Yellowjackets - Collection (1995)

Genre: Jazz / Jazz Fusion | Total Time: 1:01:34 | Size: 144.19 MB | MP3 320 kbps
1. Wildlife 6:04
2. Spin (with Paulinho Costa, Steve Croes) 4:46
3. OZ (with Alex Acuсa, Steve Croes) 4:46
4. Man Facing North (with Bill Gable, Judd Miller, Nana Vasconcelos, Steve Croes) 6:28
5. Revelation (with Paulinho Costa, Steve Croes, Take 6) 6:24
6. Freedomland 6:26
7. Jacket Town 5:28
8. Dream 5:08
9. Foreign Correspondent 5:43
10. And You Know What
11. Dewey (a Tribute To Miles Davis) 5:41
Label - GRP

Nana Vasconcelos - vocals, percussion
Jimmy Haslip, Michael Franks, Take 6, Bill Gable – vocals
Marilyn Scott, Brenda Russell - background vocals
Bob Mintzer - bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Russell Ferrante – keyboards
Steve Croes – Synclavier
Judd Miller – EWI
Ricky Lawson, William Kennedy – drums
Alex Acuсa, Paulinho Da Costa – percussion
The Yellowjackets were a fixture on the GRP label for a decade, and this CD is a sampling of some of their work from the period. During that era, in addition to keyboardist Russell Ferrante, electric bassist Jimmy Haslip and drummer William Kennedy, the Yellowjackets were joined by the reeds of Bob Mintzer (who is heard here playing tenor, bass clarinet, soprano and the EWI). All but one of the selections has guests (including Paulinho Da Costa, Alex Acuna or Nana Vasconcelos on percussion and Steve Croes on synclavier in addition to the singers) and in general these are some of the more commercial selections recorded by the Yellowjackets during the generally stimulating period. The numbers are taken from Live Wires, Politics, Like a River, Run for Your Love and Shades.

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