Gap (Live)
9. Bossa Blue (Live)
10. Ready Steady Flow (Live)
11. Liquid Soul (Live)
12. I Put a Spell on You (Live)
13. Fast Train to Everywhere (Live)
14. Oliver's Twist (Live)
15. Like This, Like That (Live) (Bonus Track)

Hot on the heels of his smash hit album 'Ten', Chris Standring presents 'Live In London' featuring special guest star Mica Paris. Recorded live at Cadogan Hall in Chelsea on March 5th 2017, this 14 track album beautifully captures the energy, edge and finesse from that one night in London.

Urban Jazz Coalition - XXII (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 49:24 | Size: 115.14 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Roof Garden (4:51)
02. Let's Get It (4:45)
03. Soul Suite (6:06)
04. Passions (4:56)
05. Better Days Comin' (4:53)
06. Kenton's Swag (4:17)
07. Caribbean Sunset (3:56)
08. What Kind Of Man Would I Be (4:44)
09. Run For Cover (9:57)
10. The After Party (0:59)

Urban Jazz Coalition is one of the hottest new contemporary jazz groups to come onto the scene in some time, and they have created a major buzz on the national festival circuit over the past few years.

“UJC” has electrified audiences across North America performing their unique blend of urban jazz at many of the nation’s top smooth jazz festivals, including The Seabreeze Jazz Festival, The “V98.7” Detroit Smooth Jazz Fest, Jazz Fest West, The Las Vegas City of Lights Jazz and R&B Festival, The Jacksonville Jazz Festival, The Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz, “WJZZ” Atlanta’s Smooth Jazz Under The Stars Series,
and at a variety of concert venues around the country.

The UJC sound has been described by Jazz Time Magazine’s award winning smooth jazz columnist, Brian Soergel, as being “flush with rhythmic grooves, funky bass lines, and beautifully written melodies.”

Michael Schivo, producer of The Las Vegas City of Lights Festival, was quoted saying, “UJC is the best kept secret in smooth jazz…they rocked our festival into an absolute frenzy! With live performance, it’s all about the music and the energy on stage, and these guys really came to play.”

Urban Jazz Coalition has made a strong impression with radio as well, as their last three releases, “Contempo”, “Long Street”, and “Down To Get Up”, have all achieved “Top 50” status on the national smooth jazz airplay charts. The band’s music has been featured on the NBC Daytime Reality Series, “Starting Over”, as well as in the 2007 hit French film, “Le Verite Ou Presque, while another UJC album track has recently been licensed by Capitol/EMI Records as part of a Gospel/Jazz compilation project.

When asked why this group is generating so much excitement in smooth jazz circles, Carol Archer of Radio & Records was quoted as follows…“A lot of artists aspire to sound as tight and as funky as Urban Jazz Coalition, but these gentlemen can really
pull it off…and how!

With the success of the band’s latest studio project, “A New Day”, and the positive buzz generated by their energetic performances on the national smooth jazz festival circuit, Urban Jazz Coalition definitely has the momentum rolling as they prepare to hit the road during the summer of 2009.

You won’t want to miss an opportunity to hear the band that everyone in smooth jazz is talking about…Urban Jazz Coalition.

Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers - Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers (2017)

Genre: Jazz / Jazz Vocals | Total Time: 37:43 | Size: 89.43 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Here Comes The Man With The Jive (2:36)
02. Jitterbug Waltz (3:50)
03. Dinah (3:20)
04. Out Of Nowhere (3:49)
05. Too Hot For Words (2:28)
06. Sweet Marijuana Brown (4:22)
07. It's Like Reaching For The Moon (3:43)
08. You Let Me Down (3:50)
09. Cloudburst (2:09)
10. Solitude (5:00)
11. Jubilee Stomp (2:37)

Sweet Megg and her wayfaring musicians will transport you, not to the past but to a new world of their own making. The band is lead by the charmingly enigmatic Sweet Megg, who imbues each song with her own concoction of melancholy and euphoria that will delight you, surprise you, and break your heart all at once. The band seamlessly incorporates elements of New Orleans Swing, Harlem swing, Parisian cabaret, and gut bucket blues into one charming musical performance. Saxophonist Ryan Weisheit reimagines a world where Sidney Bechet, Lester Young, and Charlie Parker blow side by side. Together Sweet Megg, Ryan, and all the Wayfarers create a world where jazz is alive and well and living in New York.

Jerry Weldon & Massimo Farao - What's New (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 50:47 | Size: 118.26 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. The Gypsy (5:18)
02. My Ship (5:55)
03. We Will Be Together Again (4:17)
04. They Can't Take That Away From Me (6:39)
05. What's New (5:44)
06. What A Difference A Day Made (3:43)
07. Indian Summer (4:09)
08. It's Easy To Remember (5:07)
09. Grace (4:35)
10. For All We Know (5:20)

One of the more beautiful, more subtle settings we've ever heard for the tenor of Jerry Weldon – a very relaxed ballad session cut with pianist Massimo Farao – done with crystal-clear sound, and a very late nite vibe! Over the years, Weldon's developed a really tremendous voice on the tenor – a mode that hearkens back to old giants of mid-century, but which also never does so in any sort of slavish, or easily-retro style – so that although Jerry's blowing at their level, he still really brings a lot of his own phrasing to the horn! This can be especially true on the mellower numbers, which can still have Weldon moving with the deft changes he brings to his work in a more driving setting – and while the piano of Massimo Farao is a perfect balance in terms of modesty and simple tone, it's really Jerry's work on the set that's blowing us away.

22 September, 2017

Sant Andreu Jazz Band And Joan Chamorro - Jazzing 7 (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:18:33 | Size: 180.05 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Almost Like Being in Love - Joana Casanova, Sant Andreu Jazz Band & Joan Chamorro 4:14
2. Sunset Glow 3:41
3. Bli Blip - Andrea Motis, Sant Andreu Jazz Band & Joan Chamorro 2:54
4. Recado Bossa Nova 6:36
5. I’d be There 5:28
6. O Barquinho - Sant Andreu Jazz Band & Joan Chamorro, Elia Bestida 3:13
7. Unchain My Heart - Rita Payes, Sant Andreu Jazz Band & Joan Chamorro 3:31
8. Triste - Andrea Motis, Rita Payes, Alba Armengou, Sant Andreu Jazz Band & Joan Chamorro, Elia Bestida 5:48
9. Louisiana Fairy Tale - Andrea Motis, Sant Andreu Jazz Band & Joan Chamorro 3:46
10. Quasimodo 7:39
11. Social Call - Andrea Motis, Sant Andreu Jazz Band & Joan Chamorro 5:50
12. Ruby My Dear 6:11
13. Laura - Luigi Grasso, Joan Martí, Sant Andreu Jazz Band & Joan Chamorro 6:27
14. After You’ve Gone - Andrea Motis, Eva Fernández, Magalí Datzira, Rita Payes, Luigi Grasso, Sant Andreu Jazz Band & Joan Chamorro 3:08
15. Just a Closer Walk With Thee - Magalí Datzira, Sant Andreu Jazz Band & Joan Chamorro 6:12
16. Since You've Been Gone - Rita Payes, Sant Andreu Jazz Band & Joan Chamorro 3:57

Pearl Django - With Friends Like These (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 51:40 | Size: 117.60 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Floyd Hoyt Rides Again
02. Night Of The Dolphin
03. Waltz A La Carte
04. Le Quatre Cinq (The Cat Sank)
05. The Path
06. Bittersweet
07. Dance If You Care To
08. Mighty Engine Of Rhythm
09. Friends Like These
10. Pippi's Pleasure
11. Night In Phindesia
12. A Foregone Conclusion
13. Out Of Towners

Michael Gray, Violin & Viola; David Lange, Accordion; Rick Leppanen, Double Bass; Neil Andersson, Guitar; Tim Lerch, Guitar.
Our new CD is titled With Friends Like These. Our thirteenth CD continues our recent trend of demonstrating the fine composition skills within the band. The CD really features the band, but this version includes the return of Neil Andesson and our new guitarist, Tim Lerch. Tim wrote the title composition and references, in an unusual way, Dudley Hill with couple of his titles. Michael dedicated a tune to Dick Stein of KNKX, who gave us the nickname the "mighty engine of rhythm" We hope you like it.

Juan Francisco Anguiano - Chiaroscuro (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 43:41 | Size: 89.86 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Charlie's Blue Day, Pt. 1
2. Chiaroscuro
3. Sambando Con Maureen
4. Such Is
5. Maureen
6. Little Voice
7. Sepia Dreams
8. Blue Critter
9. Charlie's Blue Day, Pt. 2

Vivian Buczek & Peter Asplund - Songs Of Our Lives (2017)

Genre: Jazz / Jazz Vocals | Total Time: 1:03:54 | Size: 148.62 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. The Songbook Of Our Lives (4:54)
02. The End Of A Love Affair (5:31)
03. Love Gets Stronger With Each Year (6:39)
04. Songs And Lullabies (6:24)
05. It's You Or No One (4:12)
06. Love Made A Fool Out Of Me (5:05)
07. The Lady Is A Tramp (2:57)
08. Love Came On Stealthy Fingers (6:10)
09. Just One Of These Things (3:18)
10. Mr C.C. (6:33)
11. Coisa Feita (7:52)
12. The Shining Sea (4:20)

Vivian Buczek was born in Malmoe, Sweden with Polish roots. She studied at Malmoe Academy of Music where she graduated in 2003. She already started performing and recording during her studies and has developed into one of Sweden’s foremost jazz singers today. She has a remarkable range and feeling for the jazz idiom and has made a number of appearances with both international and Swedish celebrities.

The press says:
”If nothing unexpected happens she will be foremost among our Swedish jazz singers for a long time. She has everything; phrasing, articulation, timing and great humor on stage”.

Vivian also appears as one of the members of the renowned vocal quartet Jazz Vocal Unit that consists of four Swedish top jazz artists, Svante Thuresson, Viktoria Tolstoy Vivian Buczek and Peter Asplund. The group presents a versatile show with new arrangements in the form of vocal quartets, duets and solo performances accompanied by a pianotrio with Claes Crona, Mattias Svensson and Rasmus Kihlberg.

Sarah Montes - Sassy (2017)

Genre: Jazz / Jazz Vocals | Total Time: 31:52 | Size: 73.14 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Oodles (2:17)
02. Sassy (2:48)
03. Why I Oughta (4:22)
04. Play (2:53)
05. Just Enough (4:14)
06. Bumpin' On The Rug (2:44)
07. Did Love Finally Find Me (3:29)
08. You Shake Me (4:20)
09. A Whole Lotta Love To Spend (2:17)
10. Sunny Day (2:28)

Personnel: Sarah Montes; Vocals; Bob Mater: Drums; Mark Burchfield: Bass; Stephen Kummer; Piano; Pat Bergeson: Guitar; Mark Douthit: Saxophone; Jim Williamson: Trumpet; Kenny Anderson: Saxophone. Doug Moffet: Saxophone; Chris Dunn: Trombone; Aziz Bucater: Percussion; Dave Dubuc: Guitar; Wally Hanson: Trumpet.

Not only is Sarah dynamic and simply adorable on stage; Sarah is a singer- songwriter to love. And just when you think you know her, she magically transforms… revealing colorfully, captivating insight that compels the listener and viewer with the desire for more.

Childhood drama and psychological trauma; there was none. Unless you consider the fact that my childhood was molded by fairy tales, show tunes and a warped version of the catechism; which only served to engage my highly spirited and overly zealous imagination! Go figure….

I grew up with an array of musical influences. My mother, a professional ballet dancer; had the family record player spinning Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and various Broadway musicals. When the records did stop; my father played flamenco guitar with really cool syncopated Latin rhythms. And my older sister would listen to the local am radio station introducing me to a plethora of musical genres so between them all; they formed the inspiration and foundation for my musical dreams and the obligatory nightmares

After performing in 52 cities around the world and over 2,800 performances to her credit, (which she proudly thanks Las Vegas for that astonishing number) Sarah is truly at home on stage. Her sassy and playful attitude combined with her natural ease and sincere passion creates an emotionally charged and captivating experience with the audience. Sarah has toured with a variety of show bands including her own band throughout the United States; performing at corporate engagements, U. S. Military events and the show rooms of Las Vegas. She has performed live with numerous well known artists such as the Jordanaires, the Guy Lombardo Orchestra, The Letterman, Debbie Reynolds, Jerry Lewis, Wayne Newton, and Porter Wagner.

When Sarah accidentally met Producer Keith Olsen; under the guise of him being a salesman for Dolby, a bonding friendship was formed. Later Keith produced her CD, self entitled “Sarah” which received nationally syndicated airplay.

Marcus Pope - This Is How I Feel (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 37:55 | Size: 87.11 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01 Father I Stretch My Hands to Thee
02 Uh-Uh
03 This Is How I Feel
04 Kaleidoscope (Live)
05 Lord I Lift Your Name on High
06 Collage
07 Giving
08 What a Fellowship

Josh Nelson - The Sky Remains (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 56:24 | Size: 116.89 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Bridges and Tunnels
02. The Sky Remains
03. On the Sidewalk
04. The Architect
05. Ah, Los Angeles
06. Lost Souls of Saturn
07. Pitseleh
08. Pacific Ocean Park
09. Run
10. Stairways

Josh Nelson's series of interactive multi-media projects over the last several years have focused on space (2015's 'Exploring Mars') and science fiction ephemera (2011's 'Discoveries'). The latest manifestation of 'The Discovery Project' comes back to earth with 'The Sky Remains,' Josh's love letter to Los Angeles, where he was born and raised. Avoiding the many cliches surrounding its culture, Josh presents stories that reveal a fascinating history, from forgotten architecture and landmarks that shaped daily living, to the abundant wealth of creative and inspired individuals who have flocked to and defined life in LA over the last century. With vocalists Kathleen Grace & Lillian Sengpiehl and a stellar ensemble featuring guitarist Anthony Wilson, Josh's thoughtful musical framing of its ongoing story adds another chapter to Los Angeles' cultural anthology.

Label: Origin Records

Jane Ira Bloom - Wild Lines: Improvising Emily Dickinson (2017)

Genre: Jazz / Contemporary Jazz | Total Time: 1:55:02 | Size: 264.10 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Emily & Her Atoms (6:43)
02. Alone & in a Circumstance (5:20)
03. Other Eyes (3:10)
04. Singing the Triangle (4:46)
05. Dangerous Times (3:53)
06. Mind Gray River (5:50)
07. One Note from One Bird (4:08)
08. Cornets of Paradise (3:20)
09. A Star Not Far Enough (2:17)
10. Hymn You Wish You Had Eyes in Your (3:05)
11. Wild Lines (1:31)
12. Say More (3:01)
13. Bright Wednesday (1:23)
14. Big Bill (4:53)
15. It's Easy to Remember (2:18)
16. Wild Lines (with Narration) (2:18)
17. Emily & Her Atoms (with Narration) (7:32)
18. Alone & in a Circumstance (5:58)
19. One Note from One Bird (4:25)
20. Dangerous Times (with Narration) (4:11)
21. A Star Not Far Enough (with Narration) (3:33)
22. Singing the Triangle (with Narration) (5:37)
23. Mind Gray River (with Narration) (6:13)
24. Cornets of Paradise (with Narration) (3:16)
25. Other Eyes (with Narration) (3:35)
26. Say More (with Narration) (2:56)
27. Hymn You Wish You Had Eyes in Your (3:02)
28. Bright Wednesday (with Narration) (1:44)
29. Big Bill (with Narration) (5:04)

Label: Outline ‎(US)

Accordi Disaccordi - Accordi Disaccordi (2017)

Genre: Jazz | Total Time: 1:01:59 | Size: 128.44 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Firefly 04:09
02. Beauty 03:01
03. Lazy Wave 03:46
04. Whisky Valley 05:10
05. Pietrasanta 05:34
06. Mafia Car 05:34
07. Blast 02:40
08. I caffe di Oliva 07:11
09. Spaghetti Killer 03:27
10. 10 04:21
11. Stay 04:53
12. Break-Fast 04:11
13. El Duende 04:44
14. Signor Noce 03:19

Accordi Disaccordi:
Alessandro Di Virgilio - chitarra solista
Dario Berlucchi - chitarra ritmica
Elia Lasorsa - contrabbasso

Special guest:
Giacomo Smith suona il clarinetto in "Lazy Wave", "Mafia Car", "Spaghetti Killer" e "Signor Noce"
Oscar Doglio Sanchez suona il violoncello in "I caffè di Oliva" e "Signor Noce"

21 September, 2017

Mindi Abair & The Boneshakers - The EastWest Sessions (2017)

Genre: Jazz / Contemporary Jazz | Total Time: 47:59 | Size: 109.33 MB | MP3 320 kbps
01. Vinyl (3:06)
02. Not That Kind of Girl (3:31)
03. Play to Win (4:06)
04. Pretty Good for a Girl (feat. Joe Bonamassa) (7:07)
05. Let Me Hear It from You (feat. Sweetpea Atkinson) (4:30)
06. Live My Life (3:30)
07. Freedom (4:51)
08. Had to Learn the Hard Way (4:32)
09. She Don't Cry No More (feat. Fantastic Negrito) (3:56)
10. Done Me Wrong (5:57)
11. I Love to Play the Saxophone (2:53)